wedge salad

Wed 8th, Oct, 2014

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recipe with ranch dressing abeachcottage

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Hellooo here today with a lovely Wedge Salad Recipe, happy days.

I first had a version of this salad years and years and years ago when we first went to the States, I think it was the first time, really, that I had had Ranch dressing and I loved it.  Then when we were in California recently, one lunchtime after a morning of walking around sightseeing, we had a lovely little lunch at a diner, we had been eating, ahem, rather a lot of pancakes and I was after a salad (you know when you are on holiday and it gets near to the end and all you want is a ‘normal’ dish?).  Anyway there wasn’t much on the menu in terms of greens but there was a wedge salad, how delightfully retro…so I ordered it, thinking it could go one of two ways, but luckily it was lovely and as I was eating it thought this must be pretty easy to make but it’s really tasty….and I thought yep, this recipe is so coming home with me.

easy wedge salad recipe abeachcottage.com

simple wedge salad recipe abeachcottage.com

Since then I have made this salad more than a few times, but with some changes, the one in the restaurant used Iceberg lettuce which isn’t my favourite and the cheese was blue cheese, which while I like it, I thought this recipe would be really good with goat’s cheese and it was…though you’ll know if you have been reading here for a while that goat’s cheese and me are, you know, quite well acquainted.

easy wedge salad recipe abeachcottage.com

A good thing about this is it’s a great way to get some greenery in, it’s pretty healthy but doesn’t seem like you are depriving yourself, and, can be pretty much store-cupboard give or take what lettuce you have in the bottom of your fridge – bacon is always in my fridge and lasts ages, same with goat’s cheese, a bottle of dressing is always around and I buy stacks of little gem lettuce and they keep really well.

For this recipe I tried Paul Newman’s Own dressing, the lovely people there contacted me to see if I would like to try it, and because I always have a bottle or two of pre-made dressing in the pantry (it’s handy for picnics and when you can’t be bothered, to have it around I think) so I thought why not give it a go?  What I didn’t realise before I tried this particular dressing though is that the Newman’s Own Foundation donates all profits to charity…and in Australia & NZ so far has clocked up $22 million worth of donations to good causes.

how to make wedge salad abeachcottage.com easy wedge salad recipe

But really, what you want in a salad dressing is for it to be tasty I reckon, no matter who made it and where it’s come from… I have tried LOTS of bottled dressings and vinaigrettes in my time and some are nothing short of revolting in my humble opinion (though it seems I’m quite fussy because some of the ones my kiddos love I do not).  I cannot stand it when they taste chemical-y if you know what I mean – Paul Newman’s Own dressings use no artificial ingredients so you’re good to go there and for a low calorie option of Ranch it’s really nice, you know when ‘light’ stuff tastes a bit ‘unreal’ like you are eating a version of the thing you really want to be eating, well this doesn’t taste like that  - oh and it’s tangy (I like ranch to be quite tangy) but still creamy and thick (some of the low calorie creamy dressings don’t taste creamy to me at all).

paul newman ranch dressing abeachcottage.com

So yeah, I used the Paul Newman’s Own Light Ranch on the lovely wedge salad and it was a hit…the best thing about this recipe though, if you use a ready-made dressing, is it’s super easy – all you have to do really is assemble stuff, and you know I love recipes like that.

Bacon & Ranch Wedge Salad

(I’ve written the recipe to serve 1 so it’s easy to double up for however many you are serving)

1/2 Little Gem (or quarter Iceberg) salad

2 slices bacon finely diced

4 or 5 cherry (or little Roma) tomatoes halved

2 to 3 tbsp goat’s cheese (or blue cheese)

parsley & chives chopped

2  to 3 tbsp Ranch dressing (I used Paul Newman’s Own Light Ranch)


1. fry bacon pieces

2. cut lettuce into quarters

3. layer lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and cheese and top with Ranch dressing

4. top with herbs

ranch wedge salad recipe with bacon and goat's cheese abeachcottage.com

That’s it from me, please leave me some feedback if you try this, thanks to all of you who have done that in the past for my recipes.

Happy days.


recipe with ranch dressing abeachcottage 

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10 Responses to “wedge salad”

  1. Robyn says:

    You can’t talk about the finally found holiday cottage on the sea and promise photos and then move right along to ….. wedge salad … it’s wrong … need cottage photos.

  2. ooh this looks delicious Sarah!

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi Sarah, we do a wedgie salad in the summer with freshly caught fish at our summer house. We buy Newman’s here in Canada as well and I use it often in the summer as its so portable and convenient and Yummie!

  4. merilyn says:

    great shots and good enough to eat thanks sarah!
    wish one could just press a button on the computer and the food appears! … done and dusted!
    I’ve been out for lunch, but that would be just the ticket now! lol m:)X

  5. Vicki says:

    This will be the perfect way to use the last of the cherry tomatoes from my garden! I love Newman’s poppy seed dressing, and it will be yummy on this salad.

  6. Shannon says:

    A little late to this post’s party. I adore Newman’s products. They are constantly good, and all natural or organic, so you feel good about giving it to your family.
    The fact that all the profits go to charity is such a huge bonus. What a legacy for the Newman’s to give to the world.
    My favorite of their products is the pasta sauces. The marinara is so perfect, from spaghetti to lasagna to dip for breaded cheese sticks, and the picky kids love it.
    I haven’t tried their ranch yet. I’ll have to pick some up!