beach cottage hydrangea time

Mon 12th, Oct, 2015

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kitchen a beach cottage hydrangea white coastal floor

Hello beach cottage people, Monday morning in Sydney, I’m back from school/coffee run…

It’s been a lovely weekend, though, I will say, it didn’t start off quite so well towards the tail end of last week – sometimes life whacks you doesn’t it…which is why a weekend of pottering, going with the rhythms of the home, and, getting outside in the garden, the hammock and just nurturing can sometimes be so very good.  We had  friends over for dinner Saturday night, I spent most of the day pottering in the house making the food, preparing the table, putting up a few lights outside (coming together on the deck, fairy lights make anything look quite good).

Took a trip to the beach Sunday morning with miss bc (pic on insta if interested), hot weather, people pottering around in swimmers, beach towels, bright pink and stripy umbrellas propped up in the sand, beach bags lugged over shoulders, beautiful fat babies in sun hats…we stopped for coffee at a local haunt, humming with visitors and locals and those clearly from overseas – they’re up to their eyeballs in suncream, staring out the windows out at the gemstone blue of the Australian sea.  We look out too (man am lucky to be here).

rustic kitchen a beach cottage hydrangea white coastal floor

I needed to shop for a few things for supper after a sit on the beach and a read of my book…with two joints of pork slowly roasting all day on Saturday there were plenty of leftovers for a Boxing Day dinner..though here done differently …still plates of cold meats, Branston, chutneys, French mustards, cheese on a board, gherkins, a few pork pies and slices of bread…but to be quite frank, the weather is not quite so cold or grey here and it comes with sliced up veggies, a cucumber salad and piles of fruit with cream (and ice cream)….the meats are cold, the gravy hot, all on the coffee table casually to gather …a couple of chopped up avocados, tomatoes and onion doused with lemon, salt, pepper….  Lots of cold fresh locally brewed beer.  While shopping for cucumbers yesterday, blueberries from farms in NSW are piled up and on offer, with all their supposed anti-oxidant benefits they are ridiculously cheap (and are delicious)…in they go to eat with bowlfuls of double cream…

The summer room door is open, bbc radio is doing its thing, the air is coming in in wafts, the heat of a few days ago has broken, it’s sweet and full now and hitting our old sofa…I’m going out there with a cup of tea…marmite (and thick butter) on toast…then thinking of making a chocolate and apple crumble…

Oh yes, the hydrangeas, they are here, I carted this one up the hill yesterday to plant…been so lacking in hydrangeas here (sick, to be quite frank, to the back teeth of hibiscus, drowning in the bliddy things, am developing hibiscus detestation)…so planning a Hydrangea Takeover…will purchase one every time I see one and plant until am surrounded…

OK, see you again


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kitchen a beach cottage hydrangea white coastal floor

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4 Responses to “beach cottage hydrangea time”

  1. alison says:

    Pottering is therapeutic.

  2. merilyn says:

    looking gorgeous hun! you are such a hoot!
    you’ve got the knack!
    do you know sam from theannoyedthyroid.com
    she’s delightful and lives in Sydney also from old blighty! she was talking about Yorkshire pudding baking!
    love m:)X

  3. DeAna says:

    Someday I WILL visit.

  4. Cathie says:

    Love your photos Sarah. Problem is, I always see something i them that I want! Where did you get that lovely striped bag? I was looking for something like that this summer. I live in Canada!