A Vintage Curvy Beach Cottage Window

Tue 9th, Sep, 2014

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abeachcottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com beachy decor decorating

Aloha from a sunshiny Sydney, thank goodness the rain has stopped!  I didn’t sign up for rainy grey days when I signed those Aussie citizenship papers, that is for sure.

So, as you know, one has been doing a rather lot of vintage gathering the last few months and I am still pretty much, on a roll, a very good roll, I am wondering for sure how long it will last.

OK, so I have been looking out for a window for probably about 5 years…it’s not that I haven’t seen a lot of vintage leadlight windows, indeed I have had a few stashed under this old cottage, and yup I have sold a few too (see my shop here if you want to have a nosey) but I hadn’t found a curved one…until now.

abeachcottage vintage window

I found this one when thrifting (I wrote about the realities of vintage treasure hunting and how it’s not all white paint and pretty flowers here) with my friend M.  We like to spend our time rummaging around in dust and junk ;-)

I spied this and thought this baby is coming home with me, she wasn’t a dirt cheap bargain but hey ho I can cope with that…and to be honest I will carry on looking because I want a taller one than this for the sitting room to lean around looking all majestic.

What I had been looking for and hadn’t found in all those years was the curvy arch, I do like a curve (though not in upper arms or muffin top) and that was the clincher for me, even with the miserable old guy who was flogging it who I didn’t want to give my hard earned cash to, I still felt it was curvy enough to come home with me…if had not been for curves would have told him to poke his window where sun doesn’t shine.

vintage leadlight window beach decor abeachcottage.com

She’s not staying here, I have been negotiating with the males in this old cottage how she might get affixed to the wall, love a bit of vintage furniture wall art, but man she is super heavy.

So yeah, all is good, sun is shining again, house is getting spring cleaned, old vintage window is smiling at me and I’ve felt better than I have since January.

vintage furniture beachy abeachcottage.com coastal style decorating

That’s a lot of months.

I’ll be back, I have soups to share, I am on a soup binge (and another sort of anti-binge which is making me feel amazing!) and have been making a variety of super duper soups (boom boom), like the Courgette Soup recipe I blogged last week (here if you missed it), for my Beach Cottage Soup Series – from the simplest and easiest of ingredients, all courtesy of my plastic sleeve recently found when de-crappifying the junk drawer.

All the best


abeachcottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com beachy decor decorating

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7 Responses to “A Vintage Curvy Beach Cottage Window”

  1. Annette Luchich says:

    A stunner – I left a beautiful little blue and white plate in an op shop recently because the staff were rude and I have regretted it ever since as I have a gap in my wall of plates – I am so pleased the window came home with you Sarah it is a stunner – aged patina love.

  2. Jody says:

    Hey there girl,
    So glad all s better , sunny, happier and healthier than in January for you and yours.
    That is just the good news I like to hear!
    Love your blog still,
    Jody in SW Florida

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah, I sure know what you mean about the yucky grey wet weather we have had it here to in Auckland.However it is looking much brighter today so fingers crossed it stays that way, the laundry and garden are calling me for some attention. Love the window, I think it would look just fab on it’s own or with some pictures for the small sections of glass.

  4. Sarah – The window is beautiful of course. But you know that! What you may not know is that is the most fantastically comical and graceful use of the word “muffin top” I have yet to come across! Thank you for making me laugh (a few times actually).

  5. Sue Mahaffie says:

    OOOh la la- I love the window !!!!! Beautiful in fact as are all your photos…
    Sue xx