Bathroom Update WIP

Tue 25th, Aug, 2015

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Hellooooooo beach cottage ladies, a bathroom WIP post from me today, to show you why I am about to lose the plot with all this reno stuff.

I have been ok up until about now but really really now wishing this is finished soon, it’s not been a small job….I keep taking myself off to the beach with a book, or driving down to the seafront and sitting in the car to get some peace…if you see a woman who has not had a nice bath for a long time, with wild hair and crazy eyes sitting in a car looking out to sea, approach at your own risk.

Here are some photos of the journey along the way to two new bathrooms…

the pics below during the ripping out and building of the new walls, at one point we had no ceilings…

IMG_0001 IMG_0002_2 IMG_0003_2 IMG_0010_2 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0012_2

the new en-suite coming together


IMG_0014_2 IMG_0015_2 IMG_0016_2

family bathroom shower area


 en-suite waterproofed and ready for tiling 

IMG_0025_2 IMG_0022_2

 As we stand this afternoon some of the wall tiles are up – I’ll post that soon.

Counting down the days until The Bathing of The Body.




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3 Responses to “Bathroom Update WIP”

  1. Tee says:

    Hi Sarah
    You are getting closer everyday to having your well earned well deserved bath! Thanks for showing us wip it’s fantastic to see the journey! Will be amazing to see the finished spaces! You are doing well girl so keep it going! Not long now

  2. DeAna says:

    Count down to wrinkley toes…

  3. priscilla says:

    Hi Sarah, It looks like it is coming along. Renovations are always hard especially when you have to live in the home while it is all being done. Hang in there the end results will all be worth it:)