beach cottage easy no bake lemon slice recipe

Tue 25th, Nov, 2014

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easy lemon slice recipe abeachcottage.com no bake slice

Good moaning, I am here today broadcasting to the world (the world is reading my blog right, not just some lovelies who like foofing?) with an easy lemon slice recipe, it’s good, it’s simple and it’s great if, like me, you have a glut of lemons to use up.

I have written before on this little corner of the web how slices and me have only recently been acquainted, I had not heard of the humble slice before I moved to Australia…here though it’s much loved and much in use, I have been a total convert to its plusses (this peanut butter slice recipe here is so good and super easy no bake too, I love it).

recipe slice lemon abeachcottage.com

So this started off as a way to use up a lot of lemons that we had hanging around and Miss BC when she was in one of her baking moods on a Sunday arvo, while the internet radio was playing a station from London, the doors were wide open, the sun shining, a roast pork and potatoes in the oven and a mum who after a bush walking trek was taking re-charge in the literal way, as in flat on back in hammock….there is something about a Sunday afternoon with a roast in the oven and not much else to worry about in life than making a lemon slice.

This is no-bake too, so why not bake it haha

Easy No Bake Lemon Slice

100g butter

3 tsp lemon grated lemon rind

2 cups crushed plain biscuits (we used scotch fingers)

1/2 cup condensed milk

1 cup desiccated coconut

1. place condensed milk, butter in saucepan and cook until combined (about 5 mins)

2. add all other ingredients to mixing bowl and add milk/butter mixture & stir until combined

3. press into lined and greased slice tin

4. chill for a couple of hours



2 cups icing sugar

20g butter softened

3 tbsp lemon juice

1. add butter and lemon juice to icing sugar and beat until combined

2. top slice with icing


Let me know if you make it, I love the feedback.

Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home coming up, let’s get sparkly ;)




how to make lemon slice abeachcottage.com lemon slice recipe

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4 Responses to “beach cottage easy no bake lemon slice recipe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well it’s 11.10pm in England and I’m bed but oh how I wish it was morning and I had lemons in the house ! That sounds amazing x

  2. Jen(Arriving) says:

    It’s just past 10pm as I’m reading this and I would give just about anything for a slice of this right now. Love lemon anything. Recently bought a cookbook that is all lemon deserts. Might have to try this one. Thanks!

  3. merilyn says:

    this is my very favourite slice sarah! … pretty sure it is the same as my mother used to make! … she was a slice maker! … I will look for the recipe and I think she used granita biscuits!
    delicious! … once i start eating them I can’t stop! … love m:)X

  4. Neen says:

    Aaaaah the perfect lemon slice, good old Aussie recipe perfect for arvo tea at tennis !! LUUUUURVE this slice (we use Marie biscuites) yummo.Gorgeous photos Sarah,
    from Neen the slice loving ABC reader here in Victoria ;)