beach cottage bougainvillaea and oars

Tue 27th, Oct, 2015

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vintage oar a beach cottage

Morning beach cottage ladies…well it’s cool and overcast at the time of writing this in Sydney, I’m sitting here with Barls who is asleep (seems always) and have one of my offspring (the largest one) home sick with the lurgy which I had the misfortune to also suffer a few weeks ago (keeping me in bed for a full two days, not nice).

As mentioned, I have joined a gym and have started hauling oneself into classes…not sure if you are reading here and, like I was, have let things slip a bit in the exercising one’s body department…well if you have I am here to tell you to get onto it, like do it right now, because it’s amazing even after a few classes how much better I feel…since the house move, the reno (never again while living in it), the floristry course (much more work than anticipated) and, you know, the looking after 3 sprogs, one dog and a house, and yes there is that little thing called making money so one can eat and working I found less and less time and more and more excuses not to get out there and exercise…(when so tired from all the above last thing wanted to do was throw self around a gym studio)…I’ve always walked a lot and the move here has meant a heap more incidental walking (hardly ever use car now) but overall I was moving less…this is not good at this stage of life…and so a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to quit making excuses, suck it up and pull on my big girl’s sweatpants and move my backside… and so I am committing to a couple of classes a week plus my yoga…anyway, quite frankly, I was terrified to go back to classes, not just a bit scared but quite concerned how it would go (never had this before)…it’s been a long time, things creak, things are saggy, there are things in places I did not want there to be things (muffin top) and there are not things in places I do want there to be things (generally whole of face and creeping down neck)…I had visions in my head of me standing at the back of the class with lots of twenty-something gym bunnies and me gasping, beetroot-faced, sweaty and collapsed in the corner halfway through any kind of class I went to….well, two things, one I couldn’t quite give a stuff about the gym bunnies (am only interested in reduction of own said muffin top) and there weren’t really any there anyway, and two I was nowhere near as unfit as I thought I would be…I’ve kept up absolutely fine (hello step I can still do a basic)…and as I walked out it felt nothing more than excellent to have moved my body…very very very encouraging…

In the house, we have floorboards in the room that did not have floorboards and now walls too (miracle), pics soon…next up is another bedroom floor rip out and more new floorboards in there (have them in our possession though this time so will not be anywhere near as slow as that first room bar any other problems like getting electrocuted or gas leaks).

I’m doing some finishing touches to the (temporary) kitchen this week (little things like shelves, lighting, knife racks etc etc) and once that’s done I’m hoping it will all come together a bit more in there too.

In other news, up there you will see some gorgeous bougainvillea, it always reminds me of our first summer in Sydney… do you like the bougainvillea?  It’s one of my fave flowers, I love the colours and the papery texture, so delicate but yet at the same time not….gosh am very pleased to find that in the Garden Full of Hibiscus, it’s blooming right over the deck out the back at the moment making sitting out there v v pleasant…I’ve bought heaps of it in and it’s all around the house popping it’s bright little face here and there…

Oh and the oar, yes (what you mean you don’t have a vintage oar over your french window?  what!), may or may not have found oneself recently digging around in much nautical memorabilia in a teeny tiny little shed in the back-end of a v v v naice beachside suburb only accessible by boat…may or may not have been a very rugged, weathered by the sea, Nice Sailor Man involved (may in next life have to come back as Wife of Rugged Sailor Man)… I have a life bouy too…errr I have a fender also…there may or may not be a rusty old anchor in the back of my car…I’ll probably be passing quite a few bits on though as if there’s one thing I have in life it’s oars and maritime things..(on that note I’ll have a few goodies coming up for sale in the next few weeks or so and a new little place to pick them up from too…)…if you’re interested before I stick stuff up on instagram mail me for more deets.

Right I am off, there is bolognese to cook.



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vintage oar a beach cottage

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9 Responses to “beach cottage bougainvillaea and oars”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for the lovely post.
    My heart is singing with the Jacarandas starting to bloom.


  2. Robin says:

    Just love your posts, and your house -

    Could you tell where you found those lovely wicker/cane light shades??

  3. Tee says:

    Hi Sarah
    Love love love your post. I can totally relate to you on the exercise gym front. It is crazy how tired you feel when you are not exercising, that you feel you couldnt possibly exercise, than when you do, you have more energy! crazy huh
    love your oar and your room

  4. merilyn says:

    love it hun!
    you are such a hoot!
    I have oars, rope glass balls etc!
    love it all! enjoy your exercising!
    love m:)X

  5. Dani says:

    Hi Sarah, oh yes, almost same problems here with muffin top etc. I practice nordic walking twice a week but would like to incorporate yoga. Just have to find the courage and the time beside family, garden and work;-)
    And I will love to see pictures of your bath and kitchen and hear about your quiching, hehe….
    xoxo from Switzerland

    • Sarah says:

      oh Dani thanks for reminding me about the quiching, I must post on that because I am telling you I have had AMAZING results x

  6. Oz says:

    Hello Sarah

    I’m a bit confused with your blog. I stopped reading it for a while- only because I was so busy with house extension, pregnancy and work. So missed the story behind this new house? Is it your new house all year around and what happened to your first one?
    Thank you