clafoutis recipe and beach cottage stuff

Tue 28th, Apr, 2015

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easy clafoutis recipe abeachcottage blog abeachcottage.com peach pie recipe

Beach Cottage ladies, had a lovely day here.  Started off with a walk down by the sea with a friend, she knocked for me, love that, remember the days before people had mobile phones and you were young and your friends ‘knocked for you’ and you spent the day out and about in the fresh air, exploring…we headed down to the sea, walked right around to where the bush meets the little  sheltered beach, up the hill (out of breath type hill) and then through a bush walk (out of breath type bush walk) which meanders kinda up and down by the sea, looks out over the headland and back through the bush again (the sea was stunning today, and the colours, just a little bit less intense that the summer here, there’s a pic of where we walked over on my Instagram if you’d like to see)…we veered off it then and walked back down to the ocean and the town and a nice cup of coffee was had.

The rest of the day was spent at home, doing a bit of work, I baked this clafoutis (very easy type of clafoutis), been working on a new project, arranging to go and look at a property (work related not home or bc related) and finally at about 5 ish sat down here, put the fire on (cool getting nearer to winter type of day) and flick…whole lot went off…after one has been electrocuted in the shower (which I can assure you is far from a pretty sight) one is a leetle wary of flicks…was though extremely brave and tiptoed out and around to side of house which is dark at this time with mahusive tropical trees and ginger trees and flipped up the door to the electric box…wasn’t hard to work out which switch had tripped and which one to flick back (one side said ‘ON’ one said ‘OFF’ – swear Mr Electrician Man labelled with me in mind)…silently thanked him for new trip box thingy…though did think that if had been electrocuted this time, though outside and not a long way from new neighbour’s view, at least this time was clothed.

easy clafoutis recipe

The clafoutis?  Love this.  You can make it with a tin of peaches.  Aussie peaches.  How deliciously uncool is that?  There are no organic, reared by hand, artisan blushed peaches here.  I did though spend an extra dollar on the tin of peaches to buy beautiful Australian peaches from Victoria from a hardworking peach loving family.  Hoping buying Aussie helps?  Who knows really?   Have to tell you it’s a doodle to make, but it looks all French and fancy and, well, you know what I mean….put it this way, if I had a bath (was at a friend’s yesterday, she has the most divine, deep, white, gorgeous, large and very empty bath, I went up to go to the loo, I didn’t tell her but I stroked it and got in for a bit…in my jeans….no she didn’t offer me a soak in it!) I would be putting this in the oven and going to get in the bath, it’s that easy.

I’m settling in for a night with the bbc, we are watching a series and are obsessively hooning through the whole thing, sometimes two episodes a night (wahoo when did my life get so much fun)…there was talk of some putting up of hooks and there is a hammock waiting patiently to be fixed to a frangipani tree…I’m guessing that will wait…

See you soon


Clafoutis Recipe

in mixing bowl - 3 eggs whisked  3 tablespoons plain flour  5 tbs sugar  pinch salt

warm 425ml milk (I did it in microwave)  add milk to other ingredients

pour batter over peaches (4oog tin in juice, drained) laid in a shallow baking dish  bake 25 mins 220C

btw if you are on the beaches & like old, rustic, weathered stuff, the hunters at Northern Beaches Vintage Treasures have been collecting lots of lovely goodies and they’re listing tonight…I’ve a few things from them just saying’  ;)

easy clafoutis recipe abeachcottage blog abeachcottage.com peach pie recipe



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9 Responses to “clafoutis recipe and beach cottage stuff”

  1. alison says:

    Just love those ON/OFF switches in the electricity boxes, following the Keep It Simple Stupid principle.

  2. merilyn says:

    nailing the photography sarah!
    you walk sounded gorgeous!
    great looking clafoutis … yes very French!
    glad you are getting electrics sorted hun!
    love m:)X

  3. shar y says:

    I made something like this not too long ago. Similar recipe but a few more eggs. Loved it to the moon! So, can’t wait to try yours. Be careful with that electricity! We need you around!

  4. Aisling says:

    Hi Sarah – love the clafouti recipe – I have never thought about doing it with tinned peaches! I will definitely try that soon!

  5. DeAna says:

    how divine! I hope you get a bathtub soon. I’m rooting for you. :)

  6. Clafoutis is so easy to make. I have made it with plums, apples, and other fruits, though some of the tart ones require a little more sugar. It’s good cold, too.

  7. Claire says:

    This looks delish Sarah! Which BBC series are you into?

    • Sarah says:

      we’ve been watching a few, but Broadchurch has us hooked :)

      also loved another one he was in – lawyer in scotland, can’t remember the name of it… xxxx