wellbeing salad in the middle of paint

Thu 12th, Feb, 2015

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salad recipe egg

Hellooooo beach cottage friends, well I am back from yoga and sitting here in the cool with a mid-morning smoothie (it’s roasting outside in Sydney today) – today our take-away from yoga was patience…I am wondering if the universe is trying to tell me something, patience in painting lol.

So I have to decide today on the colour of the paint, I am still very much erring on the side of white all round and after taking the question to instagram last night lots said white too…so I am thinking I will actually go the light grey which in the sun looks very pale but as the sun goes down is obviously grey…thinking that the pale grey will take the edge off the harsh white in the glaring Aussie sun….but then again I will probably change my mind again by tonight.

I mentioned last week that this week I had to get back to concentrating on diet, switching off and exercise this week or things were going to go pear shaped…since the new house we’ve been having a lot of take-aways (have to say I love pizza a lot and thai fried rice) and it’s been really interesting that even though I have been very active (as in not sitting around doing not much rather on feet all day doing a million and one things) have noticed in just one month of eating more crappy food that jeans are ahem not doing up and the usual spots where fat likes to hang out on me (that would be muffin area and zee upper arms, why can fat not gather in wrinkles and puff them out??? is like some warped plan by someone up there for ageing – yeah let’s make ‘em fatter in the middle and wrinkle up their faces) have indeed gathered extra momentum and are having a little fat partay courtesy of moi…. so this week it was time to plan the good stuff, less excuses about being too busy and more nourishment going in…and it’s Thursday and so far so good – I’ve planned and scheduled every day to move (walking, yoga and playing tennis), been taking time out to read for brain refuelling and focusing on healthy lunches and smoothies.

It’s always too easy for me to skip lunch and wonder why at 3pm I feel like I may shrivel up and die from lack of energy…so yeah this little salad is one of the ones I’ve had this week…super easy, was so tasty and did the zippy energy trick and hardly took time to prepare – in went a handful of salad leaves, avocado (my fave) chickpeas, parsley, boiled egg, sprouts and a good strong sprinkling of seeds.

I’ll be the one up a ladder all zingy with a paintbrush.

See you soon with more on the Summer Room.


salad recipe egg

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13 Responses to “wellbeing salad in the middle of paint”

  1. alison says:

    A dietician told me that exercise is a great thing but weight loss/gain is ultimately determined by what we consume.

    Yes Sarah, it’s so easy for life to take over. I cannot believe how little it takes to gain weight as I get older. So I suck it up princess and find consistent effort brings AMAZING rewards.


    • Sarah says:

      have to say I am amazed too – in ONE month I have packed on the pounds, I’m lucky that I can hide it quite easily but it’s not pretty or comfortable!

      am now consuming less fried rice for sure ;)

  2. merilyn says:

    no kidding hun, we just had this for lunch, minus the eggs, I added fetta! helloo! great minds! grey or white???
    grey! lol m:)X

  3. Jen(Arriving) says:

    This salad, only with a handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of walnuts is my favorite lunch.

  4. DeAna says:

    My favorite salad involves peas, lots of dressing and pineapple. And croutons. I don’t know if it’s exactly healthy, but it’s my favorite. Has been since high school salad bar days…
    If I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll cut way down on the dressing and add cottage cheese. And throw in some raw spinach. (blech)
    Great. Now I’m hungry…
    (white white white white white white white white white white)

  5. Mel says:

    Indeed, I’m voting also for fat going to wrinkles. And it’s totally unfair that if you finally lose weight it shows also in your face… Well, at least in my face. Grr
    We’re on Holiday at the moment (skiing!) and I guess there will be a surprise for me at home when I’m going to Look at my weight… Not a good one I guess. Food here is also more: let’s make it easy.
    I stay tuned for the color :-).
    Bye, Mel

  6. janita says:

    Hello Sarah, relating well to how quickly a little of “Not” sneaks up on the body. Why can’t it be the other way for women. Little bit of exercise will loose you 10 lbs. Don’t feel so bad for lack of the right stuff. I made a vow to try and get in more exercise this month but the muffin still top seems to be a permant fixture.

    I read this week that if you add just a little bit of Vit C 25 mg to your spinach salad that you will absorb more iron from the spinach. The study said that subjects absorbed 3X as much iron from a meal when it was served with 25mg Vit C . 1/2 cup orange wedges or 2 Tbs diced red peppers.

    I like to add dried cranberries.

    Enjoy an easy way to pump iron :)


    • Sarah says:

      my kinda pumping iron x

      thanks for the tip on vitamin c I eat a lot of red peppers so that’s a good addition x