yes this is good strawberry salad

Thu 24th, Sep, 2015

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easy strawberry salad recipe abeachcottage

Hello beach cottage peeps, checking in this evening with a Spinach, Rocket, Strawberry and Feta Salad.

I’ve never been huge on fruit with savoury and, have to say, that the first time I ever had fruit in a salad we had not been on the shores of the Lucky Country for very long and I thought this a very strange phenomenon – a blueberry was sitting there happily with the green leaves and I wondered just how far I was from the Motherland in this place where they put blue berries in green salads.  Not only that I thought one had better up one’s Salad Game as I soon realised as this blueberry salad came out that having a very good salad up your sleeve to take along to events was quite a pre-requisite to being allowed residency in this lovely land and, later down the line, thought there would be a Salad Making Module in the citizenship test.  And so, yes, as the years have gone by I’ve come across all sorts of salads with things I never expected I would be eating in one – hello pomegranate, kale and best of all, recently a whole new world of flowers in my food.

Anyway, recently I was deep deep down in on of those vortex of images of a perfect life, also known as Pinterest, looking for salads to go alongside a couple of joints of roast pork I was making for a group of friends coming to dinner….the salad board was super busy with my pinning and I can tell you I have enough salads on there now to keep me going indefinitely.  In the course of the searching in that Pinterest Hole, where I barely came up for air for a long time, and wasted another 3 hours of my life, I came across a salad of green leaves and a few fruits in it, including strawberries.  I have to admit, the photos were fabuliss and not thinking the fruit part of it was totally my cup of tea I pinned it and moved on.

feta strawberry and green salad recipe abeachcottage.com

A couple of days later I was in the greengrocers (yup we still have greengrocers in Australia) and the strawberries were on offer – 5 punnets for 10 bucks – having a daughter who loves soft fruit in they went, I wondered what they would be like at this time of year and checked they had not been flown in from some far off land, but no they hadn’t and boy were they good.  Almost, but not quite, as good as an English strawberry, deep in the heart of Summer, picked in the Kentish fields and eaten in the garden with your feet in a toddler’s paddling pool full of warm water…

And so we had a lot of strawberries in the fridge and I decided to try the Strawberry Salad I’d pinned but leaving out the other fruit.  We had it with salmon (crusted with herbs) and mini roast potatoes and wowza it’s a very good salad…the combo just works somehow the strawberry and the feta do their thing….the best thing though, as ever, is it hits that department in my head called It Looks Like I Made A Real Lot of Effort With This When Really I Did Not – I love that and if you know me you’ll know any recipe that is a keeper is one that falls into this category – cannot be done with stuffing mushrooms or sourcing salt from Iceland or hand-cutting organic grapes.

This also falls into my other requisite category know as : Dump and Go, whereby one opens a few packets, dumps them onto a platter and goes and gets in the bath.  There are a few tips to this kind of cooking which help to make you look like a domestic goddess – firstly one must use a platter or, as here, a good patterned plate, white always always helps, secondly one must do a leetle bit of zee foofing and thirdly using a vintage server is always easy on the eye.


There is no recipe for this as such but here’s what I used

Spinach, Rocket, Strawberry & Feta Salad

1 punnet of strawberries cut into quarters

1 bag of baby spinach and rocket mix

a couple of spoonfuls of feta cheese diced

olive oil and vinegar

salt and pepper


1. add salad to platter, arrange strawberries and feta cheese over

2. dress with olive oil, vinegar and salt and pepper

(I keep a stash of jars of feta in oil and herbs in the fridge and just drizzle over the oil from the jar here).

And that my friends is it.

strawberry feta salad recipe a beach cottage

We have friends coming over at the weekend for dinner, I am thinking this will be on the menu, I only hope they don’t read this little corner of the web whereupon my secret that I have been preparing for their arrival all day in the kitchen will be swiftly dashed when I pull out the Strawberry Salad.

Ok, I’m off, it’s chilly in Sydney tonight, I’ve been into the city today and had a hairy ride home on the ferry where I thought I might die as we headed out towards the heads, water over the windows, bumped around a lot and then surfed back in to the wharf, but no I made it home, there is a chicken, cauliflower and lentil curry on the hob and Great British Bakeoff is teed up (although is Thursday so could go Graham Norton)… and… the sequel to the book I read in 24hrs is about to be downloaded….now that my friends is what one calls when one is in one’s forties and the most excitement they have had in a year is starting a floristry course, is… A Vee Vee Good Night.

See ya


feta strawberry and green salad recipe abeachcottage.com




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5 Responses to “yes this is good strawberry salad”

  1. Vicki says:

    Coveting that server!

  2. Shannon says:

    I had my first strawberry and feta salad last week and it was delicious! The blend of flavors was so surprising. Punnet is a new-to-me word. Love learning new words!
    Glad the ferry got you home safe.

  3. alison says:

    I’ve done one wild ride to Manly and back many years ago sliding up and down the old ferry’s painted wooden bench seats. Scary stuff.

    Love this post. Happy, funny, interesting.


  4. Dani says:

    Sarah, your salad looks delicious. One of mine favorite is feta and watermelon, instead of cucumber, served as greek salad with paprika, dressing with lemon juice and olive oil.
    In winter I like some fresh slices of orange oder apple in the salad.
    Oh, and I never forget a ferry ride from Patras tho Venice years ago.
    xoxo from Switzerland

  5. merilyn says:

    looking lovely hun! …
    always chuckling about your thoughts!
    if I can’t get it onto the plate in 2 minutes we’re not having it! … has to look like I’ve slaved though!
    love the look of this salad especially on that plate with those servers! … super!
    love m:)X