Mason Jar Salad Green Deli

Fri 14th, Nov, 2014

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healthy green mason jar salad abeachcottage.com how to make a mason jar salad recipe

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Good morning Beach Cottage people, let’s have a Mason Jar Salad Recipe shall we?

I love my layered mason jar salads, we regularly stack our fridge with them, my lovely kiddos take them to school, my lovely husband pops one in his bag for work and if I am home here and a bit busy it’s so great to be able to open the fridge and grab one all chopped, dressed and ready to go.

So this one I call my Green Deli Salad (because like my furniture I give my salads a name ;) ) – in my head that means it’s rammed full of super healthy green stuff, but has a couple of nice little extras thrown in there so it all slips down quite nicely…it’s really really good after the weekend – you know when on the weekend you’ve, ahem, thrown the diet out of the window, headed for an early afternoon bath with a drink and that bar of chocolate you were saving for a rainy day, well it didn’t rain but it did serve a very good purpose alongside a Sunday afternoon cup of tea…yep this is a beginning of the week salad to get you all packed full of vitamins and raring to go…because we all know if you eat a jar full of green stuff it cancels out the chocolate, right?

how to make a layered mason jar salad recipe abeachcottage.com mason jar salad recipe ideas

I make these mason jar salads all the time and have tried lots of different dressings, ways to get the combos right and experimented with a few different flavours.  First things first is that I’ve realised for me it’s best to keep it as simple as possible, if you start to do 100 different combos, or if I try anything too unusual it normally tastes overwhelming, at the end of the day this is a small-ish glass pot, it doesn’t have a tonne of room for a million ingredients, secondly the veggies should be mostly on the hard side, leaves are fine on the top, but this salad as a whole does better in the fridge without too many leaves and thirdly the dressing must be easy and good quality.

That’s where Praise comes in on this little recipe – the lovely people at Praise got in touch to see if I would like to try their Deli Style Range.  Would I like to try an Australian owned and made product to go with the abundance of Aussie produce we are lucky enough to have here?  I think we all know my answer to that, I do my best to buy Australian where I can (I love my new country do I need to remind you) and so you know what, yes, of course I would thank you very much.

healthy green mason jar salad abeachcottage.com how to make a mason jar salad recipe mason jar salad recipe abeachcottage.com how to make an easy layered mason jar salad with deli ingredients

So when I got the Praise Deli Style Range to try the first thing I did was chuck a load of the French vinaigrette on a plain rocket salad to see how it would go, I always think that’s a great way to taste a dressing, no fluff, just how does it stand up to a green leaf?    Mmm it’s nice, like really nice, like deli nice.  So good, all good.

Next up I thought I would give it a go when packing the mason jar salads – it’s always really handy to have some ready-made salad dressings in the cupboard for this so you can chop, pour and go.  I tried the Praise Deli Style Balsamic & Roasted Garlic dressing on a plain jar salad and it was nice but thought it would go super well with a few deli bits thrown into my green jar salad to make it a bit more special and because the dressing is that real deli taste at home that you don’t have to create from scratch, and really, sometimes I need that in my life.

easy mason jar salad abeachcottage.com how to make a mason jar salad

So for this, basically you pour your dressing into the bottom of the mason jar (I find using the glass jars really handy, much more portable than you would think as they are quite hardy and easy to stack up in the fridge, but I also use plastic containers too) and then layer up your green veggies, ramming as many in as possible and then pop in along the way some nice deli bits – together with the Praise Deli Style dressing this makes a green veggie salad a deli salad and I’m telling you I like that combo, it’s good for my upper arms and my tastebuds.

easy mason jar salad recipe abeachcottage.com healhty green mason jar salad

Mason Jar Green Deli Salad

(I have listed the veggies I used for this recipe but any combo you have works.)

4 tbsp Praise Deli Style Balsamic & Roasted Garlic dressing

few slices salami

crumbled feta cheese

small handful sun dried tomatoes

small handful parsley & baby spinach leaves

2 sticks celery chopped

few stalks broccoli chopped

1/2 a green capsicum

grated zucchini

2 spring onions chopped

handful French green beans chopped


1. pour salad dressing in the bottom of the jar

2. add the spring onions, beans, capsicum (or any other ‘hard’ veggie you are using) to the bottom of the jar near the dressing (the onions will marinade in the dressing)

3. continue to layer up the salad, adding your deli bits

4. top with leaves and herbs

5. store in the fridge (good for 4 days) and to serve turn the jar upside down for a minute or so so the dressing mixes through the salad and then shake it through.

mason jar salad recipe abeachcottage.com how to make a salad in a mason jar with simple healthy ingredients

I hope you like it if you try it, I love these salads for after all those weekend treats :)


healthy green mason jar salad abeachcottage.com how to make a mason jar salad recipe

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4 Responses to “Mason Jar Salad Green Deli”

  1. Aisling says:

    I love the idea of your deli salad and the dressing loosks fab. Thanks Sarah.

  2. merilyn says:

    love the salads in a jar thanks sarah!
    you were the inspirational force behind my easy chop good to go salads … where anything rules!
    this one looks particularly interesting!
    love m:)X

  3. Leisa says:

    How lovely and refreshing on a summers day.

  4. Mb says:

    What a brilliant idea.

    Youre one smart cookie!