a quick beach cottage recipe

Tue 20th, Oct, 2015

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a beach cottage flowers

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Hello beach cottage friends.

I love pasta I have to say – easy, quick, fuss-free and it’s about the only thing in my life that I regularly buy pre-made, save the odd thing here and there.   Buying good pasta is a no-brainer I think…I mean there is no time in my little world for stuffing mushrooms and though I like to think that there is plenty of time (and inclination) for me to get out the pasta machine that has been sitting in the cupboard for, oh, 4 years, to be quite frank turning out sheets of pasta hasn’t quite yet happened either.

I always keep a couple of fresh cartons of pasta in the fridge, so good to have as a back-up when you just don’t know the answer to that daily question ‘mum what is for dinner?’ and very good, I find, as a quick lunch – open up the packet, throw it in some water, add some butter and cheese and you are done.

a beach cottage pasta

And that’s exactly what we have here, easy, nice and simple pasta.  There are pastas and then there are pastas.  This is a lovely pasta given to me by Woolworths to try, it’s from their Gold Range using best quality ingredients and traditional methods.   I used here Gold Buffalo Milk Ricotta and Truffle Cappellacci, dressed it with a simple drizzle of olive oil, a few fresh herbs and parmesan shavings.  Absolutely delicious.   So easy you hardly need a recipe.

a beach cottage plate

a beach cottage tomatoes a beach cottage tomato

As a sidefor lunch, I paired the pasta with Gold Sweet Berry Truss tomatoes.  If there is one thing that’s a lovely and easy salad, it’s a simple plate of tomatoes,  sliced to a plate with some buffalo and basil – always a winner and always goes down well.  Over the years since I first made this I have used all sorts of tomatoes, home grown, pick your own and just any old regular tom hanging around, but it’s always better with a beautifully grown tomato – one with a unique strawberry-like shape, a sweet taste and a crunchy skin.  This exclusive to Woolworths tomato didn’t let me down – with its unique Australian grown shape it gave that gourmet touch to the salad that I’m always after…

For the tomato salad, simply slice up your Gold Sweet Berry Truss Tomatoes, add some buffalo mozzarella pulled apart into little strips, drizzle on some olive oil, salt and pepper and finishwith a sprinkling of basil leaves.



Gold Products used here are available at Woolworths.

a beach cottage flowers


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2 Responses to “a quick beach cottage recipe”

  1. Veggie Mama says:

    I’ll take one of everything, please and thank you!

  2. merilyn says:

    and it looks like you’ve been slaving for hours!
    all looking stunning! my go to word for the day hun!
    lol love m:)X