beach cottage light

Mon 10th, Nov, 2014

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white slip-covered sofa abeachcottage

Good morning beach cottage lovely ladies of the web (wonder if we still have the lovely guy from the Netherlands out there too, hope so), well it’s Monday morning here, I am doing a bit of work and a bit of pottering and I am eyeing up the hammock for an arvo nap before the school run – is it in the job description to sink into a hammock and snooze on a Monday afternoon?  Not sure but I am including it in my contract right now ;)

We’ve had a good weekend here with an afternoon on the beach yesterday and lovely weather (pics on my Instagram if you want to see the view from under my beach umbrella)…talking of snoozes my lovely husband took the newspaper and a book to the beach and promptly plonked down, laid down and had a nap – I love seeing people asleep on the beach…good re-charging for a hectic work week I reckon.

In other news I’ve struck gold in vintage thrifting – a trunk and a farmhouse table, well I guess we would be calling it a coastal farmhouse ;) – if I can take myself away from the hammock I’ll show you some pics soon.

coastal vintage style white sofa abeachcottageThe light here is beautiful at the moment, just on the edge of the super powerful Aussie Summer light, but still a bit hazy – although I’ve been here long enough now and am very very proud to call myself an Australian Citizen I still go outside at this time of the year (or walk into the family room and see the light streaming in) and thank my lucky stars at what this time of year brings, though sometimes I reckon it’s not about where you are in the world, just more about getting outside, taking it in, sticking up two fingers to the bad things and being grateful for the good…a bit fluffy but oh so true. 



white slip-covered sofa abeachcottage 



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5 Responses to “beach cottage light”

  1. alison says:

    Never knew our light was so bright till recent years but I get it now. I was on a Harbour ferry recently and the sunnies weren’t coping.

    My friend and I spent 2 hours this afternoon comparing cr*p in our lives over coffee at Audley Dancehall Cafe in the Royal National Park. Good therapy and lots of laughs drawing philosophical lessons and psychological strategies for future challenges. Fluffy but true.


  2. merilyn says:

    hello! … yes! … lovely noticing the light sarah!
    we went for a drive yesterday and had a beautiful beach
    walk and a lovely lunch! just pretended we were on holidays! … works a treat! looove going to sleep at the beach! done it all my life! special! … like anything fluffy too! lol m:)X

  3. Donna says:

    Hi there Sarah
    I have the same lounge as you (two in fact), and two white fluffy dogs very similar to Barley. Do you struggle with the white covers too? Or are you more vigilant with sweaty teenage bodies/snoozing dogs/spaghetti bolognaise? Must admit I’m eyeing off the darker covers online with longing.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Donna

      Hmmm, well I do wash the covers a lot but I am not really vigilant b/c with 3 kiddos and a dog it really would be an uphill battle – a lot of the time I just live with the marks because the way I think is that I want the white sofas and they are never going to be perfect as life happens…stuff gets spilt and marked all the time in our house, despite what it looks like on the blog sometimes it’s a real working home – meaning the white is never perfect day to day!

      I also use a lot of white throws, covers etc – I have collected vintage white linens over the years and I use these on the sofas all the time…I just lay them on and tuck in, this saves a full sofa washing and they can be whipped off really quickly and easily, replaced with a few clean ones and then the other lot thrown in a regular wash…it really helps to keep the slipcover washing down…

      hope that helps – end of the day I’d rather have white with marks than darker sofas but that’s just me :)


  4. Kelly says:

    I live in Queensland and the light is definitely getting brighter at this time of the year. Come summer and everything looks bleached! Its 30 degrees here on the Gold Coast today and I’m finding my favourite time of the day to step outside and soak it all in is about 5.30am… before the heat creeps in.