BC Makeover with Beautiful Grey Paint

Wed 1st, Apr, 2015

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abeachcottage coastal vintage style decor rustic nautical decorating abeachcottage.com blog

Sponsored Post Valspar Paint

Hello beach cottage friends, a little after/makeover for you today and a finished room.

a beach cottage coastal vintage style decor decorating white paint painting

Now I have been painting things (mostly white, sometimes grey, sometimes, shock, blue) for quite a while now – walls, furniture, floors, vintage suitcases, old ladders, you name it I’ve probably tried painting it.   I always say I am no expert, just doing this for myself but I do now have quite a bit of experience in painting.  The actual paint, yes the actual stuff on the end of the paint brush, I have tried a lot of it, and I have mentioned on here before that I do not swear by a certain type of paint or a certain brand, I like to try any and everything and see what the results are like – so yes, paint too, I have been using a lot of it for a long time now.

white paint colours abeachcottage.com decor decorating makeover

I have to say that I’ve pretty much tried it all, self-priming super star paints, chalk paints, flat paints, paint with this in, paint with that in, oil paint, eggshell, paint in which you sprinkle things in – paint is a very fascinating world, there’s always lots to learn, always new things coming out and, in my opinion, and certainly since I became a DIY painter, there have been huge improvements in paint technology and how it does its job.

rustic coast abeachcottage.com coastal vintage nautical style makeover decor

When anything new comes up in the painting world I am up for it, and so when I was asked recently by Valspar Paint if I would like to have a look at their range (and their gorgeous whites) I thought to myself ummm quite how long do you want me to think about that?  If there is anyone who might like a look at a new range of white paint colours to hit the market (Valspar’s ultra-premium paint range was launched to the Australian market just over 12 months ago), I am that person.

white paint makeover blog abeachcottage.com

Paint is like the Queen of DIY in my opinion, it can change everything about a room, outdoor area, piece of furniture and it’s one of the quickest, most budget friendly and easiest ways I have found to make a room cleaner and more you….it’s amazing what a tin of paint can do…in this house we call it the Power of Paint.

valspar white paint amadeus abeachcottage.com blog makeover

So this room was needing some kinda Power of Paint that is for sure and was painted with a lovely white by Valspar and I have to say hands up I loved it.  I don’t know about you but what I look for in paint is number one, it does the job – covers well, the colour is nice and consistent and if you need to clean it it won’t wipe off on the sponge (ask me how I know that lol)…and number two, it’s easy to use straight out of the can and a cinch to clean up.  This checked all those boxes.

white paint makeover abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style decorating white paint swatch colours abeachcottage.com

But, I have to tell you this, because to be quite honest at first I didn’t quite believe it, Valspar comes with a colour guarantee.  What?  What is that?  Well, now you might want to sit down here – if you buy a tin of their paint and set to work painting with it and you don’t actually love the colour, then Valspar will replace the paint for free….truly!  How is that for giving you the confidence to try out a new colour?   Gosh I might try red ;)

rustic coast abeachcottage.com blog coastal vintage style decor

I must say though I didn’t need that here, right out of the can this was the white for me – I picked Valspar Diamond ‘Amadeus’ straight from the brochure and was pretty much sure, if the quality held up, that I would like how it turned out… and that’s exactly what happened, Diamond’s luxurious SuperWhite base covered the previous creamy yellow paint quickly and beautifully (smooth and easy to work with, love that).

painting with white coastal vintage rustic decor abeachcottage.com

I love a cool white with a hint of grey and a bit of depth and Valspar Diamond Amadeus did the job all the way to the bank…no need for the colour guarantee for me…this just delivered the colour I wanted, a cool white with a little bit of depth for a nice clean look in a vintage room.

abeachcottage.com painting with white

If you are thinking of painting, small or big I can highly recommend giving Valspar Diamond a go…it’s really worked well for me here, I love it when that happens, I’m really pleased with the colour, and we all know what happens when I don’t like a paint lol, do we need to mention the blue deck haha!

a beach cottage coastal vintage style decor decorating white paint painting

Best thing of all though, apart from colour and quality and all that jazz, it’s made in good old Australia and I’m always on the lookout for paint from this beautiful land.

See you soon.


Valspar is available in Masters Home Improvement stores and Home Hardware stores nationally.  You can read more about the Colour Guarantee here.

abeachcottage coastal vintage style decor rustic nautical decorating abeachcottage.com blog

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17 Responses to “BC Makeover with Beautiful Grey Paint”

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful Sarah. xx

  2. DeAna says:

    I picked Amadeus too! And I didn’t even look ahead. ;)

    • Sarah says:

      yup, if you know whites you can pretty much pick up straight away from the swatches that it’s going to be good barring some awful tone that comes out in certain lights (I’m talking the purple that came out in some of the greys I tried) x

  3. Shannon says:

    Gorgeous! It’s so fresh and clean. You’ve breathed new life into that room.

  4. alison says:

    Your green, blue and white drop sheet brought childhood memories.

  5. So, so beautiful Sarah … I just want to sit in that room!

  6. Aisling says:

    That paint sounds great Sarah and the room looks lovely as usual!

  7. merilyn says:

    they’ve got the right woman for the job sarah!
    the room looks gorgeous!
    I/we have been looking for a matt varnish that is not yellow hun!!! hellooo! you know all about that!;0
    not easy! love m:)X

  8. Marlene says:

    I LOVE this, so cute!!!!

  9. Melinda says:

    This is fantastic!! Have followed you for years. .my old blog Mels Rose Place. Our beach cottage needs an internal freshen up and I’ll be following your lead here. Looks amazing and I’d never heard of this paint x

    • Sarah says:


      I know, you want to try it, it’s really good, I had seen it and it definitely delivered xx