Love Your Christmas Home Easy Entertaining

Fri 5th, Dec, 2014

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christmas salami platter abeachcottage.com easy entertaining ides for christmas

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Well here we are, Christmas is coming people of Beach Cottage Land, it’s that time of year…

Now I love myself a good dose of Christmas, the decor, the nostalgia, the memories, the tradition – lock me right in on loving it all…however I do not love the extra workload that comes at this time of year and in Australia throw in the end of the school year and the fact that many lovely Aussies are off on their Summer hols in the New Year and the whole thing has a slight manic tinge to it, taking the shine off the sparkles just a little bit…

a beach cottage easy christmas entertaining platter

Many moons ago when I was a young (and without upper arms) wife with just a couple of kiddos and a whole lot of time, around about the beginning of November I decided, in my naivety to turn myself into a one woman, all shining, all singing, dancing and sparkling Christmas magazine…in my wisdom I decided I would try to re-create the Christmas spreads I had so enthusiastically subscribed to in the magazines…I would start traditions, I would bake my own mince pies, I would treat my children to special Christmas crafts every day of December, the tree would be amazing, my hair would be foofed, I would make a Christmas pudding with a penny, I would be dressed perfectly for church, we would all have matching Christmassy pjs while sitting by the fire and I would prepare everything beautifully from scratch…

And guess what?  I did do that, unbelievably I did, I cooked a huge free range bird hand reared in Norfolk on Christmas day that I’d oh so carefully brined the day before, I made mince pies from homemade pastry, the house was cleaned to within an inch of its life, I researched and made the best gravy, wore a black dress and red lipstick and had good hair on the day, I made my own cranberry sauce, and the bread sauce was perfect, the parcels all matched the theme and the house sparkled…my guests, the family, all had a fabulous time, but guess who was cream-crackered?  That would be me.

how to entertain simply at christmas meat platter ideas abeachcottage.com

Another baby later, a healthy dose of good old-fashioned reality and older, fatter and wiser and I knew I would never do that again…I still these days load up on the Christmas magazines, there is nothing like it when they hit the shops, browsing them with a nice drink on the evenings leading up to December, but never again will I be that woman who took on the job of being the Christmas Queen.  Nowadays I still love Christmas, I have to say I love a very sparkly house, but I also take a whole lot of shortcuts wherever I can.

So where food is concerned, this is the one time of year when I buy ready-made stuff – if you’ve been a reader here for a while you’ll know normally I don’t buy a lot of ready-made things – give or take the odd pie and salad dressing in a bottle I like to limit the e-numbers and know what’s in our food – there is no agenda here, I’m not trying to be one of those ‘I cook everything from scratch foodie’ people, it’s just what I have pretty much always done…

However, during the Silly Season all that changes and I am always on the lookout for good things to pull out of the cupboard, fridge or freezer that require little effort and maximum taste.  Who needs to make their mince pie filling from scratch?  On any given day in December that wouldn’t be me.

Which leads me to this Christmas platter…this is a fall-back for me at any time of the year, but at Christmas it’s so easy to pull one together, but not only that it’s the time of year when I splash out on special bits and bobs and this is simple but special food.

easy entertaining for christmas ideas meat platter recipe

For this easy Christmas platter I used the special Gold Range from Woolworths - I’ve been into this range for a while now and the reason I love it?  Simple, delicious, award-winning, indulgent products sourced in Australia and around the world, but easily accessible in my local supermarket, I love that, I am not wanting to be trekking up a Mongolian mountain for special products, but I am quite happy to let someone else do that for me ;)  The value is good too – I love being able to buy a premium product, that hits me with quality but is still affordable for a regular old bod like me.

easy meat salami platter for christmas entertaining abeachcottage.com christmas recipe ideas


So this is easy Christmas entertaining, I don’t want, need or have the time at this time of year to spend all afternoon making a culinary masterpiece for guests but I still want things to be nice.  And even though I like cooking and entertaining it’s hard not to feel a swamped with all that is going on, so I buy nice things instead.  Now you don’t need me to tell you how to open a few packets, but if you buy a few key things, pop them on a pretty plate and add a few sparkles, everything in your Christmas world gets so much easier.

fuss free christmas entertaining abeachcottage.com meat salami platter

These products then are up there with the best and great for a quick and simple platter – I used a beautiful Gold Truffle Salami for this platter. It’s hand-crafted by a small family company using Australian pork from the Darling Downs with Italian Black Truffles and it tastes fabulous.  Plus the Gold Sourdough bread, Gold Chive Oatcakes and oh so delicious Gold Wagyu Beef.  Australian marbled Wagyu beef, specially cured and naturally wood smoked for a subtle smoky flavour that melts in your mouth. All beautiful delicious products that will make your Christmas life easy.


Christmas Salami Platter

1 punnet tomatoes

1 pack Woolworths Gold Wagyu Beef

1 Woolworths Gold Truffle Salami ($13.49)

1 punnet olives

1 Woolworths Gold Sourdough bread

1 Woolworths Gold Chive Oatcakes


1. cut up all, apart from olives and oatcakes into bite size pieces and arrange on platter.


2. can be prepared earlier and covered in the fridge (I do this a good few hours before, except for the bread and then just pull it out and uncover.)


a beach cottage easy christmas entertaining platter

That’s it from me, I hope you like this idea of buying gorgeous ready-made food, preparing it while you have time and making it look good – this approach to the season runs alongside my other easy Christmas entertaining ‘recipes’ on the blog… and more on the way soon.



You can find lots more Woolworths Gold products over here.

christmas salami platter abeachcottage.com easy entertaining ides for christmas

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3 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Easy Entertaining”

  1. Shannon says:

    You’re my holiday hero, Sarah!

  2. All going on my shopping list. Stat!

  3. merilyn says:

    easy peasy lemon squeezy! … looks good sarah!
    shop the shop! … that’s my type of entertaining!
    lol m:)X