keeping it beach cottage real

Wed 16th, Sep, 2015

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Hello beach cottage people, errrrr sorry to disappoint, no white things, no sweet pooches, no slipper tubs here (though will be getting in it as soon as is humanely possible I can tell you that).

It’s been a funny week, I’ve been offered two jobs, tried to study the Elements and Principles of Floral Design, been attacked by 3 very very very vicious dogs whose owner could not control them and within that was very very very scared (and even more emotional, in fact was emotional wreck), invited to attend a meeting regarding another job, met friends at a local bar and emerged 5  hours and $$$$$$ later much worse for the wear, took a delivery of some exceedingly lovely products, made two curries, attended meetings with both Lovely Clients and Goddawful Clients, found a new BBC2 series to lose oneself in, drowned in wisteria and amidst all of this had all of this going on in the house with a LOT of dust….zee ripping out of zee old bathroom.


This looks pretty grim, but actually superbly cathartic….with all the problems we’ve had here – electrocution, major gas leaks, man the cockroaches and all of the numerous other things (including but not limited to the scumbag leaving the loft full of junk for us to dispose of) that we’ve been through in the last few months, ripping this horrendous excuse for a bathroom out has been hugely satisfying.


I am assuming by the noises and general huffing and puffing that went on in the deconstruction of this area and by the many many many trips I saw the tradies taking downstairs with huge great containers full of debris, that this was quite a hard job….I would like to say that I got down and got my hands dirty and did some of it, I can tell you that I did not….though yep I did go in there in my slippers…

IMG_0063_2 IMG_0065_2 IMG_0066_2 IMG_0068_2

It was in a bad way in here…even the tradies commented on it (though not the plumber who doesn’t speak much, he kept true to form)….apparently the old unusable bath had been balancing all that time, it wasn’t even fixed to the wall or the floor (or wherever you fix baths)…it had been place on a pile of builder’s debris covered in sand….other similar strangequandaries were discovered…


You know what I’m going to say next though don’t you?

I love the brick.

I biddy love the brick.

I want to keep the brick.

I believe the brick is fantabulous.

I mentioned to the Significant Other in this scenario that the brick would be staying….you know….I love that it’s all rustic and lick-able and vintage brick like….Significant Other informed me I am wrong, that this brick is not nice brick and that this brick will not be staying…and also it is believed that this brick is not doable…


I nodded as if in agreement, smiled to zeeself behind the mouldy old bath.

And whispered to the Vintage Brick Gods of Australia.

‘Don’t worry friends, zee brick will stay’





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22 Responses to “keeping it beach cottage real”

  1. Shannon says:

    Zee brick is gorgeous! Seeing the drippy mold whatever it is, behind where the mirror was is pretty gross. Makes me wonder what’s behind the mirrors in my place. eeeeew.
    So sorry about the dog attack. That is so scary.
    xoxxoxoxoxoxox, wine and a big hug.

  2. alison says:

    I love exposed brick walls.

  3. Melinda says:

    Brick looks great! Interesting to see how it comes up when all the other debris is removed.
    And theres always painted brick ( dont gasp) if they arent a nice colour after all – just like a subway only not so smooth and glossy….great texture.

    Isnt it great when you make a list of all you do in a day, week etc and you stand back and think WOW, how did I fit all that in ?!

    stay busy xx

    ps Ive been bitten by an uncontrolled dog before – thankfully no lasting marks but super scary and v confronting

    • Sarah says:

      sorry to hear you got bitten…I am VERY wary now, we’ve been attacked twice in the space of a few months :(

  4. Oh yes!! First thing I thought when I saw these pics was THOSE BRICKS!!!!! Imagine white???!!! Hhmmmm mmmmm!!!!! xx

  5. merilyn says:

    never a dull moment hun!
    zee brick! … lovely European rustic!X
    put a good story together!
    as if I have to tell you that!
    lol m:)X

  6. Germaine says:

    I did warn about the crazy dog ladies at a certain park in a certain suburb. I trust it wasn’t there ?

    • Sarah says:

      hello Germaine :) nope it wasn’t there but the dog park nearby – pls don’t go there, we were seriously attacked, we are lucky he is still with us, it was truly truly awful :((((((((

  7. Rosie says:

    Love the brick, too. Why does hubs think it won’t work? I understand if it needs a coat of water sealer but that shouldn’t change the look. Maybe he will agree if he realizes the savings of not having to cover/replace it?

  8. Tee says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your week sounds similiar to mine! way too crazy! Sorry to hear about your dog attack, and the not too nice parts of your week, but with the plus ones- wow things are certainly moving along! I love the brick walls and can see why you are fighting to leave them exposed, at least some of it anyway! it is gorgeous. My daughter is just doing her final year 11 exam! I have been living and breathing every moment with her, going over and over the subjects with her, and panicking for her as she goes into each exam. I am so glad today is the final day, but not looking forward to year 12!
    Now at least for the next couple of weeks I can do some things I like again, oh and in the middle of this mix, one of our sons decided to move out, so that has been pretty crazy too, helping him buy bed, tv unit, and the list goes on.
    Fun days!
    thanks for sharing your days with us,

  9. Cherrie says:

    First thing I thought was ‘why don’t they keep zee brick. I don’t understand people who cover up the brick with anything except watered down white paint)

  10. DeAna says:

    What a week!
    Love the brick! Looooooooooove the brick!
    I was honestly wondering what a slipper tub was until i saw your feet in the bathroom. ;)
    I’m sending you some pepper spray in the mail for fending off attacking dogs. So sorry for you. Or maybe wasp spray, I hear that works better…

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a fantastic surprise – I love the brick!!!! Oh, your slipper tub will look absolutely gorgeous with zee brick as the backdrop!

  12. liz says:

    I wrote the previous comment, just hit submit before typing my info – oops!

  13. Erin Hill says:

    Salivating over the bricks! It would be a a vintage loving crime if they had to be covered up. So much beauty! Good luck winning this one Sarah.