Jewish Chicken Penicillin Soup Recipe

Tue 21st, Oct, 2014

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abeachcottage easy chicken penicillin soup recipe

Well this is a recipe for Jewish Chicken Penicillin Soup, chicken soup for the soul the easy way.  Actually obviously I am not Jewish really so perhaps I shouldn’t say that but everyone else seems to call their Penicillin soup Jewish so I’m doing the same.  This is a feel better soup recipe, comfort soup, cheer up, get under a duvet and watch the BBC soup.   Do I love soup, yes indeed I do.

I’ve used chicken penicillin soup as a way to get this little family through the Winter bugs and stuff for years, actually include Summer bugs in that too…they think it is crazy when I force feed them this soup when stuff is going about the place infecting people, they think I am a bit mad that soup could keep things away…I totally don’t…I do wholeheartedly believe there is merit in it, I’m just not quite sure what…or why…but who cares…works for me…

easy chicken soup penicillin recipe abeachcottage.com

Let’s start by saying that most people have their own way of making this recipe for Jewish Chicken Penicillin soup and there are lots of recipes all over the place for it, like lots and lots…some of them to me call for a whole lot of messing about…that’s not what I like…indeed this is teetering on too many steps but there is teetering for the sake of it and teetering to keep us healthy so in this case I am happy to teeter….usually thought it’s a no brainer and mostly for me I just use the bones from the chickens we have for Sunday roast…I throw them in a pot the next day alongside an onion, a carrot and any other vegetables lurking in the bottom of the fridge, add water and turn it on…it’s not hard or rocket science, and even though I know that the three words ‘home made chicken stock’ ok hang on that’s four words make me shudder a little bit I suck it up and think of being a goddess of all things domestic…but in the back of my mind my real life busy mum of three self has to wonder, really, if there is room in my life for home-made chicken stock.  There is and it works and it’s not difficult.

how to make chicken penicillin jewish soup abeachcottage.com easy recipe

So anyway a few weeks ago in the school holidays one of my kiddos was not feeling well at all, AT ALL…it was quite out of character too and there has been something going around the Peninsula that I was thinking oh no I seriously hope it is not that…something that take months to recover from and is not pleasant… I was sitting on the beach with a coffee talking about it to a friend and she said you need to do chicken soup, of course I do…but I had no bones at all, none in the freezer either and we chatted about it a bit and came to the conclusion that there was no way I could be faffed to roast a few chickens and then start the whole stock process…so I thought I would head to the chicken shop and buy some bones (if you are reading from overseas, or at least old Blighty where I come from, yes you read that right, here we have whole shops dedicated to chicken and butchers and fishmongers and greengrocers, in these chicken shops you can buy bones, feet, necks, livers you name it you got it, love it)…but the problem was that I wanted organic or at the least free range chicken and in these meccas of chicken often there is not the option of organic, go figure.

We chatted about it, where could I buy bones from chickens who had not been fed scary things…and ended up with the conclusion that I could buy free range drumsticks and wings and make the stock with that…I headed up to the chicken shop anyway on my way past to check out if they had organic chicken, sadly not, but it was hormone, antibiotic and all that other gunk free…hmmm….so I decided to get some bones anyway….to that I added a few packs of organic chicken drumsticks and wings (man this is a lot of talk about chicken parts).

easy chicken soup penicillin recipe abeachcottage.com

When I got home I threw the whole lot in a large pot, added a few onions, bay leaves, herbs, carrot, garlic, celery tops and some water turned it on…and that is that.

Chicken Penicillin Soup for the Soul

a couple of chicken carcasses and 6 chicken wings, 6 chicken drumsticks (any combo of these works just insure you have a good amount to get goodness off)

4 cloves garlic

the heads of a few sticks of celery

3 carrots

garden herbs, a handful (I used parsley and thyme – optional)


1. pop chicken bones into a stock pot, add all other ingredients, bring to boil, turn down to simmer for at least a couple of hours.   Skim off frothy fatty stuff that has risen to top.

2. strain soup into another saucepan.

3. in the strained bits fish out any decent vegetables left and pick through the chicken putting chicken and veg back into the other pan with the stock.

4. leave as is or add a couple of finely chopped carrots, some herbs and or sweetcorn plus lots of salt and pepper and simmer for further half hour or so.

5. optional add 3 or 4 tablespoons double cream.

jewish penicillin soup abeachcottage.com easy recipe chicken soup

That’s about it, please know that life is not too short to pick through chicken bones looking for it random pieces of goodness, it’s like panning for gold just without the good bit at the end where you make millions and millions of dollars and never have to clean your own skirting boards again.

Good day.




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abeachcottage easy chicken penicillin soup recipe


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7 Responses to “Jewish Chicken Penicillin Soup Recipe”

  1. merilyn says:

    absolutely! … sometimes only chicken soup will do!
    soo comforting and healing I think too sarah!
    thankyou and the photography is superb! <3 it all m:)X
    have a good one lovely!X

  2. janita says:

    Lovely pictures of soup in your beautiful cup. I believe in Chicken soup!! We used it as a preventative if I hear sickness is roaming around my community. I have read recently how good garlic is for you in warding off sickness. I have never added cream YUM. Thank you for your recipe directions

    I came across this this week and thought I would share :) as you are entering spring and summer salad season.

    Happy day to you :)

  3. DeAna says:

    Now that Autumn is upon us and Winter is JUST around the corner, I will keep this recipe in my recipe box. Thanks! yummmmmmm….

  4. Natalie B says:

    Nothing beats chicken soup! Will try this. Love the photography too.