Beach Cottage New Year DIY Green Smoothie Cleanse

Tue 6th, Jan, 2015

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diy juice cleanse abeachcottage new year smoothie green

G’day lovely beach cottage coastal decor loving ladies, how are you going, needing a detox, need to get some green stuff in the zone, after, ahem, rather a few too many festive chocolates, ready to green smoothie your way to a new life?

easy green detox smoothie abeachcottage.com how to do at home cleanse

Hmmm, well I certainly know someone needing a bit of a detox…I’ve written a few times on here about green smoothies and smoothies in general (I wrote about life when it was getting a bit much and the simple, but not revolting, green smoothie here that helped me get green stuff in when I needed it) and I now rely on smoothies packed in the fridge for a simple and easy way to get nourishing food in when busy, or to be quite honest, when I can’t actually be bothered to make anything healthy.   I just make a load of these up, stuffing the goodness in the blender, zap it for a good couple of minutes so it’s nice and smooth and then pour it into mason jars and then pop in the fridge…good for a few days.

Anyway this January, after rather a lot of excess and after talking to a friend who has has huge success doing the 5:2 diet, I have decided that, when life gets back to normal a bit more and routine is back, I will be doing a smoothie detox.  I’ve seen many of these detoxes on the internet over the last few years and I’ve now also read that the whole ‘detox’ thing is actually rubbish, that your body does not detox by doing this…well who knows, all I know is it makes me feel better to be getting all the good stuff in in one quick hit.  Drinking one of these cannot be doing any harm right?

easy do it yourself juice cleanse green smoothie abeachcottage.com

Recently there have been a few detox places open up here too, you can buy a course of detox juices for a cleanse – you know what I am going to say don’t you?  Yup, it’s an arm and a leg for a few veggies whizzed up and packed in a bottle with a  minimalist label.  People really do drop $200 on this for 3 days worth of green juice, but, who cares, each to their own and if it’s a way of being healthier, I’m all for that.

mint herb how to make simple green smoothie diy detox cleanse abeachcottage.com

Anyway, I’ve decided to do my own version of the green clean and this is the combo I’ve come up with…




small piece ginger




1/2 lemon

1. stuff your blender full

2. add water (or coconut water or juice)

3. blend well (I’ve experimented and leaving it on a good few minutes makes it much smoother)

cucumber diy cleanse new year green smoothie abeachcottage.com

This provides a lovely big dose of your daily green good stuff but with the lemon, apple and ginger it’s tastes ok too, yes I said ok, not delicious, c’mon ladies sorry I can’t lie, Dom this isn’t.

So yep, I have been having a large one of these every day since the beginning of the year and next week I am going for a couple of days to cleanse, meaning I’ll be drinking these through the day and if I’m not about to try and eat someone’s leg in the evening will be having one of these for supper too…so I’ll be stocking up on these and a tonic I’ve been experimenting with, it involves black stuff, so the next time you see me I will be cleansed within an inch of my life.  May even Dettol oneself too.

Oh and just to make me feel really virtuous and good in the New Year, I’ve been on a 4km power walk this morning and notched up some sit-ups, not a lot of sit-ups mind but enough to realise that there is indeed a muscle somewhere in that area…

Be seeing ya


p.s. find the easy breakfast smoothie recipe made by my lovely daughter and we love here 

diy juice cleanse abeachcottage new year smoothie green

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4 Responses to “Beach Cottage New Year DIY Green Smoothie Cleanse”

  1. Jo-Anne says:

    Hello, This smoothie looks great! What is the bunch of herbs, other than the parsley? Looks like basil or even mint … just wondering.
    I live in Victoria Canada and have never been to Australia … yet:)
    Love your blog

  2. merilyn says:

    this is exactly what I need hun!
    but I’ve still got house guests and I can’t get my head around it yet! I’m still doing chocolates! … bad girl, bad girl! … comfort cravings! lol … soon! m:)X

  3. DeAna says:

    *gulp* and this…