beach cottage pods and French canning jars

Fri 21st, Nov, 2014

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easy coastal beach vintate decor abeachcottage.com nautical beachhouse decorating

Aloha beach cottage people, it’s the end of the week, it’s nearly Summer, it’s nearly Christmas (ahhhhhh scary), it’s time to weekend re-charge though, drop those work tools, kick off those shoes, grab a beer, grab a book and get yourself into a hammock…

I am just back from yoga, a lovely class today (I wrote all about my new yoga journey and how I felt 2 months in here) and walked out feeling pretty much on top of the world during a week which can only be described as, super FULL – to be quite frank at one point I was wondering what day it was, indeed what week, whether my brain is still connected to my main body and if it is normal to think about retreating to a 747 (first class only) for a round the world trip without getting off so that I can relax…so to make it to this yoga class and to come out feeling significantly different is yet another positive benefit to getting into strange positions on a mat with a room full of other women (plus one token man at the back).


Anyhooo this particular teacher likes to give you little snippets of bits and bobs about life and dealing with it (well all the teachers I go to do this but this one seems to always hit the nail on the ole head) and today it was about moving into new seasons and she spoke about how here w

e are moving into Summer and how things in us change…it warms up, our bodies get dryer (need to hydrate more) and our minds change with the light, the longer days and the lifestyle change.  Very interesting to me  and I nodded along to myself (with my eyes shut under the eye bag) because that’s exactly what has been happening here, not just in my body but outside, I’ve noticed flowers needing lots of water (not rocket science) and little changes on bringing flowers into the home as right now they are beginning to just not last very long in the heat, the earth is much dryer, the lawn is cracking up a bit, the deck gets hot and the front drive sizzles if the hose water gets on it.

a beach cottage costal vintage style abeachcottage.com old rustic side table, vintage french canning jars

I’ve always, I think you already know, been a big believer in the power of fresh air and nature and the seasons and being outside, but I hadn’t really thought about it before in terms of our bodies and minds….

Anyway, so this is how that translates to things in the home…a little gathering of things from outside at the moment and what’s doing well and going on out there…the olive branches I am loving and they last well inside too (I planted the tree a while ago and though it’s far from producing a bottle of oil, it is definitely thriving), and the pods, well I am not sure what the pods are, I picked them and opened one and to me it looks like a broad bean though I know it isn’t, if it is there are a heck of a lot of broad bean trees in Sydney lol, all I know is I quite fancied it in a French canning jar in my house ;) and the white flowers last the longest at the moment…

a beach cottage blog coastal vintage style beachy decor decorating abeachcottage.com

So I’ll be off, I have again lots to do now but I am planning another yoga class tomorrow and another thing she said in the class, dipping in the ocean is brimming with benefits for both mind and body…so I’ll be getting this little (not including upper arms those aren’t little) pommie body of mine into something small and black and resembling swimwear and taking myself to the beach.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world girlfriends.


p.s. if you’re interested in yoga, balance and well-being I am on a journey with it all, I am not very good at it but I am certainly trying and learning, you can see the rookie guide to well-being and my posts on it here

p.p.s. a post coming up on the subway tiles in the kitchen – I’ve been meaning to post it for a while…

easy coastal beach vintate decor abeachcottage.com nautical beachhouse decorating

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10 Responses to “beach cottage pods and French canning jars”

  1. Alison says:

    I love to collect pieces of nature and put them around my home. I remember being completely transfixed by the Nature Table in my school classroom when I was 5 where everyone could put a pod, a box of silkworms, a vase of spring flowers, cicada shells etc for all to enjoy.


  2. merilyn says:

    gorgeous hun!
    I’ve never seen those pods before either?!?!
    it all looks gorgeous and I’m going to do salute to the sun now! Namaste … have a good summery day! love m:)X

  3. Mandy B says:

    Gorgeous photos as always, the pods look like carobs to me x

  4. Lynette says:

    Hi Sarah, I have been reading (re reading) your blog since its inception – love it. Just one thing – (not meaning to be negative, nasty or horrid) but…. would love to see more photos of you (as I am sure other readers would to) I think it would make the blog more personal, rather than a bit Home Beautiful Magaziney (is that a word?) the photos of you with your head cut off (ha ha) are shot beautifully – but why take your head off (this is getting worse…) other blogs that feature the writers images, feel more personal…. just a thought…
    from an Aussie

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Lynette

      Thanks so much for your comment :)

      There is the shot of my on the front page of the blog with my head on and my face lol – unfortunately there are some not so nice people around on the internet and when I have published pics of me let’s just say not everyone likes to keep their opinions to themselves – I am a big girl, I put myself out there by putting stuff on the internet and I can take it on the chin, whatever, but I won’t be plastering pics everywhere so that trolls can revel in their nastiness in what I look like, very sad but reality of some of the people on the internet…

      Thanks for reading along with me


      • susan says:

        k so i’m one of your ‘lurkers’ i discoverd you a couple of years ago and enjoyed reading back along your blog to when it started!

        i read what that troll had to say about your looks and it makes me very sad that a perfectly nice looking woman who actually looks like someone i would want to meet and would be kind and funny and creative had to put up with such nonsense.

        very few people look like movie stars (not even movie stars sometimes!) and i bet your troll doesn’t either.

        keep posting the occasional picture of yourself when you feel pretty. we love to see you in your ‘natural’ environment which you have created.

        love your blog, facebook and can’t wait to check in to see what you and your family have been up to each week.

        and here’s a thought for everyone like me who hates being photographed (for whatever reason) http://myfriendteresablog.com/so-youre-feeling-too-fat-to-be-photographed/

  5. Lovely collection of greenery ❤️
    Always enjoying bringing the outside in. Thanks for the inspiration on what else l could use in my jars

  6. Andrea says:

    Love Your style so much!!!