beach cottage summer room and lipstick

Wed 25th, Nov, 2015

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a beach cottage coastal vintage style buy beachy decor sydney

Morning beach cottage ladies and one man in the Netherlands, how are you all, we (Barls and I) are back from a very lovely and long walk this morning – the ocean was stunning today, I love it when it’s so very blue it’s almost white….I took some video on my phone, hopefully will share on Facebook and Insta later…


On the way home in town we met mr bc, stopped for a coffee and I popped in to buy some conditioner, as funny someone (defo a teenager) seems to think that there is a Conditioner Fairy who lives under the house and replenishes toiletries while we sleep ;) ;)   …anyway while I was in there I found myself curiously drawn to lip colour…yes I know this is meant to be a housey blog but we all love to talk girly stuff right…and came home with a balmy blushy red lipstick….never say never…the last time any colour donned my lips was a bright coral when I was in Malaysia for a blogging award and probs 25 years ago when I did not leave the house without lips luridly lined in fuchsia, filled in with a slighter lighter pink and then coated with that sticky glue stuff which felt disgusting and hoped that it would stay on all day….I might add that my hair was back-combed to within an inch of its life (bleached too) and sprayed root to tip with Superdrug hairspray so that it did not (with luck) move…but the lipstick things has happened not because I am re-living my youth, but to be honest I am fairly hooked on  a few vloggers on youtube and I have been having Lip Lust…also follow a lot of beauty blogs nowadays since the Double Cleansing and have noticed whole lipstick cults, and gosh forums devoted to the differing shades of red lipsticks…who knew?  Anyway if you see a woman with a reducing muffin top with blushing red lips, conditioned hair and a small white and putty dog come and say hello.

Now, into the Summer Room, starting to wonder quite how will be getting 14 of us in here for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday but for now it’s sporting a v v nice bunch of peonies…I have to say I am really embracing the peony season this year…to be honest they are very expensive but bang for buck wise I think they are up there with rugs and wedges.


Right now I am sitting here with them in front of me and they are even beautiful on their last legs….there is a pile of white petals dropped on the table and they still smell lovely.

OK, I have to swiftly move on, I have a chilli to make, about 568 loads of laundry to do and finishing off things for our shop (opening Friday ladies, pop by if you are local).

S x

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a beach cottage coastal vintage style buy beachy decor sydney

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2 Responses to “beach cottage summer room and lipstick”

  1. lisa says:

    Hi Sarah
    beautiful as usual !!
    love the globe string lights, where did you get them from ?

  2. merilyn says:

    well you will be looking very gorgeous sporting your new lippy honey!
    those peonies are superb this year!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X