beach cottage baskets

Fri 18th, Sep, 2015

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beach cottage white fishermans baskets

Allo, allo, allo, how are you all beach cottage ladies?

I am so tired I feel drunk, this is a fairly concerning feeling when one is walking down the road on the way to get sushi for lunch and starts to lurch across the pavement… I believe it’s known as being punch drunk.  I certainly have not been in a boxing ring with anyone but I certainly do look like I could have been in one by the look of my eyes and skin.

I have got flowers (not just tiredness) coming out of my ears too…but am pleased to say have passed the first part of the course this week (more exams, was not that much fun)… moving on next to base constructions which will be interesting.  What’s also interesting is that it seems that I have the most skill in the part of the course which I enjoyed the least (to be exact : formal linear bouquets, in my head this is interpreted as a modern bouquet with natives and flowers I don’t like stuck in at odd asymmetric angles and with lots of negative space all tied up with ratty old foliage which looks like a bird’s nest at the bottom – the irony is that it seems am quite adept at these bouquets of which I do not lurve)….I can tell you in no uncertain terms too that I don’t ever want to look at an Anthurium (flamingo flower) ever again, be it green, white or pink…but hey ho I am sure I will be using them in base work because it seems most people love them (I do not love any flower that comes in a plastic bag)….can someone up there who is in charge of floristry courses or floristry students please get me some old english roses, peonies, heck I’d go a daisy or zinnia at a push, oh and please while I’m asking can you have a word that in the next few months I don’t have to look at any more flowers dressed in orange…

baskets white table

We had a small problem in the Summer Room, it involved electricity and so we had to pull things out last night and move things…to be quite honest am over anything else going wrong in this reno – as one who speaks as one of one’s offspring has a bedroom with no floorboards in it at the moment, and the reclaimed floorboards that were apparently on their way to us last week are currently still very much in the living room of a 1920′s house in Chatswood – a bit like the tiles really, they were also ‘in stock’ – I should have learnt by now that in this wonderful country I now call home, in stock is not what I call in stock and in this case in stock means still-in-someone-else’s-living-room-in-stock.

But hey ho, the house is quiet, the living room and kitchen are both very clean and it’s looking like it will actually last for the next 59 minutes at least, maybe even more (woot), I bought a new book on my way home yesterday which is all new and crispy and has that new book smell I can’t get enough of….and I have one very nice, very white, very comfortable slipper tub (surrounded with white subway tile) waiting for a cup of tea, a slosh of bubbles, a large slice of chocolate cake and one very tired woman in her forties with an enlarged muffin top.

See ya


beach cottage summer room coastal style basket lights


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12 Responses to “beach cottage baskets”

  1. alison says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for telling us about your crappola week. It’s very comforting when one is having a crappola week too! It keeps things in perspective.


  2. Dani says:

    Hi Sarah, my week was also not too easy peasy. But what wonderful stop here daily at your blog, feel absolutely refreshed after reading here. Thanks one more time for all your inspirations, Sarah.
    Today I have to do a lot of cleaning and washing and afterwards I will foofing, what a pleasure;-)))
    Bringing autumn flowers from the garden in the house, fluffing the cushions and enjoying wonderful smells from the essential oils (lavender and orange) and hoping, that the crowd of teenagers won`t destroy my foofing, hehe…..
    xoxo from Switzerland (today cold and rainy, no more swimming in the lake)

  3. sharon says:

    I’m in love with those old tiles, looks like a beautiful rug…stunning with the simple white furniture on top…

  4. priscilla says:

    Sarah, You are truly hilarious you make my day:) I am from California. I just wanted to share that with you. Your blog is very inspiring and I like how you keep it real and honest.

  5. Mandy meza says:

    I like you love the smell of a book. My hubby loves his kindle but I just can’t enjoy resign if it’s not a book…x

  6. Debs says:

    Hahaha! You say exactly what I think on the whole world of floristry! I have to put Orange flowers in most bouquets in the shop as its AUTUMNINAL!!! Yuck….and yes bring out the zinnias, peonies and old english roses- which they do sometimes in the shop..but its AUTUMN now..however the berries are nice but just not enough hedgerow for my liking ;) Dont get me started on the fogie flower club I attend…..but thinking of not..x

  7. merilyn says:

    mmm! orange has never done it for me either!
    you have such a good sense of humour and can turn a negative into a positive!
    I love your attitude! … enjoy that bath and book hun!
    oh how you deserve it! love m:)X