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Wed 10th, Jun, 2015

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On a whim the dining table moved into the summer room recently, to both make some room in the family room and make sure this room was used (before it was just the sofa, here).  Best decision.  It’s really working well, which just shows that one should spend more time moving furniture around in the daytime because, you know, one never knows how well it might turn out.

We’ve spent some nice times in here…mostly Sunday roast dinners and a few other times, but yes mostly Sundays…and we just invested in one of those little Bose wireless speaker thingies (mr bc’s birthday present)…have you seen them?  Oh my these things are brilliant (I first came across them when one of the tradies here had one and was playing a Polish radio station podcast on it)… I can now listen to the BBC in the garden while weeding…pushing from my phone all the way from London to the little speaker sitting outside on the adirondack (love it) before I was taking my laptop out or listening on phone/earphones…and at dinner at the weekend mr bc decided to enlighten us with a few of his playlists from his phone (depeche mode and the like, yes, dire, me more Whitney, Roland and Dolly)…

a beach cottage dining room

Yesterday in gorgeous warm Winter sunshine it was lovely in here…today it’s gloomy and cold outside but still toasty in here.

I’ve been to the city on the ferry today and off to book club later, catch up soon.



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9 Responses to “summer room dining”

  1. vanessa says:

    Just gorgeous Sarah x

  2. Mandy Meza says:

    My hubby bought me one of these speakers for Xmas and like you I take it out to my greenhouse when I’m pottering around there and in the garden best pressie ever and when I first got it I wasn’t so sure about it until I started using it and I’m a convert…x

  3. alison says:

    Thanks for the Bose feedback. We’ve been thinking about buying one. I’ve even circled one in a Bose shop (twice) then got overwhelmed and left despite the good customer service.

  4. janita says:

    Delightful : ) My son-in-law uses his Bose all the time…. Loves it. ( I need to get more tech savvy) Happy day to you my dear Sarah. Janita

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have this little “garden room” at the back of my house. It has a sink for working with flowers and potting but it also has 2 story high windows and a ceiling fan and tables and chairs. It can be anything you want it to be.
    Tonight, it will be my dining room. The cats will be confused but what the hell…keep them on their toes :)

  6. Candice says:

    That is my post above .. I was Anonymous for some reason :)

  7. Kimberley says:

    Hi Sarah!
    This room is just beautiful, I love all the windows and all the sun that comes in! It’s a perfect place now that your weather is getting cooler.

  8. Your lovely beach cottage looks so peaceful; I just love all your pictures. jonni

  9. merilyn says:

    looking delightful sarah! …
    especially when the sun is warming it!
    it’s just like an English winter room for you!
    love m:)X