best frosting icing in world ever

Mon 13th, Oct, 2014

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best chocolate frosting cupcakes abeahcottage.com

Hellooo, happy Monday from the beaches, broadcasting loud and clear from my bedroom today (don’t you just love laptops?) and letting you know that we could have some beach house hunting news by the end of the week!  Not sure whether to be excited or ummm the opposite of excited.

But, let us talk about frosting and icing recipes, yes….I’ve been on the quest for a long time for the perfect chocolate frosting – is there anything much better than scooping off the icing from the top of a fairy cake and loving it with a cup of tea?  Not much I don’t reckon.

easy chocolate cakes abeachcottage.com

To be quite honest, I have never really found the perfect icing recipe (and funny I now refer to icing as frosting often, the internet is to blame for that as we all share our lives and frosting recipes).   So the other day my lovely daughter had a bit of a baking session and she made these chocolate cakes…I was rather blasé to be honest, I mean we’ve all pretty much gotten used to her baking up a storm and the rest of us here spend our days scoffing the results.

So I took one of these chocolate cupcakes out on the deck for afternoon tea.  It had been a long day and even though my upper arms are far from needing chocolate I was in need of a fixer upper cake eating, good vibes going on, sugar high induced therapy.  I ate it with tea.  I sneaked back in, took the top off the Tupperware box very very quietly and took another one out.  Finished cup of tea and second cupcake, went back in, stole another cupcake, scooped off the icing only, stuffed in mouth, threw cupcake over next door’s fence as couldn’t face another cake as thought might be sick but really wanted the icing.

easy chocolate cakes abeachcottage.com best chocolate frosting ever abeachcottage.com

By that on-the-deck-cupcake-fence-throwing-episode I think you will be assuming this icing is good.  It is.  But what’s better is that the beauty of it is it’s oh SO simple.

So I needed to know what was in this mix, and driving along today I asked my lovely second born quite how she acquired this frosting perfectionism in life and could I possible share it with the lovely ladies of Beach Cottage Land, because, you know, I think they would love it a lot, even if they didn’t want it to go anywhere near their upper arms or throw it over fences.

The answer did not go as planned.  Oh I just made it up she said.  What?!  Said I.  (sorry can’t be bothered with speech punctuation, pls do not email me offering me punctuation help).   Noooooooooo!  Said I.  Hang on said she I think I might have roughly written it down on my phone because it was pretty good wasn’t it.  Phew said I, we need this recipe again.  I did not tell her about the stealing or the fence.

And so here we are, this is a very nice chocolate fairy cake, though have to say any old cupcake is gonna taste pretty fan dabby dozy with this beauty of a frosting on the top…

icing recipe easy abeachcottage.com

Easy Cupcakes & Chocolate Frosting Icing

2 cups plain flour

1 cup sugar

3/4 cup chocolate chips or melts

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup yoghurt

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1. mix all in ingredients in a bowl until smooth

2. bake 200C 20 mins


100g butter melted

1 bar milk chocolate melted

1 cup icing sugar

1. mix melted ingredients and icing sugar

2. top cakes with mixture

I reckon that dressed up a bit, foofed and fussed these could go far – if you have a birthday party to bake for, a book club where you need to take along a dabble of chocolate or perhaps you need to be super-mummy at the school, or make those who work with you think you are a goddess of chocolate domestic things, well any or all of those and these will work.



p.s. do you throw fairy cakes over the fence ;)

p.p.s talking of books clubs I am looking for a book club on the beaches – if you are in one, it’s EASY reading (not the classics) and you need a new member (that would be me) I’m in need of a book club in real life, you know with real people and real drinks and real shoes (you must like shoes too, preferably though not a strict requirement will be your love of wedges) – i put out a request on my Facebook page and so far haven’t found one but I have found quite a few Northern Beaches ladies who are looking for a book club themselves which has led to the musing of a Beach Cottage Book Club for local ladies…..so yes either message/email me and let me in your Book/Wedges club or email me if you too are on the beaches, love shoes and need a book club in your life.

p.p.p.s thinking about it you need to love bags too if you want to be in this book club or want me in yours, preferably tote bags, baskets, hobos (not those that live on park benches though I have nothing against those, I mean those that your sling over your shoulder) and definitely you must be a lover (or at least a stroker) of nice big leather tan shoppers :-)

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5 Responses to “best frosting icing in world ever”

  1. Have to laugh at the cupcake over fence incident. Lets hope they didn’t have a beloved pet who is now on a sugar high :P Love the way you write and your stories x

  2. merilyn says:

    lol sarah! too funny and naughty and they look soo pretty!
    yum to icing <3 it m:)X

  3. DeAna says:

    Like mother, like daughter. :)

  4. I need to start keeping chocolate bars in the house again…