an old pot cupboard makeover

Thu 30th, Oct, 2014

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coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com vintage beachy furniture abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style

Well how the devil are you beach cottage people from above, I am good, I am wanting to show you a little treasure I found recently…this is one very lovely little pot cupboard…it was pennies…I was going to pass this one on to another coastal vintage loving person, but she’s staying with me for a bit…one always needs a good vintage pot cupboard in their life.

It was a lovely little thing but a bit grubby, actually scrub that it was right in need of some love – and grotty in that it needed a good clean and a good Dettolling but also it had a sad feeling about it…I know I am weird when I assign human feelings to old furniture but this felt like it need a slot on a makeover show.

coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

So the other day it got a coat of white paint, first of all I was going the full monty white, but I wanted to keep the rustic features of the door, as I’ve said before you can’t buy true aged paint, shabby old peeling and a faded patina…the paint was put on roughly to keep with the feel of the door and I dry brushed over the top the thought in my head being that it wouldn’t be too perfect…now talking of perfectly painting if you have been a reader of this blog for a while you will remember that I once received an anonymous comment from what must have been a professional furniture painter who doubled as a troll and had copied one of my shots of my deck table, blown it up and examined my painting skills and informed me that I was full of drips…yup rolling about on the floor here to to even think that someone would have the time or the inclination to do that…she commented that the table showed the amateur that I am…but that’s the point for me, I never set out to be a professional…this is an old ratty vintage piece of furniture to sit on my deck and hold bits and pieces…this is not for me to give to the Queen…

old vintage pot cupboard makeover abeachcottage.com

Anyway, so in that I am saying that I just wing it in making over things, it’s not a biggie, when I first started I just grabbed a can of paint and got going…there aren’t many secrets….what I do know is that I don’t use any particular special paint, there are not any magic paint secrets to me…but I get asked what paint I use ALL the time, to be quite honest I am not too precious about it really, I wish I could give some fandangled answer….and I don’t really do designer paint brands though I have used them, I reckon they are pretty ok, same thing with the chalk paints, there is an awful lot of hype about them I reckon, it’s paint at the end of the day really to me…having said that some of the colours are nice in the boutique paint brands…I am sure lots of people will disagree with me…so anyway what I am trying to say is if I fancy spending $60 on a tiny tin of chalk paint (that’s the price here in Australia) I do…if I have a large area to paint I definitely do not…most of the time I get colours mixed up in cheapy little pots using the smallest tins they have where you can mix your own…if I’m wanting a chalk paint look I go for flat emulsion water based, if I want something that will last and not mark and can be wiped down I get water based enamel no sheen.

coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

OK, I am rambling about white paint now, it’s obviously getting towards the end of the week…I guess I should go really, it’s late here, I’ve had a busy day with wonderful weather, I’m sitting in the front room, all is quiet, candles and oils about to go on, a bite to eat…then I’m spending the rest of Thursday evening in bed with Lorelai.

Good night all


vintage beachy furniture abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style

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18 Responses to “an old pot cupboard makeover”

  1. Mandy Meza says:

    It’s all down to personal choice I agree with you totally,sometimes I use cheap emulation if I love the colour other times I buy testers of more expensive paint if I only need a little amount of paint,have you tried to make your own chalk paint?

  2. Jo says:

    Sarah – you can make your own chalk paint and it’s great. Much cheaper than buying it and you have unlimited colors to choose from – your own paint closet!

  3. Good morning Sarah!
    I love your little cupboard…so much character!
    And I agree, some pieces just call for paintly shabbily and it looks perfect.
    Im a big fan of chalk paint but certainly love regular paint too. What a difference it can make in our homes. :)
    I hope you are well and so nice to pop in here..its a breath of fresh air!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  4. Lana says:

    Good morning Sarah! When you are going to bed on Thursday, here I’m just getting up in Florida! It is an amassing how far we are but how easy to connect now with a blogs, and so forth. I don’t know … but I still see it is one of the wonder of the world – computer:) I like the freshness of your painterly choice! Cottage chic is my favorite style! xx, Lana

  5. Alison says:

    I recently tried chalk paint and was a bit underwhelmed…but it could have been the painter.

    BTW no drips but you missed a bit on the door. ;)

    Lorelai ??


  6. Alison says:

    I recently tried chalk paint and was a bit underwhelmed…but it could have been the painter.

    BTW no drips but you missed a bit on the door. ;)

    Lorelai ??


  7. Sue Mahaffie says:

    Love it Love it Love it !!!! Needed some inspiration to paint an ebay purchase of a door!!! Thanks
    Sue xx

  8. merilyn says:

    that is a useful cutie sarah!
    yes I’ve been white washing a piece this week!
    I do the watered down version and wipe with rags until my desired effects pretty happy with result bit of yellowing;0 oh no!!! but going to grey it down.
    btw your deck is a really good colour now hun! lol m:)X
    enjoy your weekend!

  9. glenda says:

    Lorelei… Gilmore?

  10. Mb says:

    Good morning!!

    Being a very thrifty (poor) girl most of my vibrant life……. I find way to save my pennies by picking up tossed furniture at the side of whatever fork in the road ive taken. I have found some BEAUTIES!!

    Make your own paint Sarah! Really easy and I think even the design trolls would be humbled…..



  11. Mb says:

    Me again…..

    Went on an adventure with my crafty sister last week and priced chalk paint. It……..is……..outrageously expensive. !!!!!!!!!!!

    And while in a trendy little shop….. I picked up an interesting and lovely french script stencil……. $65. For one sheet of plastic. One sheet. Probably very high grade plastic…….however…… I promptly put it down and made my own at home for…………. $1.00.

    Just sayin’ when i have the time and a skinny wallet……. I can be really really artistic lol.


  12. Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living says:

    Oh its so gorgeous! I love that you are attracted to these old pieces, I love seeing the love you put into it. Beautiful styling as always!

  13. Andrea says:

    There’s is nothing like vintage in my opinion. Rustic wear is the best!! And I love what you did with this cupboard Sarah:).