Beach Cottage Bathroom WIP

Tue 28th, Jul, 2015

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Morning!  All fun and games here for a Monday…

As you can see, the en-suite is no more, amazing how much work can be done in a few hours…will not miss shower that electrocuted me, will not miss short cold showers under drips on cold winter’s mornings, will not miss black zig-zag floor tiles topped with blue accent wall tiles, will not miss horrid scary white shower curtain…

This cupboard (pretty revolting) in a dark and dingy hallway leading up to the main bedroom has now been ripped out too, it will be the new doorway for the bathroom…

IMG_0014_2 IMG_0015_2 IMG_0017_2

 The other side is this….


So we are now all using the other main bathroom (3 teenagers, one husband, me)…this is the point where this bathroom decided to start spurting out fine orange sand from the floor…it oozes out slowly but surely…


I was the one to discover it….it looks like some strange disease but we think it’s safe…it seems that the bath in here, rather than be installed properly, was balanced on a bed of fine orange sand…said sand is now taking on a life of its own and re-surfacing from underneath the bath and up into the bathroom via the floor tiles…it is a strange sight indeed to be sitting on the loo as fine orange sandy water slowly surrounds one…

I may be back, I may be engulfed by a deadly orange silt.

In fact, right now, in this house, it seems orange is the new white.



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8 Responses to “Beach Cottage Bathroom WIP”

  1. Tee says:

    Good morning Sarah
    Wow things sure are moving along at a full on pace! At least you still have one bathroom all be it an orangey sandy one! Just absolutely love your descriptions I can see it all so clearly! You put a smile on my face and had me remembering when we lived on the country with small children-totaling 8, we had one toilet – the good old outside loo. We had a 1880 old home crying out to be loved. One had to trudge down the stairs at the back of the house to a toilet that was boiling hot in summer- that was like a sweat box. Than a winter had you freezing as one tried to relieve oneself. It was super scary at night when one needed to go and young ones had to be escorted. Huntsmen would appear on the walls! It makes me wonder how we survived! I really do appreciate an inside toilet now! So very very much as do our kids!
    Yours will be terrific and I love the things you “won’t miss” statements! You will really really love and appreciate your new safe bathroom. Getting rid of the cupboard to have a doorway will make that space not only more functional but I think it will look heaps better. It’s a messy time but so exciting! I really really love how you describe everything and can’t wait to see the finished result ! Both bathroom and kitchen at same time you are amazing!
    Hallwise it was your white on white hall that totally inspired our white on white hall to bring it out of darkness! I have never ever painted a wall white! Sooo huge major step! Thank you for giving me the courage to change! The iburgundy walls in our bedroom are now crying out to make the room lighter brighter and happier! Getting braver to think about that huge change! So thank you thank you Sarah for making a difference in our family’s life through inspiring me! Enjoy your beautiful productive day! So exciting hugs Tee x

    • Sarah says:

      I’m loving hearing your journey with white…. xxx

      goodness the Huntsman and the outside loo!!!!!! ahhhhhhh


  2. Tee says:

    Also wanted to mention I love your cornices, so nice with the little pattern, instead of being plain! Even amongst demolition there are beautiful elements still standing out! Lucky you, old homes have that character that newer ones do not have. This is going to look so pretty when it is finished! :)

  3. DeAna says:

    I had to make sure I was looking at the right blog as this is the most color I’ve seen here maybe ever.
    You’re a trooper! hang in there… :)

    • Sarah says:

      hahah laughing out loud, that’s so true x it’s the most colour I’ve seen for a long time too xxxx

  4. Victoria says:

    I think I’m having a nervous breakdown watching all the work you guys are doing and being put through.I know it will be gorgeous in the end tho…

  5. Diane says:

    I too love all color. As long as it’s a shade of white! Getting inspiration from you….Thank you. Diane