Beach Cottage Weekend

Mon 1st, Sep, 2014

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 Good morning from the beaches!  I hope you all had a good weekend?  A few pics from my iPhone from the weekend over this way…

Well I have had a good few days, I have been really concentrating on being healthy, walking and drinking water (and not drinking other stuff!) over the weekend.  Plus I did some evening gardening (love gardening in the dark, weird, odd and scary yes I know but who cares) and got the beautiful haul of Wattle you see above (I still cannot put my finger on what perfume I can smell in Wattle, but boy is it good).

Anyway the last few weeks of horrid rainy weather seem to have passed by…I’m sitting here just back from a walk with Barley, the coffee is on and I’m off to go meet my friend M to try and find a vintage laundry tub or any nice vintage thing really!

On Saturday because of the Fitbit (the little pedometer thingie I got for my birthday which has renewed my love of walking around this beautiful area) and before the weather improved, we went out on a drizzly and grey morning to see what we could find…who knew we’d find a lighthouse!  Got to love this place they call Sydney.

We also went to the quarterly flea market that takes place on the beaches – I didn’t buy anything much though we had a lovely warm morning, with a  coffee and Barley thought all his luck had come at once with the leftover from the sausage sizzle being all over the place.

Next stop and afternoon at the beach – it was busy after a few weeks of not so good weather…one of our kiddos went out for a surf and Mr BC and I sat on the beach reading and eating sushi…so so nice for Spring to be on the way…

I’ll be back soon with my finds and (hopefully) some more news on the laundry, we have hit a stagnation point in the laundry room – it’s called Enjoying the Weekend and getting out and seeing life ;)

See you soon


p.s. I will uploading a few things to my shop (here) this week including a pale coastal grey timber trunk I LOVE and really don’t want to let go, but, you know, how many trunks can a girl have in her life, c’mon  - I have had a few emails about bits and bobs coming up so I have started a newsletter mailing list thingie so I can (hopefully if I can get my butt in gear) let you know what’s on the way etc – if you already get the BC Newletter you will already have seen on Friday the link but for those who haven’t is here, just check the ‘shop’ box.  xxx


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3 Responses to “Beach Cottage Weekend”

  1. alison says:

    Lovely photos.

  2. Good morning Sarah!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Ive never heard of wattle but it looks especially gorgeous and cottagey!.
    The shore scene is absolutely inviting. I love the lighthouse shot as well…so pretty.
    Don’t you just love hunting for treasures?! Me too!
    Hope your week is lovely friend!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo