Beach Cottage Christmas Eve Gifts

Wed 16th, Dec, 2015

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christmas presents a beach cottage sydney coastal vintage decor


Hello beach cottage friends from a cool and stormy Sydney, a huge storm passed through from Bondi over to our beaches this morning, there was talk of huge hailstones though they never did actually arrive here  - it seems the weather does not know what it’s doing this year, one minute it’s absolutely boiling hot, the next it’s chilly on the willies.

OK, I am feeling a whole lot more organised about Christmas now and things are coming together…the Christmas Eve presents (and others) are wrapped and stringed so that’s a good

start.  I popped them here on this unit which is for our shop and thought they looked quite nice so they’ve stayed.

When the kiddos were little we always did a few presents on Christmas Eve and had a fairly quiet night, because (obviously) they would be in bed early and I always did a couple of fire (as in by the fire, not on fire) gifts for mr bc and I (normally bought my own, because, well you know what the menfolk are like at Christmas time, it just happens for them I reckon), some really special chocolates and a bottle of champagne or actually quite often it was Baileys.  As the kiddos have grown (very large and fairly hairy in some cases) that tradition has changed a bit and we’ve gone to mass on Christmas Eve night and then gone to a party so the tradition of sitting by the fire with a  glass of something nice and chocolates has been on hold.

This year I’ve bought Christmas Eve gifts to bring that tradition back, and, also like the old country, I am going to cook a nice ham and have that with coleslaw or something similar – you can’t get the cut of ham here that I would always cook in old blighty on Christmas Eve and I have to say I’ve had quite a few failures with the Australia hams that are sold here.  The main thing I have learnt is that the Aussie hams are cured and basically you are just warming them up in the oven and seeping a glaze over them  - whereas the English ham I used to do I cooked in spiced water on the hob.

Anyway the ham has now been bought and is in the fridge, another job ticked off the list.  I also have a turkey already and it’s been put in the freezer – I thought it was a good idea to get it early and then freeze and that has worked out well – no last minute picking up from the butcher.

a beach cottage coastal vintage furniture sydney

We’ve not quite decided what to cook with the turkey yet for Christmas dinner as we are waiting for the forecast – though there will definitely be stuffing, bread sauce, pigs in blankets and Yorkshires whatever we have with it…if it’s hot we go with a salad, if it’s cooler we’ll go traditional English veg.   To start we now always have seafood – funny how living in new places brings about new ways of doing things….Christmas to me now is very much about Aussie prawns, hands down the best in my humble opinion…I may also get some Moreton Bay Bugs this year too.

We plan to have a champagne breakfast on Christmas Day morning (though I actually tasted an extremely nice Prosecco at the weekend) with most probably chocolate croissants, walk down to the beach with nibbles and ham, walk back home and have the turkey later….I need to get a list written with all this on it so I don’t forget anything.

Boxing Day we are going to pop by to some friends who live right on the beach…I’ll take along something nice to that, so I also need to think about what that’s going to be too – no point in thinking about this on Christmas Eve lol, everything needs to be organised and sorted before everything shuts.

Anyhoooo, wherever you are in the world reading this, I hope things are going well….I was reading a post on Facebook the other day reminding people that Christmas is often a very unhappy and lonely time for many and that the perfect happy families you see on the tv ads and all around are like salt in the wounds….it said if you can help anyone who might be feeling like this then give it a go…I know that Christmas for me is always running underneath with a bit of sadness…making me very very grateful for the beautiful kiddos and husband I have now, but you never know where you might end up really do you?

Right, I am going to serve spag bol.

I’ll see you soon.


p.s. if you follow me on insta I’m fairly sure the package from the US of A is the boots I have been lusting after for years and have been sitting on my Amazon Wish List since I was born I think….don’t tell anyone but I think I am going to bust them out tomorrow and have a peek, hahahahaha xoxoxoxoox


christmas presents a beach cottage sydney coastal vintage decor

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4 Responses to “Beach Cottage Christmas Eve Gifts”

  1. Susan says:

    You do sound all organised ….. Our plans are very up in the air and I’m actually coping quite well with that. Shall check out the boots on IG ….

    I like the idea of a Christmas Eve gift. Depending on what’s happening here I may do that too…. If not, next year.

    Happy Days, Susan xo

  2. Kristy says:

    Love your post Sarah… How on earth can I be a good blogger with you blogging like this?! Grrrrrr. ;) Fine, be that way. Anywhoooo… Omg my favorite aunt tootsie always said that so when you said it today… Well, It makes your blog post easier to swallow. ;)

    We have ham on Christmas Eve and baked French toast xmas day. We also have a turkey dinner (yes, just like thanksgiving) later that day. Yummmm!! :D

    Give sweet Barls a big kiss for me. So what’s with the puppy talk? I’m so jealous. You know how much I miss little sleepy Cal. These little ones are so hard to come by. Gentle and extremely loving. xoxoxo.

    Have a great day even though you’ve made me want to never blog again!! ;) lol. And I’m an English major?!?! Ugh! Haha
    Ciao for now!!

  3. shar y says:

    Beautiful photos and beautiful post! Wish I was that organized. Sounds dreamy–the plans you have. Merry Merry!

  4. merilyn says:

    you are the best hun!
    lots of love m:)X