A Beach Cottage Christmas Tree

Wed 2nd, Dec, 2015

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a beach cottage coastal vintage shop christmas decor

Good day wherever your are in the world beach cottage friends…well another hot day bites the dust here, I have to say am not that keen on the temps when it goes over 35C, it’s seems to literally drain away all my energy…

So, I have been out and about treasure hunting and working on our shop (shop is over here if you are interested, thanks so much, lots of our things are going to new homes already!) and generally being busy with school functions too…this time of year is always hectic isn’t it?  Up until last Friday night I had not a single present, but when I got in from the shop and with a nice drink and an internet connection I set about ordering a few gifts and a huge bag of it all arrived on Tuesday morning.  I really like the notion of going shopping locally at this time of year and I try as much as I can to do that, having local shops to support is really important for the community in my mind – but this year I’m combining that with using the internet to do a lot of the hard work.  It’s quite amazing really to think that one can lay in the bath on one’s phone adding things to a basket and a few days later it arrives at the gate.

a beach cottage christmas tree

I don’t know about you but Christmas really is getting earlier and earlier every year – before I got that glut of presents in I felt a rising panic inside about being disorganised as every single place I looked – instagram, when I opened the computer, Facebook, on tv, even directly in my inbox, people were talking about Christmas and Christmas shopping.  Ridiculous when you think about it as it was not even the end of November.   The one that gets me nowadays though is the Christmas decor posts in the middle of November which means it was all set up, the pics were taken and the thinking about it was way before that, like in October … it seems it’s all just got a bit weird like magazines who actually shoot Christmas in June/July…anyhooo who cares what I think?

Anyway I refuse to get drawn into it – Christmas joy for me is part of the waiting for the calendar to turn over to December,  buying a Christmas summery frock, getting the lights out and the decorations down from the loft and slowly making the house Christmassy.

So in light of that this is the first tree to enter the new house and our first bit of Christmas decor – over the years I have pared down the decorating to something that looks pretty but is not a huge effort – I guess my whole philosophy on life is like that really.  In that vein I get a mass of fairy lights put up, the more the better and each year I add to the collection – they are easy (ish) to assemble, I love their impact and sparkliness and even better the taking down bit is not too painful…with trees, after a few years of diabolical efforts here in the land of the lucky (let us not mention the year I bought a white tree, yeeeeeuck), I plump for a real one, knowing that if it gets really hot it will be looking very sad quite quickly…I just still love the tradition of going out to get the tree and bringing it into the home and the wonderful scent…

This little one is in the front room and at the weekend I’ll start bringing down the lights and adding more bits and bobs as the big day looms.

OK, I am getting some work done and then I am hoping to walk down to the beach later, maybe meet up with mr bc for a coffee, and pick up some wrapping paper…there is talk from one of the teenagers who are now on holidays and lurking about the house, of some Christmas baking…no complaints there from me.



a beach cottage buy coastal vintage goods sydney new south wales

a beach cottage coastal vintage shop christmas decor

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2 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Christmas Tree”

  1. merilyn says:

    lovely little tree sarah!
    lots of christmas baking on the tele!
    you will be proud of me!;)) yesterday with paintbrush in hand I white washed bedside tables and set of drawers!
    it looks soo fresh! happy chappy here!
    been meaning to do it for ages!
    yes too easy shopping in the bath hun!;0
    lol m:)X