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Fri 13th, Mar, 2015

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So ladies and gentleman of the press I have some muffin top news, aka healthy lifestyle stuff.

I shared a while ago on here how the renovations had meant too many take-aways had really taken a toll on one’s midriff – I have to say I was quite perplexed at this, being someone who loves a good take-away (but only every now and then), I didn’t realise how much too many of the darn things could, ahem, change one’s ability to retain the stuff one does not want to retain, particularly around the middle or upper arm areas, when one is over 40.

After not being able to do my jeans up, I decided that if I continued to eat egg fried rice and lovely wood-fired pizza, such lovely lovely pizza, morning, noon and night then the fat party would not only be in those areas but would swiftly take over whole body (though was quite happy for it to move to cheeks, wrinkles on face or backs of hands, oh actually let’s sling in there neck area too, would love some more fat in there).

Anyway someone I know has been low-carbing for a while and dropped a lot of extra kilos, like stacks of the stuff…and not being one to be able to do any kind of ‘diet’,  I thought I would give not eating carbs a go..I did it…and wanted to share the my results because I know we all love to read healthy weight-loss stuff and to be quite honest I am pretty shocked at how it’s been…

I must first say here that before this I did not before eat masses of carbs, some mid morning and mid-afternoon, not really for lunch and then always a rice, pasta or bread with dinner… so it hasn’t been a huge shift for me…most of these carbs though were not good carbs and were, ummm, well you know me…white.

The first week I was ‘low-carbing’ (have read this is what we call it) have to be honest and say I dicked around and didn’t really do it properly (and somehow had two pizzas of the wood-fired variety), but I definitely felt a huge sigh of relief from the button on my jeans.

The second week I quit messing around and cut carbs from breakfast, lunch and dinner but still throwing in a few of the good carbs (with all that slow release stuff) just so that I didn’t end up trying to eat Barley or one of my offspring when they weren’t looking.

And I tell you what, I am pretty amazed at the results…one week (in fact not quite 7 days) and 3lbs are toast (only know this because have come into possession of fancy new digital scales for first time in my life)…but more importantly the muffin-top has significantly reduced, like I actually saw the shadow of a muscle!

And I tell you another thing, it’s pretty blooming fabulous to partake in muffin-top reducing while eating Chocolate with a Hint of Seasalt.

Will report back with fate of upper-arms.



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12 Responses to “beach cottage wellbeing – low carbing”

  1. Neen says:

    Oooooh I do luuuuurve dark choc and a hint of sea salt, mmmmmmmmm ;0 Neen

  2. Germaine says:

    Would love to know your breakfast options as that’s the one i struggle with. I am good with salad for lunch and mainly protein and veg for dinner (emphasis on ‘mainly’ here) but breakfast has me beat.

    • lg says:

      - Eggs are a good one – I like poached eggs on a bed of greens (spinach or whatever, add avocado & tomatoes!
      - My fave and easiest is a big smoothie – almond milk or coconut water, banana, handful of greens, handful of nuts (cashews make it really creamy), I add in an egg for a bit of extra protein, maybe a date for sweetness. You can add in some avocado or coconut oil as well.

    • Sarah says:

      I think eggs are the answer…and mushrooms, tomatoes etc xxx

  3. DeAna says:

    We’ve been kicking around the idea of the Paleo here at this house.

    I tried a low/no carb diet a while back and had absolutely no energy–thus the kicking it around part. How is your energy level?

  4. merilyn says:

    looks god hun! … OMG I’m on holdays … an extended birthday festival and I’ve eaten my way around Melbourne!
    serious no carb therapy when I get home!
    lol m:)X

  5. janita says:

    More info on “good ” carbs please as I sit with 2 bags of Dutch pastries on my dining room table calling my name :) I’m sure those are not classified as “good”. My granddaughter requested donuts and I caved. :) sweet carbs will always be my weakness.

    The house is looking sweet ! Looks like you are slowly moving in :)

  6. alison says:

    Have you seen those silicone “muffin top” patty pans? They’re look like the top half of a pair of jeans so when you cook the muffin it rises and oozes over the top to create an edible muffin top.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very funny post :)
    Agree cutting most carbs, or at least being selective with carb intake is a great idea – sadly they are very yummy, but too-tight jeans are not yummy and are in fact ( in my opinion) a spirit dampener.

    Good for you! A friend has had great results with 5:2 program – Im giving that a whirl.

    Oh the perils of being over 40 !!

  8. Melinda says:

    sorry, forgot to add my name for above comment x

  9. Libby Boyle says:

    I’ve also down the low carb thing and was really happy with the results. I mixed in a swimming regime and that little bit of extra weight has gone. I cut out bread and pasta and that little treat with my morning coffee. Oh and cereal and potatoes. Instead of bread, I used wraps. I find I’m much more conscious of my carb intake now. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I now looking at Paleo, but think maybe it goes a bit too far for me.

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve been looking at Paleo too but also think it’s too much for me – I’m surprised how easy the low carbing has been, definitely effective xxx good luck x