a grey day

Tue 16th, Dec, 2014

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a beach cottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com christmas

It’s with a very heavy heart I’m here today.  Very very saddened at what has happened to this beautiful country of ours.  My heart is with the families now having to cope with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.

a beach cottage blog christmas tree white decor

Yesterday while watching and hoping for peace our Prime Minister told us to carry on with our lives, that we could not allow Australia to change what we are or what we do…

christmas decor a beach cottage abeachcottage.com

…and so while being glued to the coverage I did just that and did what I was planning to do before the siege…I did what I do…painted this old cabinet for a new look.  A new look in grey.

christmas abeachcotte beach cottage

The day unfolded, hours and hours waiting and watching for a peaceful outcome.  We finally went to bed to wake up the the awful news that lives were lost.

So very saddening and Sydney is quiet.


a beach cottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com christmas

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32 Responses to “a grey day”

  1. alison says:

    Rather than feel overwhelmed by this event I have decided to do even more to make a positive difference to my community, country and therefore the world.


  2. Jody says:

    I am sorry your heart is heavy. And sorry for all involved. Our news coverage here in the US focused on it also.

    Yes, we must be strong and continue our lives, let there be
    peace on earth and let it begin in each of our hearts daily.

    Your serene home brings a visual calm, thank you for sharing.
    Much love and peace to your corner of the world.

    jody , sw florida

  3. Shannon says:

    Sarah, big hugs.
    We were watching also. Just can’t believe it. The Lindt Chocolate Cafe is exactly a place I’d see and say, “let’s pop in there!” with my two 8 year old girls.
    I love your prime minister’s message to carry on and don’t let it change you.
    Sending you, Sydney and Australia lots of love.
    San Diego

    • Sarah says:

      thanks so much Shannon, so true it’s exactly where I would go too on a trip to the city with my kiddos xx

  4. Mb says:

    Don’t know if anyone knows that Jeff Daniels plays guitar. I got to meet him and he played this song.

    And I cried my eyes out.



  5. Beth says:

    It was a really sad day. It’s ok to feel unsettled when something like this happens so close to home. It’s hard to carry on with everyday things, but I think it’s the right advice. Take care,

  6. Kim Buca says:

    Sending Hugs from M.I. Sarah so sad for the families and their losses! your prime minister is right Don’t let it change who and what you are! that is still the “lucky country” and one of the most beautiful places on earth
    Merry Christmas
    Kim Buca

    • Sarah says:

      yes we won’t let it change us!

      merry christmas to you kim xxx

    • Mb says:

      It is very pretty. And an amazing co-inky-dink..i painted an eerily same cabinet the same day…..in old world white chalk paint.

      The old world was much less complicated.


  7. Kim Buca says:

    oh I forgot to add I love the little cabinet in that grey! good job!

  8. I’ve cried a lot of sad tears these past few days. For the families left behind. For the surviving hostages whose lives remain forever changed. But I’ve also cried some happy tears. Seeing that sea of floral tributes in Martin Place makes me so proud of who we really are at the heart of our beautiful country. x

  9. Helena says:

    We must support each other in this big beautiful country of ours and not be intimidated by such evil.

  10. Neen says:

    Heavy hearts here too in Victoria. So sad for all hostages and their families especially the two that lost their lives.
    Like Sonia, I am proud of the sea of flowers at Martin Place too.Love to all in Sydney xx Neen xx

  11. Dorothy says:

    prayers from California. These senseless crimes are difficult to grasp. Good shall prevail.

  12. merilyn says:

    yes indeed a grey day sarah!
    the ones I feel for the most are those young children who are left without their mother! … truly tragic!
    like Alison, I’m trying to rise above the negatives
    and send love and peace into he universe! … Namaste m X

  13. Mb says:

    Last one. I promise!!!

    This one makes me smile.



  14. janita says:

    I thought of you right away when I saw this on the news. I just can not understand the thoughts that causes one to cause such harm to innocent people. Sad day. Prayers and hugs. Janita

  15. janita says:

    In response to Mb’s link to the Jeff Daniels song” If your coming.” I read this yesterday… Thessalonians 2: 1-12. With the increase of those who enjoy evil, doing the work of Satan under the disguise of God….I expect the days are getting shorter to the day when Jesus will come again. Thank you for the link to this beautiful song. I share the sentiment.

    Praying for hearts and minds to be open to the Truth that saves this Christmas, Jesus Christ born a baby, died a man on the cross for my sins. Here in America where the winter sets in and the days grow increasingly darker…..A light shines in the darkness. In my home there are more twinkling lights more candles burning warm and bright as we anticipate the celebration of the birth of Christ. Thank you Jesus for saving me for once I was living in darkness. Not killing people, but still, deceived by the god of this world (Satan) where sin abounds and causes us to hurt ourselves and others. Blessings to all who hear and understand why Jesus came.
    Merry Christmas. Celebrating the Savior.


  16. Lisa says:

    My first Christmas in Oz. Wow, stressful day spent waiting for my partner to return from the CBD. Such a tragedy.

  17. deidre says:

    Hi Sarah
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love your city and love our country even more because we are mostly a country of mates! May that mateship always win out against pure evil. Wishing you the best weekend ahead. :) x