a beach cottage rustic table gets electric

Tue 7th, Apr, 2015

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a beach cottage vintage table coastal rustic coast blog decor beachy

Aloha from Sydney, how are you beach cottage friends, all well here, ummm well enough if you include the fact that our house has been live, as in electrically live, and we didn’t know it….yup, not only all the other delightful problems we were left with here, including the gas leak, we also unknowingly were surrounded by things that could have made one go poppity pop quite quickly (must say husband might quite like that at the moment in the case of moi).

a beach cottage coastal vintage style flowers white

Yes, so the first we knew about this was one night hopping in the shower I got an electric shock from the taps….like a big electric shock….ummm when one is starkers and not on the right side of forty, tired, already cranky and REALLY wanting a bath not a ******** shower, getting electrocuted when one has had a long day is not what one would call fun…especially when one yells at one’s husband that one has been electrocuted while naked and he says one cannot possibly be correct until he tries it himself and indeed admits one is, in actual fact, very much correct…. all the while you are errr wet and not looking your best….I could make all kind of crass comments about this situation, must say I have heard rather a few today via the various tradies who have been here to sort this out, so I won’t bother to enlighten you further…it was not pretty, in any shape or form, mine, the language or the ensuing conversations…

rustic coast abeachcottage table

Next things started to go bang…like all sorts of things…washing machine zapped mr bc (did have to laugh that I as the most prolific laundry person in this house was not the one zapped) and then went boom, robotic hoover is no longer with the land of the living (sob) and other small things have gone poof……we put two and two together and thought hang on a minute bit of a coincidence that electrical items are going kaput by the day.  All joking aside, like the gas leak, we’ve been told this might not have ended up quite as well as it has… hey ho…we did wonder about the general light flickering at night and thought it was just an old house…seems not!

a beach cottage rustic coast vintage table pendant light abeachcottage.com blog

flowers white abeachcottage.com

But on a lighter note, I have been playing beach cottages, this also is wearing a bit thin though, I’m finding it pretty difficult to get things how I like them…I am actually going to try this table out in the summer room I think, as that room is seemingly redundant, not sure why we are not using it but we just aren’t…but in terms of a pretty table dressing for the easter weekend this was quite enjoyable…

a beach cottage rustic coast vintage blog

Always better to tablescape than get electrocuted in the shower I suppose…


p.s. I have a few bits and bobs to list in my shop tomorrow – a little preview is over here in the shop…if you like the look of anything before I let it loose on the world, shoot me an email – first in best dressed :)

a beach cottage vintage table coastal rustic coast blog decor beachy

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13 Responses to “a beach cottage rustic table gets electric”

  1. alison says:

    Are you moving in to this BC?
    Yet again, loving your blog.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Not an electric shock but a shock nonetheless. When I was a kid, living in North Carolina, I was in the shower, looked out the window which was on the shower wall and saw a man looking in.
    I called my mom, said to her, Tell Dad to get away from the window.
    She said, your dad is in the kitchen with me.
    Now that is a shock in the shower :)

    I just wanted to tell you that I am using your photos/rooms/ideas for my “idea book” in a sense. I will be moving into a new home, as yet unknown, and I want to use many of the ideas you show here . This home will be for me alone, which is sort of a first .
    besitos.. C

  3. Candice says:

    That reply above is from me, I forgot to fill in the little boxes :)

  4. DeAna says:

    Not fun getting zinged! Glad you are in one piece still. Stupid ground. (sorry…old family joke)

  5. Marlene says:

    Sarah I’ve been super curious if you and your family are living at this new cottage, as your posts do suggest that. If so what happened to your other cottage?

  6. Glad you are okay Sarah! I’ve been curious too about this cottage…. did you move here?

  7. Lizzie says:

    Hi Sarah, yes please do share :)

  8. Neen says:

    Oh Sarah, how awful, hope you recover. Nasty, nasty surprise in the shower and laundry too. Aaargh the owner has left behind some ‘awesome’ renovating delights……hope there are no more. Pop the kettle on (carefully) and enjoy a cuppa, you deserve one. ;) Neen

    • Sarah says:

      I know, was thinking actually maybe it’s not the worst way to go getting electrocuted in the shower! xx

  9. merilyn says:

    love it! the story and e/scaping!;0
    it all looks great hun!
    it’s a b wonder you are still here!/?
    love in foofing etc. m:)X

  10. Smaggle says:

    Maybe the washing machine just likes you more! :-)

  11. Jody says:

    First of all, so glad you survived the shower episode! Yikes! And we had a flickering light we have disconnected but now you have me wondering will the rest of the house go…….? Double yike with you!
    Love your house, showed my hubby your sunroom decor..and he liked it! Now what happened to my plan for an all white house?
    Thanks for sharing, be careful and boo hoo on your Hoover too!
    Hugs, jody