Beach Cottage Kitchen Progress

Tue 18th, Aug, 2015

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Morning beach cottage ladies, back from a walk here down by the sea – it’s a beauty of a day here on the beaches of Sydney, like stunningly beautiful.

I have started the week after a lovely birthday weekend (the birthday with The Tote – it’s on Insta if you want to see the fabulousness of it, I would let you lick it if I could) very very busily – had manic day yesterday, you know those days where you don’t sit down until well into the evening…a million things seem to happen all at once…it was one of those…and to make it worse I was on Muffin Top Removal Mission aka eat nothing bad all day (actually pretty much eat nothing all day – I won’t be doing the 5:2 thing again that is for sure) and be really busy, do 545 squats (ok 50) and 700 sit-ups (ahem 30 & not real ones mini ones) and by 8pm start to hallucinate that the table in the kitchen could be tasty….but is it a carb?

Anyhoooooo, we have progress here, the bathrooms are at the tiling stage!  Miracles do happen.  The tiles in the back of a storeroom in Melbourne are now sitting in my garage and the wall tiles are half here and the waterproofing is in and the underfloor heating…so we can begin…wahooooo…the soaking in the bath ladies, it is getting nearer and nearer…

And here in the kitchen we have another cupboard on the wall (door needs to be turned around tho) and more of the tiles are up….I’m probably on the verge of overdosing on subway tiles at the moment, who thought that could ever happen?  Actually no, I could never have enough of them.

We still have the lighting (pendant and under unit), shelving, blinds, knife rack, accessories and floor to go in here, it’s painful and slow but about a trillion times better than what was here before (wish had done this sooner)…to be quite honest, once the bathrooms are done I think the next part of the reno (french doors where the window you see here is, opening onto a deck that leads around and down to the garden) will be on hold – mr bc and I have run out of steam (well I know I have) and after the stressy circumstances of the last Summer just gone, I just want to get my tan on, de-fuzz whole body (apart from eyebrows and head), get rid of tuck shops and make the most of the summer this year….

Right I am off, I have floral homework to do and a few thousand sit ups ;)

Bom Dia


p.s. how is your skin?  who is double-cleansing?  I have to say ladies sheesh kebab mine is looking better than it is in YEARS!  Though in that I was starting from a very very very low point, you know like when people drink 2 bottles of wine a night and no water and then drink no wine and 2 litres of water and exclaim in changed their life…well yeah mine is like the skin version of that…. ooh and yes I have the next part of the Skin Quiche to share and a lovely guest post from a good friend who is one of those people who always looks good, you are not sure how, but she has all these lovely gathered beauty secrets…she is going to talk lips…lips of those who are not 20 and who may or may not be carrying a few fat globules around and about their person and wish they were in their lips ;)

kitchen beach cottage blog coastal rustic white abeachcottage.com blog  



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10 Responses to “Beach Cottage Kitchen Progress”

  1. Helen says:

    ah Sarah, so nice to see foofing of kitchen space…that means you’re getting to the reno finishing line lol
    Well done, looks gorgeous as usual
    nga mihi

  2. alison says:

    Congrats on the reno progress.

    Keep thinking about the issues with using your butler sink. Go wild and just use it. I know some people who never use their beautiful outdoor umbrella in case it fades. As a result the beautiful outdoor setting remains covered and the beautiful courtyard garden rarely gets used. Very sad.


    • Sarah says:

      Yes exactly – we are just using it, it already has marks though which is disappointing but hey ho…

      it’s like when you get nice candles and don’t use them – well I don’t do that but sometimes I think oh no I don’t want to ruin it – might be dead tomorrow….

  3. Jenny says:

    Know just what you mean – the kitchen was the first room we tackled on our reno & it really became the heart of our home. It became a sanctuary to have family mealtimes, & lovely granite-topped gorgeousness where I could escape to & imagine that the rest of the house didn’t look like downtown Gaza!
    Keep going – you’re nearly there!

  4. DeAna says:

    Kitchen table carbs comment gave me my abs workout. :’)

  5. janita says:

    Hello there Lovely kitchen lady : ) Miss Sarah…. sending you a thought you might do a little further investigating with to see if it would be safe for your sink. . My daughter was renting a house with some sort of white sink. It always looked food stained and so bad . I saw on Pinterest to use Dishwasher detergent.


    I don’t know what kind of sink you have but doing this to her sink worked wonders.

    It looks so pretty hope you find just the right thing for minimal maintenance. Janita

  6. Natalie O'neill says:

    Fat globules !!! Love it x