Beach Cottage Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Wed 29th, Oct, 2014

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peanut butter cookie recipe abeachcottage.com holiday cookie sharing easy holiday baking

Hello lovelies let’s do peanut butter cookie recipes, yeah love them, I’ve written on here before I think how I am not a lover of peanut butter out of the jar, but via the Beach Cottage Facebook Page a few years ago we were talking about sweets (that’s what we call them where I come from but you may call them lollies or candy) and chocolate and what were our faves with a cup of tea.  Of course I rattled off a long list, I love me some English Cadbury Buttons, same can be said for an English Wispa and I would give up one of my children (but not including Barls in that) for a Walnut Whip.  What followed on in that conversation was that it seemed in my sheltered chocolate life I had somehow or other missed out on the joys of a Reeses…many many of the lovely ladies on my Facebook page however thought these were the bees knees.

easy peanut butter cookie recipe abeachcottage.com

So the next time I was at the English shop in the Amercian section there was not only lots of nice hot sauce, which I buy by the shed-ful, but also a whole lot of Reeses (have since learnt I can get them in all sorts of places in Australia).   So I purchased a few packet of the orange wrapped lovelies unaware of the world I was about to enter.

holiday baking abeachcottage.com peanut butter cookie recipe

I went home, made a cup of tea and oh my lordy loo, this was heaven…since then I have been a lover of peanut butter-y things, and I cannot go past any venue if there are Reeses for sale without adding to my collection (when we went to the States in July of this year my suitcase came back heaving)…collecting chocolate with peanut butter in the middle really is not good for my upper arms though I have been told it’s cheaper and easier than vintage doors and quilts.

peanut butter cookies recipe abeachcottage.com

Anyhoo since then I’m always on the lookout for peanut butter recipes, I’ve tried a few here and there and we’ve even attempted our own version of the Reese, but really nothing cut the mustard.

holiday baking easy cookie recipe abeachcottage.com

But recently my lovely daughter was flicking through some cookery books and came across this recipe using peanut butter…it was in the Primrose Bakery Cookery book…and she made them…we made a few changes but the results were yummy with  cup of tea…yep these passed the Beach Cottage Cup of Tea Test…

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (inspired by The Primrose Bakery Book 2011)

2 cups plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup butter

1  cup peanut butter

2/3 cup sugar

1 large egg

1 tbsp milk

1  cup peanut butter chips

1. in a large mixing bowl stir and mix all ingredients to a dough

2. using hands bring mixture together to a large dough ball

3. roll two tablespoons of the dough into balls and space out on a baking tray

4. Press down gently on each ball with the back of a spoon or fork

5. Bake for 10 minutes (don’t forget them as can easily overcook and be too hard)


holiday baking abeachcottage.com peanut butter cookie recipe

…and that is it from me, if you are planning your Holiday Baking as I am not because I am nowhere near that organised I am thinking that these would be a very good addition to your list…wrap them up in (white) baking paper, add some string and you may be justified in calling yourself Mrs Christmas.

It’s good evening from me from New South Wales.

Sarah xx

p.s. if you are looking for an easy chocolate cupcake for an occasion or for the upcoming festive season, a bit of a special recipe but without any special fuss (there are two steps though rather than my usual throw all in a bowl and mix), then go here for these cupcakes, I guarantee you will love them with a cup of PG :)

peanut butter cookie recipe abeachcottage.com holiday cookie sharing easy holiday baking

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10 Responses to “Beach Cottage Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe”

  1. Rachel says:


    Where are you getting peanut butter chips?!! I don’t see them here in Melbourne. I’m American & I seriously hoard my peanut butter & butterscotch chips that I have to get in the USA…help!

    Thank you!

    PS recipe looks great!xx

    • Sarah says:

      thanks no I don’t know, mine were from my English shop stash (it’s now closed down) and from my trip to the States…

  2. Danielle says:

    I was about to ask the same question. Nigella makes a recipe with peanut butter chips and I’ve tried REALLY HARD to get hold of peanut butter chips in Aus with no luck. Even asked a co worker to bring some back from the US as a last resort but of course ended up with regular chocolate chips.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Danielle

      I bought mine in the States and I also had a stash from the English shop which has now closed down so I didn’t really know this was a problem!

      Not sure where they can be sourced :)

  3. Lois Munn says:

    Dear Sarah, love your blog…when back in the states you must stop at
    Trader Joe’s for their dark choclate peanut butter cups. They are so fantastice, worth all the calories!

  4. Lucy says:

    Hi, Is the butter melted or just softened for these cookies? Thanks!

  5. DeAna says:

    We are peanut butter and chocolate kindred spirits. In a crunch (no pun intended) I just get a spoon, crunchy peanut butter and chocolate frosting and dig in…

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