Beach Cottage pots and things

Tue 10th, Mar, 2015

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pot cupboard abeachcottage

Hellooo beach cottage ladies, all good here….a few rustic pretty pictures for you this morning from Sydney’s coast…

Do love a good picture and have to say everywhere else is chaos, didn’t want to show you that.  There is very very good news :  we have an oven in the house, it isn’t from the Homeland or indeed it is not French, it is large – roast dinner on Sunday anyone?

a beach cottage rustic coastal vinage style pot cupboard

rustic beach cottage abeachcottage.com coastal coast decorating beachy style

In other news the bathrooms are locked in to start this week, that is going to be fun…but it means I am going too, soon, to be able to have a bath…you cannot know how much joy this brings to me unless you are of the English Blood.

a beach cottage rustic pot cupboard coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com coast decorating decor

It will be Sunday.  I will be listening to BBC Radio 4.  The bath will be on.  A bird will be in the oven.

See you next time.


a beach cottage flowers

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10 Responses to “Beach Cottage pots and things”

  1. Judy Heminslea says:

    Being English I completely understand! We once lived for a whole year, including the coldest, snowiest winter for years, in a house * that had no bath * Grim. Still not sure how I got through it.
    Enjoy your first soak. There is nothing like a long, deep bath :0)

  2. alison says:

    Go on, dare you to show us just one picture of some of the renovation mess. It will be a reality check for armchair renovators like me and inspire others.


  3. DeAna says:

    Does English heritage count? I think there’s a Duke in my line…
    That must be why I love BBC… ;)

  4. Neen says:

    Not a moonlit bath ????? Lol luuuurve the reno updates. Neen ;)

  5. Lizzie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just a question?
    I may have missed it but is this your new home or one you are renovating to sell. Enjoyed watching the process, you’ve made it looks so welcoming, fresh and just darn beautiful

  6. Di says:

    I must have missed something also, love your new house but what happened to your other one???? Looks amazing….a beautiful job as always.

  7. Mandy Meza says:

    Sounds like a plan…..x