Beach Cottage Coastal

Thu 2nd, Apr, 2015

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a beach cottage australian vintage trunk blog shop for sale

Helloo from beach cottage land in Sydney, thanks for all the love on the Sitting Room and the new look with the white grey paint, if you missed it, I posted here on the makeover, so pleased with how it turned out.

a beach cottage australian vintage coastal stlye rustic coast decor


a beach cottage coastal vintage style rustic coast decorating candle white candle

Anyway, I thought you might like to see a few more pics (if you don’t do insta and Facebook)….don’t, now, pretend you don’t want to lick that trunk.  Or those French windows.

Someone asked me the other day on one of those things where you have to talk about things you love doing, what you are passionate about and what you would do just because you enjoy it, and you had to talk about it a bit (hate those things where you have to talk about yourself, cringe cringe cringe, it’s the pommie in me, I really just want to say, REALLY!!!!!!, )….she asked what could I spend all day doing and love it, sheesh kebab, well apart from anything to do with WWI and WWII, or licking a vintage door, cough cough cough as they waited for the answer, ummm well I pretty much spend quite a bit of time, errrrm moving old furniture around, like I love doing it and finding all the different combinations and adding flowers and stuff and then standing back and having a look and then ahem taking pictures. And then flying in with a pair of wellie boots.  And a sun hat.   Maybe a candle.  **** I love doing that.


“Anything else Sarah?   We were thinking something a bit more, well, you know mainstream?”

I thought I might like to introduce them to you.  Mainstream my ***.

Nope.  Pretty much don’t like doing much of anything else really, including cleaning toilets, tax returns and washing hair.  OK I do wash it, but rather didn’t have to.

But actually do love baths.

Have a good Easter my friends, hopefully I’ll be swinging by here to say G’day but if not see you soon, we have things planned, days out in the city, maybe a salsa dancing club (! wide eyes, my dancing partner is getting serious, but oh golly do I love it or do I love it), friends for dinner and going to a good old Aussie pub one evening with good old English friends…like good old former Old Blighty residents do – we like to rendezvous in zee Public House.

I’ll be off.


vintage chair abeachcottage.com rustic coast coastal furniture for sale

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9 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal”

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Sarah. Well, I have just had a delightful start to my Easter break. Sneaking a quiet few cups of tea and revisiting your Home Tour and catching up on your blog. Just adore it all. Feel at peace and inspired. Thank you so much. Have a beautiful Easter xxx

  2. Oh. Isnt sniffing out old unloved furniture….purchasing and painting…and dragging about the house trying to avoid family members mainstream??!? And here I was thinking I was normal…thank goodness I “know” girls like you lovely!!! Enjoy your Easter break…xx

  3. merilyn says:

    enjoy lovely!
    love it! m:)X

  4. Penny says:

    I love baths too. Thought you might be interested, I also live on northern beaches and got a bath delivered for under $1000. Then I got a plumber to hook it up and install my $25 taps. Now I enjoy gorgeous baths in the rainforest. The only thing is, I overlooked reinforcing the deck I put it on, or at least putting on a good Sikkins coat of deck plus protective laquer. But oh well!

    I highly recommend this outdoor bathroom concept, on a porch, in the garden, or back deck.

  5. Isabel says:

    Dear Sarah, I hope you don’t ever sell that absolutely stunning chair you have there in your dining room! I love everything about it! love the colour of the wood, love the spindly legs, love the charming back, and the beautiful carving. is it a pineapple?

  6. DeAna says:

    So you can either move here or I can move there so as to avoid those horrible shipping costs…
    Whaddaya say? ;)

  7. Nadine says:

    I feel sorry for the interviewer(s), for with Sarah it has become obvious over time that what one sees is what one gets. Plus, as if you would have time for anything else after the foofing and photographing and candleing and barl plus familying.

  8. I love seeing other peoples home styling. Looks great.