beach cottage soup recipe and barley

Thu 7th, May, 2015

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soup recipe abeachcottage.com blogger australia

Well, here we are again beach cottage ladies of the web, Barley is on day two and to be quite honest, I am surprised that today too he has been very sad and low again :(( – I honestly thought that after yesterday he would be back to his bright and happy self…not so.  Thanks for all your comments.  Appreciated. x

So I have, save a trip to buy a new hoover when there was someone here to keep an eye on Barls (Dyson)…because the last hoover was also a victim last week of the strange electricity goings-on in this house (and went poof!), been home all day long (must admit though even with this pup-induced confinement have not, actually, turned new hoover on)…it’s been quite a funny day being here with him, not that I go out galavanting across Sydney ever (gosh most of the time I roll down the hill, get coffee, look at sea, and back up again and not much else), just you know when you have to stay in how you all of a sudden start fantasising about going to Chinatown or going to the airport with just your passport, credit card and getting on a plane…hmm maybe you don’t do that.

leek and potato soup abeachcottage sydney australia

I also scooted into the library.  Sheesh kebaby, how is it that they library book renewal date came around so quickly?  One minute you’re standing there with an armful of fresh new reading material to take home, the next thing you’re panicking that oh-my-god-if-you-don’t-get-down-there-today-you’ll-get-fined.  I have a new self-imposed rule on library etiquette…

1. trip must have a time limit (otherwise spend 2 hours in there gazing at weird topics & fishing magazines)

2. limit of books to borrow 3, 4 at push (otherwise struggle to carry huge pile of books on weird topics & never read & always lose one)

3. visit must include browsing ‘new’ section to improve brain but must avoid ‘self-help’ section which inevitably means no.2 above rule is broken and I come home with 457 books on how to be your best self and all other kind of new age crapola.

Anyway, I am guessing that I should wrap this up…when I realise I am rambling to the other side of this screen about things like libraries and hoovers I do have to wonder…

a beach cottage blog sydney australia leek and potato soup recipe

See you tomorrow – I need to show you the back hallway where the new bathrooms are going…the carpet’s nice, hahahaha.




Leek & Potato Soup Recipe

to be honest, there are probably enough leek and potato soup recipes in the world ;) and really the thing I love about soup (not the only thing) is that it is throw-in-able, that indeed I think is a lot of the beauty of soup…I saw a recipe where you steam the leeks separately for more flavour (dunno about you but ain’t happening anytime soon that this woman will be steaming leeks for soup)…anyway here’s how I do it

4 med potatoes diced small, 2 leeks washed & sliced, 2 cloves garlic, garden herbs, salt & pepper, 1/2 cup cream, 6 cups stock, parmesan & oil to serve

sweat vegetables, add stock, blitz in blender, pop back in pan and 5 mins before serving add cream

serve with parmesan (or any cheese), drizzle with oil and herbs

soup recipe abeachcottage.com blogger australia

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10 Responses to “beach cottage soup recipe and barley”

  1. Melinda says:

    sorry to hear about Barley – I guess mean dogs are like mean people – it takes a bit of time to regroup and bounce back from their nasty behaviour! Hopefully he’ll be back to norm soon.

  2. alison says:

    A good ramble is quite soothing for the soul. My local libraries put on free guest author talks and various other free activities. Fabulous stuff.

  3. kimmie says:

    Poor Barley!!! Hope he’s up and better soon!

    I always consider library fines a donation. Hahahaha!

  4. Jody says:

    Beautiful photographs! Love to Barls xxxxooo jody fl ky

  5. Jenny says:

    Love the ramble Sarah, just what I needed to read as I’m sitting eating my crumpets on this grey drizzly morning. It saddens me to read that Barls is still not back to his usual self. Fingers crossed he recovers over the weekend, with the family around to spoil him. xxxxx Jenny

  6. DeAna says:

    Here’s a poem for Barls to cheer him up:
    Barley Barley, you so gnarly.
    Okay, well, maybe that didn’t cheer anyone up but soup does!
    Soup sounds delicious as it’s been really rainy here this last week, but mine will have a lot of bacon and cheese (and cream) in it… reeeeallllll heallllllllthy…
    xoxo (to you and yours)

  7. merilyn says:

    hope the darling little creature is ok now sarah!
    he’s had a shock!
    and maybe the electrics are messing with his sensibilities! … got he words today hun!
    btw food photos tops! thanks for recipe too!
    looks delicious!
    love m:)X
    enjoy your mother’s day!X

  8. janita says:

    Ahh your poor sweetie. Hope he bounces back soon. He needs some of your soup. Your photos are beautiful. Would that be thyme or oregano dancing in your soup cup? It is dreary here today. Soup sounds good. I have never cooked with leaks. Going to check my grocery store the next time I go to see what I can find. I like your Library saga….. I can relate :)

  9. Oh, the book lovers dilemma. It’s nearly impossible, no matter how disciplined I am, to go to the library and return with only a few books. And now that my library’s catalogue is online, I can browse and request all manner of titles just to take a look at them. Recently, I decided I wanted to do some decorating in my house and needed to get ideas, so I requested about forty decorating books from the library thinking that they would arrive in dribs and drabs, but no! They ALL came at once! I had to make three trips just to carry those heavy things home. It sure was fun looking through them, though.