a beach cottage kitchen update

Tue 17th, Nov, 2015

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Aloha from Sydney beach cottage friends, it’s a lovely but windy day here on the beaches, I’m sitting in the Summer Room with a nice coffee and open windows…looking out at that blue Aussie sky which still makes me smile and its contrast against the bright green of the wisteria leaves… and a tree which I do not know the name of but it has little droopy berries falling from the bottom and hangs so nicely, almost like a tree in England I used to sit and look at when my babies were small.

I posted this pic on instagram the other day and realised that I hadn’t really been very good at posting about our temporary kitchen makeover (you can see these units when they were just put in here)….I don’t know why really because it’s a million times better than what we were living with…anyhow this is as far as we’ve got, I will do a post on the floor and share the nightmares of that soon…let’s just say I wouldn’t be recommending to anyone using milk paint on your floor (and do NOT believe what they say on the back of the can) unless you are getting the professionals in to do it (which we didn’t as this kitchen is a mini makeover until we get the plans drawn up and start knocking out walls here, adding doors and building decks etc…).

This kitchen is not as I would have chosen to put in (not digging the black marble tbh), but infinitely better than what it was like when we moved in (go here if you can stomach it and have a look)….awful was only the way to describe it and it felt so unhygienic which if you examined it it probably wasn’t because it had been disinfected, bleached and steamed into within an inch of its life, but, well, if you have ever seen walls crawling alive with a cockroach infestation as we did then I don’t think you’ll ever really think it’s clean until walls are painted, cupboards are replaced and there are new worktops and sinks…and you have exhausted Manly of its bleach supply.

The units we had made have been full of problems (sorry but won’t be recommending them – from the ordering to the delivery to the actual workmanship, not impressed) but in terms of financial investment it wasn’t too bad and the payoff for having this interim kitchen which is clean and somewhat better looking than what we were living with is worth it.

Other bits and bobs we’ve done to make it a bit more attractive and liveable – under unit lighting was fitted by my lovely husband, I clamped a clampy lamp from the Swedish Boutique to one of the units and also from that same place the pendant lights were installed and we put up white blinds…we also put up some magnetic knife racks and have some shelves waiting to go in – it’s quite amazing what a difference the little bits and pieces make to a working kitchen…I’ve been happily in here doing lovely roast dinners, baking and trying new recipes…so that’s a very good thing…you know when you are happy in a kitchen when you start to potter…

Rightio, I am off, I have a beautiful girl to get ready for formal and a beach to go exercise one’s gluteus maximus on


p.s. all the posts on this kitchen from before to now are here if you missed them xo

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4 Responses to “a beach cottage kitchen update”

  1. priscilla says:

    Kitchen looks really good:)

  2. merilyn says:

    looking workable now sarah!
    you are a little trooper hun!
    Sydney cockroaches are something else! i’d never seen anything like them! HUGE!
    we visited my sister when she lived in bondi in the ’70′s omg! my daughter was a baby and I was so horrified with them scampering all over the place! i said not staying here! … had to find a motel, which we found was just as bad! … memories!!! lol m:)X

  3. Katherine Banks says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have not been here for quite some time – trapped in the land of Facebook & Pinterest!!

    Are you in the same house, or is this another old one?? It looks kind of different?? I’ve missed to much, but looking as gorgeous as ever :)

    Katherine xx
    Nth East Vic.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Katherine

      We have a new house we are renovating – it’s been a lot of work :)

      I know what you mean about the world of Facebook haha xxx