Kitchen Units beach cottage style

Mon 27th, Jul, 2015

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Morning lovely beach cottage people, how are you, hope the weekend was good.

Another jolly weekend of DIY here – we’ve been painting (woodwork and the 3rd coat on the walls) and removing things from the kitchen and getting it ready to pull out the sink and units that surround the sink for when the plumber comes…we’ve kinda hit a standstill at this point until he arrives to do his bit (did think about having a go, did not want to flood whole of suburb).


These are the wall units – made for us unfinished so that I could paint them in the look I wanted (eggshell english look).  Though I’ve re-thought this look a bit, originally I was going to go for a F&B grey beige in a matte eggshell, but I’ve changed my mind now and I am probably just going to go all white (safer, less disappointment) …may do chalk paint and seal it with a varnish or may just go aqua enamel and be done with it…the beauty of these units and why I wanted proper timber units was because if don’t like or want (need) a new look in my life I can just do it (while everyone else is out of the house)…didn’t want to be tied with melamine units I couldn’t change…

That is about the sum of my weekend (save nice lunch in fave cafe, library visit and sit on beach with new on loan book).

I’ll be back with a few of the things I’ve bought to go in this new room and hopefully the sink unit will be installed.

The bathrooms start today – yes at some point we will have neither a kitchen nor a bathroom.  Pleasant.  Am reminding self that wanted 100 yr old house near the sea with lickable vintage front door, wide floorboards, fireplaces and French windows.





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12 Responses to “Kitchen Units beach cottage style”

  1. Mandy Meza says:

    Your bespoke cabinets are fabulous….looking forward to your final decision on your finish and seeing the kitchen taking shape…x

  2. Shannon says:

    Oh Sarah,
    They are simply gorgeous! Can you use the chalk paint and the chalk paint sealer on kitchen cabinets? Or do you need a real varnish to keep out water?
    Thank you again for the extra work you do to keep this blog going. It’s so fun watching your cottage blossom.

  3. Tee says:

    Hi Sarah, wow you have been a busy little girl. Love the cabinets, Can you please tell me where you got them from, as we are wanting to do the kitchen next, and I will be taking hints from you, as I was wanting a painted kitchen as well, not the melamine. I actually painted our hall/foyer area yesterday all white, It has dado rail paneling on the bottom half, and I was tempted to do two colours, but the area is so very dark, so I took a leaf out of your book and said to my husband, lets try all white, totally and completely white, He was like “really? you think that will work, I mean I am all for lightening up this area, as it is so dark, but all white”?
    I said yes, that is what “Sarah does” :) so he said well it is only paint, and if it doesn’t work we can paint over it. Well it did work, I am loving it, so thank you once again for not only giving me the inspiration but the courage to have a go. I had painted my hallstand a gorgeous beachy teal on Saturday, and it just wasn’t popping in the dark hallway, (I was so disappointed, and said to my husband, it is either going to have to be white or the walls are going white! so now that it has the white back drop it is beautiful. Light is bouncing all around, the area looks bigger, crisper, cleaner, happier and brighter! It is a perfect backdrop for all my props. Once again thank you for the inspiration of white, a colour I had never used before your blog, and a journey I am just starting to embark on. If you could give me any information on where to get the cabinets it would be very much appreciated. Thank you Thank you Thank you once again, you are my interior decorating hero! enjoy your busy week, I have a couple of more coats of white to do in the hallway.( and before I forget, you are still teaching by example that even though you were a busy little bee, you still took time out to visit library, read book on beach, visit cafe, and this weekend my husband and I had a picnic on the beach, without the kids :) we read, had breakfast at a cafe,- you are a great reminder to take time out to enjoy life, and stop, and not feel guilty at having time for yourself. Having 8 children, my life has always been busy busy, and I didnt take that precious time out for me, so thank you so much for reminding me, that it is not only ok, but very essential to enjoy your life as you go along) hugs, Tee x
    ps you were probably happier when I was an invisible friend :) I tend to gab a bit when I get going haha

    • Sarah says:

      I like the gabbing on ;)

      Good to hear about your hallway – I don’t always go white (grey in family room etc) but in the hallway I did the same as you, it was dark and dreary and the white paint has made a huge difference. Also went for the same in the kitchen (just all basic strong white) and so far so good.

      I am glad to hear you went to the beach – 8 kids! ahhhh!!

  4. Cris says:

    I think it will be beautiful.

  5. jen says:

    Luv the timber cabinets can you please share where you got your cabinets made up? I am in Sydney in a very old cottage with an endless list of jobs. I have been researching and most kitchen companies seem to do the melamine. Can’t wait to see them painted I know they will look great!!

  6. Honeyaar says:

    Bonjour Mme.B.C
    Ooh La la!!!!!
    Pretty and smart all at once…
    Verry very nice…..can’t wait to see the final result!!!
    Please reveal cabinet makers that made your kitchen cupboards….

  7. Claire says:

    Hello Sarah!! The new cabinets are so beautifully made!! What is the wood? The cabinet maker did an amazing job on them!! And will they have knobs on them for opening them? Would you put porcelain knobs on them? When they are completed your kitchen is going to be a beautiful beachy show place!!! Your renovations are always amazing!!! It is so much fun following your blog to see what room is up next for the makeover of the day!!! Is it all of that great beach air and Aussie sunshine that is responsible for all of your great inspiration??!! Sarah you are one talented lady!!! God bless!! Claire

    • Sarah says:

      thank you, very kind….I don’t know what it is but right now it’s chaos in here lol!

      yes the knobs are actually a brushed steel :)

  8. janita says:

    Cheers to 100 year old houses! Enjoy everyday at some point….. It is a lovely journey : ) Janita

  9. DeAna says:

    no bathroom/kitchen<beach house/lickable doors