beach cottage two summer room painting progress

Fri 6th, Feb, 2015

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a beach cottage blog coastal renovation diy paint makeover abeachcottage.com

Rightio, here we are beach cottage two diy renovation in the summer room, me oh my this room needed some serious love..I know one may criticise moi for perhaps too much foofing, too much whitewashing in life, but this room was crying out for beach cottagifying – or indeed any kind of cleaning and painting to be honest, mine or anyone who is not a surfing solicitor really could, with a little bit of work, make this room smile.  Summer Room before pics and the beautiful tiled floor are over here if you want a look. 

a beach cottage summer room paint makeover white renovation diy abeachcottage.com

Just like the garden area sitting outside it the inside was grubby, unloved and really a bit lost, a nothing of a room, which with a pot of filler, a good lot of sanding and a couple days of painting will now be living a very different life.  We are also considering re-pointing, it’s needed but that may have to wait…

Of all the rooms in the house this one is feeling like the one which will heave the biggest sigh after some paint love…I get the feeling it hasn’t been used as a room for a long time…when we viewed the house I thought with clean walls and sprucing up the original tiling on the floor it would be a lovely place for a sofa, a couple of lamps and some books…it’s tucked away at the back of the house, it’s quiet and calm…it seems though it will lend itself nicely to a desk too, I wasn’t sure it if would be big enough but there’s more than enough room for a sofa, an easy chair (I’ve got my eyes peeled for a wingback) and a desk…

beach cottage renovation summer room white paint makeover abeachcottage.com blog

Now, let’s talk about the coloured window panes….there was something about them I wasn’t liking and I now know why after getting up there on a ladder having a look and standing outside for a long time gazing…they aren’t original and the coloured bit is a kinda spray that is over the top of the glass and it’s so not right….we’ve discovered the windows are not original and the glass it seems was replaced at the same time…the colour – it’s too bright, if it were original it would be more faded…

Soooooo, they are toast those coloured squares, don’t gasp, there is no room, even if it is by way of small glass panes in the summer room, for orange in my life…nor bright green for that matter…don’t do orange, green or early mornings, signed that in my marriage vows…

a beach cottage clad ceiling diy renovation makeover paint white abeachcottage.com blog

The ceiling, the clad walls, I don’t need to tell you about those…you know I’ve licked them right? 

Happy Friday lovelies, been to the library today, wish could tell you am literary scholar and have weekend of furthering mind reading ahead while listening to classical music via violin, but in reality have three easy reading books including a saga set in 1913 and a fourth the story of the investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper – suppose really don’t need, at this age, to worry about literature – is just good to keep brain ticking alive and away from white paint…

Sarah x

a beach cottage summer room paint makeover white renovation diy abeachcottage.com

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16 Responses to “beach cottage two summer room painting progress”

  1. bec says:

    what a divine room, I feel like climbing through the photos and sitting there with a book, just love the way those windows open to the garden!

  2. julie says:

    Sarah, you guys are amazing. You must be working like navvies. Cant wait to see the end result :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Goodness you do not mess around! How have you got so much done. We have lived in our house too long for it to look the way it does. Actually, thinking about it that’s precisely why it looks the way it does! I’m slapdash by nature. Very, the husband would say. How good are you at the old preparation, Sarah? I need to paint our stairs and skirting and I need someone to push me into starting! Xxxx

    • Sarah says:

      I am pretty rubbish at preparation, I prefer to slap and go but I live with someone who is all about the prep lol so it works well x

  4. Neen says:

    Yep that white paint is doing wonders. Enjoy your books, I too am off to the library this morning.I read a great book at Christmas, the author is new to me, but I loved the escape from reno central here that I got from reading.
    Orange glass just isn’t right in that room….good decision! Enjoy, Neen ;)

    • Sarah says:

      thanks love to know the book you enjoyed x

      • Neen says:

        The book is ‘Hello from the Gillespes’ by Monica McInerney.
        I think I really enjoyed it because I send a Christmas letter every year(except for the year that life went sidewards for a while). It’s about a Christmas tradition of such letter writing that goes horribly wrong.
        It was the first of her books I had read, but she has written many.

        • alison says:

          Hi Neen
          Just borrowed “Hello from the Gillespies” after rave reviews from friends. Life has got in the way and I’ll have to start it again. I’m hoping to steal some time alone this weekend and get into it…along with the two other books I’m reading . Don’t tell anyone but I need a Mills & Boon fix every now and then. It’s my dirty little secret.

        • Sarah says:

          thanks Neen I will check it out x

  5. I love the White! So fresh and bright. LOVE it.:)

  6. merilyn says:

    I’m nearly as bad/good as you with white sarah!
    love it! and is looking ab/fab! a great job guys!
    love m:)X

  7. DeAna says:

    It is SO much better living vicariously sometimes…
    Love it Sarah.