beach cottage in the hallway

Sun 22nd, Nov, 2015

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beach cottage coastal vintage style decor sydney

Have come to the conclusion that am a Hallway Person…in my next life I will come back as landed gentry and will be fine lady with very big entrance hall, complete with own set of sweeping stairs and polished floorboards…for now and in the last, oh actually, every single house I’ve ever owned, will make do with a small little area to foof with, with scuffed old timber floors, vintage picture rails, a few striped rugs and white walls.

blue hydrangea abeachcottage.com flowers sydney

I’ve mulled this hallway over a lot, I love the feeling of coming into a house with lots of hooks and little places to hang things….and a lamp, must always have a lamp in the hallway, especially in winter…always looks nice with lots of hooks, but sometimes, though practical, not always so easy to keep tidy when there are five of you coming in and out…sometimes I do think that a dirty great storage cupboard is a really good solution…that won’t be happening here because there isn’t enough room, though this isn’t a teeny tiny hallway it’s long and fairly narrow…it is very high though and so I have bought some shelves to go up high – the shelves have an underneath section too with little hooks so thinking they can double up as shelf and hanging space…am wondering though how this will effect the light…at some point we will definitely need to put a skylight in here…when we did this before it made a massive difference to the light in the whole house not just the room it was in…not top of the list though…plenty more important things to do before the skylight goes in.

blue hydrangea coastal vintage style abeachcottage

Rightio I am off to have a soak in the bath, I’ve been for a very long coastal walk all around the heads today with a couple of girlfriends and then a stop for lunch before heading back.  I have Thanksgiving dinner to plan (6 other couples are coming over, we have a piano and board games at the ready) and a roast (pork) to cook this arvo.

Oh and mr bc doesn’t know it but those shelves I was talking about…they are going up asap.



p.s. adding a few more things to the Seafolly Collection in our new shop… we open on Friday, pop in to say hello if you are local.

beach cottage coastal vintage style decor sydney




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4 Responses to “beach cottage in the hallway”

  1. alison says:

    I’ve been flaneur-ing (not sure if that’s a real word) through Milton on the NSW south coast today just looking at hydrangea plants, ocean & country views; talking to an amazing furniture restoration man; browsing homewares, antiques & old wares shops; finding a long sort after clothing item; eating a yummy vegie burger and finding the most amazingly ginormous fig tree in a park.
    One of the best moments was coming across a newly painted red bench seat on the footpath outside a church with a sign that said “Rest and be thankful.” And I did. :)

  2. Max Mackey says:

    So much white! It looks beautiful. I saw a bench a few weeks ago that would look beautiful below your mirror:

  3. merilyn says:

    it looks so gorgeous sarah!
    yes just imagine! … landed gentry hall! mmm!
    probably not as innovative!
    loving your hydrangeas!
    “the mind boggles and once boggled moves on!”
    I love that saying! lol m:)X