beach cottage painting on a saturday arvo

Mon 13th, Jul, 2015

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Good afternoon from a very very chilly Sydney, although the sun is shining, it’s blustery (18C but wind chill making it feel much colder) and a wonderful day to live on the coast, there will always be time in my life for a bracing walk by the ocean…apparently, according to the newspapers, we are experiencing an ‘Antarctic vortex’ sweeping over Australia, bringing with it very cold air and in some parts of the country dumping a fresh batch of snow.

I had a lovely day on Saturday, hanging out and then finally getting some painting done (wanted to get going on this before the kitchen arrives because there’s a huge amount of painting to do with that so I knew this wouldn’t get a look in whatsoever…).  I also find painting to be exceedingly therapeutic – when something is playing on your mind, sometimes an old piece of furniture, bbc radio 4 playing soothingly in the corner, a pup asleep on the sofa and the rhythmic back and forth of the paint brush can do wonders for the mind, and is a whole lot better on the pocket than therapy.

I’ve ummed and ahhhed about this old desk, I loved it untouched – rustic, rough and ready but to be quite honest I felt something was not right and it felt grubby (patina good, grubby not good)…often with old furniture I find (save) a paint job takes it from ok to nice.  Also, this desk has slotted into family life more than intended…it just kinda arrived at this spot when I found it and after a quick clean, ended up with the Mac on it and an extra place for homework etc (3 kiddos studying in this house at any one time) so to that end I also thought it would be nicer cleaner and fresher in a painted state, rather than say if it was more of a ‘prop’ furniture holding a random jug of flowers.


I used chalk paint for this and since posting it on Instagram have had a few questions re which chalk paint I like.  To be quite honest I have tried many many many paints over the years since I first attacked my first piece of furniture with white paint…in those days, even though I knew nothing about painting it was much harder than it is now to transform a piece…over the last few years paint technology has come on in leaps and bounds….in the early days most things I touched needed at the very least one coat of primer, now lots of paints have a built in primer, plus the actual paint itself is much improved,and if using chalk paint you can pretty much pop it on right away and won’t have many problems and will have a lovely matte finish… but what about brands?  Well, I’ve tried lots of chalk paint and I don’t think honestly one is any better than the other…I do know that I love Porters Paints and because they are Australian, local (ish) to me and can be mixed to exactly the colour you want, I try to spend my $$$$ on Aussie products wherever possible (that’s not to say I don’t buy and love other paints, I do).


I used Porter’s Paints chalk on this (more about Porter’s here)  - I had it mixed at the store using a colour chip that I liked and then I had a drop of a taupe-y colour put into it to warm it a slight bit.  I used a different chalk paint on the inside of the drawers to use up an old paint I had where I wasn’t keen on the grey (I don’t always paint the inside of pieces, but this needed it).

I’ll be back with the after pics soon…when I get rid of the herberts hanging around here on school holiday and have a tidy house again…and when I get my big girl’s camera out again (these are from my phone) and have a play…

Right I am off to do some kitchen planning, D-day is coming soon, to visit and take baked goods to a sick friend and her rugged up for the Antarctic Vortex temperature drop this evening.


p.s. not gifted, sponsored or affiliated in any way at all to Porter’s Paints, purchased with my own money.  (if sponsored which I keep to a minimum I will note at at the top of the page and throughout post that I have been given the product to have a look at)


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2 Responses to “beach cottage painting on a saturday arvo”

  1. merilyn says:

    it will be great sarah! love the photo tweaking is it an app!
    I have a similar desk problem is I put something ie be varnish! eeek! on it years ago! hellooo now I don’t want that so I’m working little by little for my washed look … getting there!
    oh well! just keep painting hun! lol m:)X

  2. Aisling says:

    It looks like a great table. I lookforward to the after pics!