beach cottage cauliflower, chickpea and feta and blusters

Thu 5th, Nov, 2015

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mushroom recipe

Good evening from Sydney, well we have had a very uncharacteristally cool day here on the beaches…blustery, grey white sky, rain, wind and 20C…I said I missed blustery, not that much ;)  We had, we thought, moved headlong into the end of Spring with great speed and determination the last few weeks with hot late twenties days and then today and yesterday, bang, cooler…that’s Sydney for you.   I laid in bed this morning, listening to the rain outside, the wind fussing around and the waves crashing up from the sea down the hill and it all sounded so beautiful and alive.

a beach cottage mushroom recipe

So I am broadcasting loud and clear from the Summer Room by means of the family Mac (soccer games and apps where you build houses out of large bricks keep turning on without me doing anything), because my Macbook Air which is only a year old did get itself to the Apple shop today and is seriously unwell – like up to a week to repair unwell…sigh…really does anything ever work these days?  Everything I touch, buy or, I don’t know, look at, only seems to last five minutes…remember the days when you bought something and it lasted…like for ever?  No longer.  And doesn’t it make you laugh on the back of things, as in my silver computer with the half-eaten apple on the front, when it says things like ‘Designed in California.  Made in China’ hahahahahah rolling up (mentioning this because I had to turn it over to quote the ever-so-tiny serial number on the back and saw this cracker).  I saw one the other day in a shop too.    ’Designed with love in Melbourne.  Made in Bangladesh’.  Right.   Anyway, moving swiftly on, who gives a stuff what a woman in a white house who spends a lot of time moving furniture thinks?

Now, this is a Beach Cottage winning recipe, if you Cauliflower and Chickpeas in a  recipe like me, you’re laughing – this is a good one and if you have made anything that I’ve shared you’ll know that it tastes good but it takes very little effort.  I’ve made this a few times after coming across a version of it on Pinterest (I have a board on there named Dinner where I pin stuff to try and it had made its way on there, though for lunch)…the first time it was nice but it was without mushrooms, the second time there was a punnet of mushrooms in the fridge drawer and I thought they would be a nice addition.  They were.   I tried a few different things, but as usual the simpler the better, though if you like things mouth-mumblingly hot as I do, you can’t go past lugging a few chillies (flakes or fresh) into this….I made this when people came over for dinner and we had it on a large platter straight from the oven…nothing pleases one when one has people in the house who one has to feed as pulling platter from oven to table….

If you can cut up a few veggies and open a jar of feta and a can of chickpeas, you can do this…

Cauliflower, Chickpea, Mushroom & Feta Salad Recipe

1 cauliflower

olive oil

4 tbsp feta cheese

salt and pepper

1/2 can chickpeas

about 8 or so large mushrooms

1. slice mushrooms and chop cauliflower into bite-sized chunks

2. drizzle with olive oil and roast on high (200C) for about 20 or 30 mins (check for browning)

3. then add the chickpeas and return for an extra 10 mins or until warmed through

4. add the feta dotted on and plenty of parsley and salt/pepper

This is lovely if you are trying to do a veggie night as we do, and it just about passes the male comment in this family of ‘what no meat??!!’ but to be honest it’s very nice as a side to some roasted chicken or whatever meat you may want to throw in a pan at the same time as this is in the oven.


Rightio I am off, I am going to get in the bath.  I will be a long time in there.  It’s been a busy day.


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a beach cottage coastal vintage style rustic coast beach decor

mushroom recipe

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One Response to “beach cottage cauliflower, chickpea and feta and blusters”

  1. Mary Kaeding says:

    We saw the most amazing time-lapse photography of clouds moving over Sydney on both our local (in Minnesota!) and Nationl news today! Blustery, indeed.

    Mary in MN