beach cottage find a rustic old chair from the coast

Thu 19th, Mar, 2015

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rustic beachy chair coast abeachcottage.com blog nautical beach decorating blog

Gosh it’s hot here beach cottage friends, which is causing me a problem, because I had very happily moved into Autumn Clothing Mode, which basically, for me, means one can cover up one’s legs with jeans rather than having to wear sundresses or shorts because it’s been sooooooo hot and humid this year in Sydney.  I do so love moving back to jeans (because I have to tell you that legs are, sadly, falling into the same over-40 category as upper arms), and so when Autumn hit and the temps dipped for a couple of days I was all hurrah and we are back to Jean Season, love it, jeans, white T-shirts and plimsolls, sunnies, big tote bag, scarf, too easy…everything scooped in and covered up…sadly the cooler weather did not last and we are a few weeks into Autumn and still hitting 29C, but I am stubbornly trying to pretend that it’s not that hot and still pulling on the jeans, albeit with a singlet and bare feet, which is resulting in one very flustered white cottage owner.   Not really sure why I told you that.

coastal vintage style rustic beach coast abeachcottage.com decor decorating sydney white paint

Anyhooooo, guess what, I have been treasure hunting some more, yes I do have rather more old weathered furniture than any person could ever need in their life and yep I did mention on Instagram the other day that I am ready to start getting clear of some of it and releasing it to new homes and yes you are thinking on the right lines, that it does mean, surely, that if I start releasing it, then isn’t there room for a little more, you know, coastal collecting??? hahahahaha

This is another beauty from the little group of collectors on the beaches (Northern Beaches Vintage Treasures) I told you about the other day (I linked to the page in my post the other day if you are in Sydney and are interested)…this chair… my name all over her don’t you think?  I really love Bentwood chairs, like really (though husband has point that 25 may be too OTT)… the rustic weathered-y-ness on this one is swoon-worthy…seriously cannot buy them like this hence need to add this one to collection.  She is rather covered in grime along with her general rustic vintage beach eastern seaboard of Australia coast-ness but I can’t yet bring myself to clean.  She had to be mine though, you know it, I know it, he will know it.

I had to do a leeetle bit of artful concealment of this one…if you are an avid treasure hunter and need help in concealing your wares, I can help….the trick is to arrive home before anyone else, quickly ensure no-one has unexpectedly arrived home from college when you didn’t expect them until later, whip vintage chair from back of car, run up drive, and hide chair around the side and underneath house in little forgotten area that has yet to be discovered for storage of blue things like tools, lawnmowers and little jam jars of screws.  We do like to arm ourselves with little jam jars of screws…just in case…because you know there are times in life, I have been informed, where you might not know it right now, but you will need just the right screw.

And with that I will be off.  To lick a vintage chair.

Oh and I have a tale to tell you about the bathroom, stay tuned.


rustic beachy chair coast abeachcottage.com blog nautical beach decorating blog

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15 Responses to “beach cottage find a rustic old chair from the coast”

  1. Well yes…she is a bit pretty isn’t she!!! Is she “sit-able”?? I seem to have collected a few too many chairs that are utterly useless at actually supporting nothing more than maybe a towel or book…not a big heavy book mind you…more a light weight mag…anyways…nice work!! xx

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh she’s very pretty! Love a bentwood chair too. Great find!

  3. merilyn says:

    up to old tricks hun!
    well done!
    love a bentwood chair I’m looking at mine now with arms!
    love m:)X

  4. alison says:

    I love your ramble on about the weather. You really do have to live here to experience the fashion confusion. I even got the Uggs out last week. Walking around in a cossie today.

  5. Jody says:

    It is a great chair! jody/ fl/ ky

  6. Hedy says:

    As you are waiting for Autumn, I wait for Spring which seems to be stalled at points South of us in Indiana. I hae a problem with chairs, too, Sarah. My grand daughter calls my home “Gma’s little house of chairs”! Enjoy!

  7. DeAna says:

    I have a bentwood and can sit on it, but probably shouldn’t.
    You should write a book about how to conceal ones vintage treasure finds. Kinda like where’s waldo… ;)

  8. Its a beauty Sarah!! What a treasure x

  9. Vicki says:

    So funny, I was lusting after an old bamboo side chair with a curved caned back in my favorite thrift shop just the other day, oh it would look so perfect painted WHITE of course, then remembered that I still had the little pink vanity chair from my last visit to the same shop, stashed in my trusty little hatchback junking-mobile, hidden under a blanket…no room for another little chair to ride home with us, so sad! I need Little Chairs Anonymous, I guess.

  10. Kelly says:

    Oh wow, what a find! And you’ve placed it perfectly – it must make you stop and just enjoy the moment every time you see it.

  11. Nadine says:

    Love your tiled front porch Sarah. I am pretty expert at hiding “stuff” from hubby too. I am trying to stop my addiction for curbside shopping, but it is soooo hard, So many people just chuck out lovely good stuff. The otherday I picked up two pure wool blankets from the kerb chuckout. I don’t need them, but I will wash them and donate them to the Salvo’s blanket appeal. Of course, that may have been where the previous owners got them.