anti-oxidants are us

Mon 16th, Feb, 2015

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a beach cottage wellbeing figs and blueberries abeachcottage.com blog

Aloha, happy Monday Beach Cottage lovely smoverlies, how are you all?  Well I had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend, you’ll never guess what happened!  On Friday arvo a limo arrived for me, told me to pack a bag and I was whisked off to the airport and a jet flew me off to Paris for a long weekend…oh no that’s in my other life, the one where I also have a housekeeper and a personal secretary to organise my shopping and pedicures.  I actually went to the beach for lunch with my daughter and had a swim.

Anyway, just popping in with some WellBeing progress, after my post last week on muffin tops getting fatter it’s now been a week since I’ve quit making the Busy Excuse and back to my clean eating and getting good stuff going down.

It really is not rocket science (but I do think it takes a bit of effort despite what people try to tell you) and all those articles that you read about eating good stuff (while you are actually having a cup of tea and a rather mahusive piece of chocolate Swiss Roll) are pretty much correct, and even after just one week the salads, home cooked dinners rather than, ahem, pizza and lots of smoothies have all got to work to get rid of the Fattie Friends hanging out about my waistband – they are still there but I’m working on banishing them.

One of things I’ve wanted to change is losing that horrible (like dreadfully bad in my case it seems) energy dip that seems to whack me on the back of the head with a whitewashed vintage oar, every single day at about 3pm (irony being that this is the time kiddo activity ramps up)…last week I experimented with eating fruit (mostly blueberries) at 2.30 ish and then followed by my regular arvo tea which is always a cup of PG Tips and I’ve been having it I think for most all of my life…

Of course the blueberries so I’m told are super duper amazing, full of things I can’t pronounce like anti-oxidants and free radicals, will restore one’s wrinkles and staggeringly reduce belly fat.  I even swapped an ice-cream on the beach for a punnet of blueberries and the most delicious fresh figs.

Have anti-oxidants will climb ladders and paint ceilings.

With love


p.s. oh god the paint is bought and on the way, more on that soon xx

a beach cottage wellbeing figs and blueberries abeachcottage.com blog

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11 Responses to “anti-oxidants are us”

  1. Valentines at the beach sounds lovely – much better than the jetlag of going to Paris for the weekend :P
    Good on you filling up with antioxidants and goodies. I too suffer from three-oclock-itis and am reaching for a sugar hit.I might just try blueberries :):)

    • Sarah says:

      yep I’m thinking it’s just about zapping the sugar reaching…though still love chocolate cake lol xx

  2. Neen says:

    Hmmmm I wonder if blackberries will give me the same sugar hit? Blueberries are just too ……tart for me. Exciting times ahead with ‘oh god’ paint choice ;0 Neen (off to pop the kettle on, it’s 3pm ;))))

  3. merilyn says:

    lol sarah! and you made a face out of figs and sunnies hun! love those figs and blueberries!
    if you like coconut anything look at health and slimming benefits of it! ie oil, milk, cream, water!
    cheers! m:)X

  4. alison says:

    I’ve read that 3pm slump is a result of insufficient protein earlier in the day. Anyone else heard that??

    On yesterday’s episode of ABC TV’s Landline there was a story on a specific species of plum that has some amazing thing in it that stops obesity. We may all be plum devotees in the near future.


  5. DeAna says:

    On my way out to pick up some blueberries. Does it count if they are made into a pie?