kitchen table makeover

Tue 24th, Feb, 2015

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Hi beach cottage friends, another week is upon us is it not?  I am not quite sure where the time is going, where the days are going but somehow it’s the end of February and life is busy here, even without the reno life is busy.

So I thought I would share the progress on the kitchen table…I painted the base with Porters chalk paint and am pretty pleased with how the paint turned out.

table kitchen makeover abeachcottage.com

a beach cottage blog flowers kitchen table renovation

The top, hmmm not so much, this as you see it here, is after some hefty old bleaching and it doesn’t really look any different…so next stop is a commercial furniture bleach…to be honest I think this would come up (as I am thinking how I want it to look in my head) if it were dipped…there is not much chance that that will be happening anytime soon around here….right now I am knee deep in bathroom tile and bath tub choosing (man it’s a long long long time since I have had a bath – am considering renting a room at a hotel for the night just so I can have a bath)….about the only thing that will be being dipped around here is most likely me…I need to be dipped in something long,warm and soothing…

kitchen beach cottage renovation table flowers abeachcottage.com

So yes next stop with this is getting the top lighter and then I’ll pop a matte sealer on top…

OK, I am off to, in the middle of choosing a tub, order an oven – and I can tell you from where I am sitting shoe shopping is a lot better therapy than oven shopping.

Over and out.



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12 Responses to “kitchen table makeover”

  1. merilyn says:

    lol! … love the table sarah!
    and gorgeousness taking a nap on the floor!
    it’s a hard life for a dog!;0
    appliances on line are excellent! i know 3 people
    who recently have been very impressed by their service!
    good hunting hun! love m:)X

  2. alison says:

    I have complete faith in you and how the table turns out.
    PS We’ll done, no drips.


  3. Rosie says:

    I just read about doing a paint wash – mix paint and water until it’s the right density for the look you’re going for. 1/4 paint, 3/4 water down to 3/4 paint, 1/4 water – or whatever provides the right coverage. the grain of the wood shows through more the more water you add. this would work if the top had no stains that you didn’t want to see. easy! if that’s a look you could live with.

  4. Annette Luchich says:

    Have you thought about the vinegar and rusty steel wool mixture that gives the bleached grey finish – recipe – Google driftwood finish xxx

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah, loving the look of the table. Fingers crossed you are whisked away to a plush hotel for the night and get to enjoy a long luxury soak. Look forward to your next update.

  6. Rochelle says:

    Hi Sarah, I love what you have done with the table. I think it looks pretty fabulous just as it is. Have you moved out of your old home?… am I a bit behind, or are you still living in your old home whilst doing the reno? Sorry if I missed a post on this.

    Your magic wand is doing wonders I see as always. Good luck with all the hard work. xox

  7. Honeyaar says:

    Mme BC…

    OUI le table is looking bery bery noice.
    But am confused too…are you not still in the original beach cottage?
    I recall a very gorgeous bathroom with a deep bath there…

    More pictures please

  8. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah. I have an almost identical table – except mine has a slight lean on! I did a chalky white distressed finish on it using a home-made concoction of shoe polish & furniture wax to give it an aged look ;). I also think your table looks just great as is but I know how it is when you have a particular look in mind & just need to make it happen! So satisfying to make those transformations eh! Good luck with the rest of the renos – we are doing up an 1870 farmhouse but certainly not managing to go at it at beach cottage speed! You are inspiring!

  9. janita says:

    Not sure what you have used so far to get the table top to this point. Have you used a circular sander? It will remove the last little layer to freshen it up. I think it looks lovely especially with the lovely bouquet.


  10. Lois Munn says:

    I may have missed it but are you living in this redo or just planning on flipping it? Love your style and your blog.

  11. DeAna says:

    Floor, chairs, table, vase, flowers, window, glimpse of cabinet, napping pooch, lighting…(no, not a memory exercise) love it ALL!!!