it’s all about the paint the paint – outside progress

Wed 4th, Mar, 2015

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painting coastal makeover renovation a beach cottage fixer upper abeachcottage.com blogEeeeee coming to you loud and clear beach cottage ladies of the web from a lovely Sydney afternoon, we are just dipping into Autumn here, man I LOVE the changes in the seasons…there is a hint of cooler weather in the air, the evenings are slightly shorter and definitely not so hot…

Here are a few pics from the outside…you wanted to see pictures of walls right?

a beach cottage renovation wall paint

Last week we had a bit of a break in the painting because of the weather, it rained for a few days and some of the walls that were painted were ruined (streaked) by the rain…so this week it’s full steam ahead again…

a beach cottage renovation

I have to be honest that I have been wondering what have we done with the outside, it wasn’t seeming to be pulling together, my heart sunk a little bit…and then this morning, all of a sudden it’s starting to gel, it is looking like I thought it might be looking when I first saw this house and what stared back at me was a seriously un-loved old building with great bones which had spent the last 25 years needing someone to get it looking good.

painting walls beach cottage renovation coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

So yes the painting is going well, but what it’s flagged up is that the whole place needs a seriously good hair cut – there are palms, frangipanis everywhere, a ginger tree (love it!), a million overgrown hibiscus trees, a hibiscus which seems to have a life force of it’s own, huge overgrown bushes at the back and various flowering eucalyptus – all of which need a good cut and blow dry…it’s a job for the professionals too, so I am going to start calling for quotes…you just know it’s going to be like getting a new roof (of which we need one lol), it will be the kind of money you hate to spend because it doesn’t really show but it has to be done.

Anyway this is the path to the back side of the house, as you can see the floor needs help, not sure what I am going to do to that yet, probably something like concrete paint on the steps and blast the sandstone so it’s back to looking as it should…we also have a structural issue here which is about to be fixed (not even thinking about the $$$$$ going on that, it is a huge job in the thousands…which I could be spending on new shoes, haha, very nice shoes, wedges in fact).

a beach cottage two renovation coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

It’s funny how when you start doing things little areas creep up on you, I have found one here and one where I can hang my hammock from a frangipani tree – to be quite honest I didn’t think there would be a nice area here but as the bushes have slowly been cut back, things have been swept, cobwebs have been removed and the painting has begun I think this area here, with a little bit of love, could be quite nice.

It’s not very easy to take photos here, and I am just snapping with my phone, but you can just see there is a section where the wall goes in and I have a bench which fits in this spot perfectly, so once the floor is foofed up, a few pots are added and maybe an outdoor rug is down, then I think this might end up being a very nice and quiet spot where one can partake in end-of-the-day-bra-removal and sit with a cup of tea.

Auf Wiedersehen


painting coastal makeover renovation a beach cottage fixer upper abeachcottage.com blog


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7 Responses to “it’s all about the paint the paint – outside progress”

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Looking good. The colours are so vibrant in your Aussie light. I envy you the joy & satisfaction of the transformation but not so much the elbow grease that goes into it! It will beso nice to sit back soon + reflect on what you have accomplished. Well done!
    Karen T

  2. alison says:


  3. alison says:


  4. Ellie says:

    It looks fab! The hard work is paying off in spades.

  5. Martine says:

    Hmm, looking great. You’ve inspired me. I’m going to paint our outside wall this summer, white of course!

  6. DeAna says:

    seriously makes me want to move there… :)

  7. bec says:

    it’s looking great! any tips on painting bricks? I have miles of old bricks to paint & have been doing it with a paint brush – slow and tedious!!