look a beach cottage vintage find

Wed 12th, Nov, 2014

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old vintage rustic table legs abeachcottage.com beach decor coastal vintage style

Well now, just going along minding my own business and these old legs popped into my life…surely you are the same, pootling along and a set of very nice, very rustic, very vintage, very weathered old table legs call your name?

I am not totally sure why I brought these home, I am not sure what I am going to do with them, I am not sure where they hail from, I am sure I love them.

coastal vintage style old table legs abeachcottage.com

My first thought for these was not actually to make a table, a desk or anything like that, it was more along the lines of using them for decor…someone asked me what I would do with them, I replied I have no idea, but they need to be in my life.  I mean look at the ageing, the weathering, the signs of time, I mean for goodness sake the peeling…oh my, we all know you can’t walk into a shop and buy that don’t we.

Now though I am re-thinking propping these around or fixing them to the wall as furniture art (also thought they could be nice in garden beds somehow, perhaps lining the vegetable no dig garden) and thinking that yes I will use them as table legs – maybe I will add an old vintage door to the top or maybe that would be overkill?

What do you think of my new legs, have any ideas of what I could do with them?




old vintage rustic table legs abeachcottage.com beach decor coastal vintage style

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17 Responses to “look a beach cottage vintage find”

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I think the legs would look great put together with an old door as the the top.

  2. Jan Withers says:

    I agree with Jenny that would be fantastic! Anyway Sarah you always have such wonderful ideas I will leave it to you.

  3. merilyn says:

    lol … I also definitely can’t go past a good set of old weathered legs sarah! I’m always up for another table! a sucker for them! … could be an art piece … go girl get creative! … love m:)X

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I see candle sticks :) Flip them over and make a well for a candle.
    Of course they need a little block on the bottom for stability.
    Lovin them.
    XO Karen

  5. Mb says:

    First of all………gorgeous find!!!!!

    How about this? 11th pic down…..


    Or this…..


    Or just pop them on that old crate you just made into a masterpiece….outside planter!!


  6. Mb says:

    Or oh!!!!!!!

    A little battered chess table……..

    Slab of old wood……..painted distressed white…….use painters tape to make a grid……paint grey……take off tape……distress a little more….attach legs!

    (Or send those gorgeous legs to a very poor canadian girl who is drooling with envy…..lol)

  7. Julie B says:

    You could put a smallish plank on top of each pair, and make them into shelf supports which fix on the wall…

    They’re gorgeous :)

  8. Lisa says:

    Hahahahaha too funny Sarah !!!!
    I also have a set of lovely legs & I’m not too sure what I am going to do with them either :0)

  9. DeAna says:

    I have a set of weathered old legs too. The only thing I can think to do with them is tote my body around with them…


  10. Melinda Denton says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m thinking you could make candle sticks out of them, they are lovely

  11. cheryl Richardson says:

    I love those legs and I totally get it…They were speaking to you!

  12. Jacinta says:

    Can you install them under the lip of a bench as a decorative prop, maybe the laundry???

  13. Deborah says:

    You could saw the pointy bit off and make a candle holder for a chunky white candle.

  14. Kim Buca says:

    heres what I have done with a few I have attached bird houses to them and put them in the garden added a faux glass knob top to bird house, I have attached a bowl tin like painted to the top and used as a bird feeder, also
    I think a old painted suitcase with the legs attached would be great you can also use to make a dragion fly in the garden with some ceiling fan blades! hope that helps you will find something to do I am sure of it!

  15. Lynda says:

    Love them. Would have grBbed them up to! I see curtain rods – join two together from square ends and hang a gauzy white panels from each set on either side of a narrow window!

  16. Helena says:

    attached to a ply board with a cushion on top – like an ottoman :)