a beach cottage robotic vacuum cleaner review

Thu 25th, Sep, 2014

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how a robotic vacuum cleaner changed my life abeachcottage.com

Hello, how are you Beach Cottage ladies of the web, meet my new best friend.

Well, I never thought I would be enlightening the world wide web with a picture of a robotic vacuum in my bedroom, but never say never they say, don’t they?  I’ve seen stranger things on the web that’s for sure.

I have been after a robotic vacuum cleaner since I first heard about them a few years or so ago via a friend – it was the days before they were readily available in the shops in Australia and (I think) there were only one maybe two companies making them …she had gone to the trouble of getting hers on ebay USA, it was a hefty investment and she had paid quite a bit to get it shipped here.  I loved the idea of it, I did not love the look of it (at all) and to be honest, as many things in my life, I thought I could not be stuffed around with all the shipping from here and there and ebaying and all that…I would wait until it came down in price and I could walk into a shop and buy it with an Aussie warranty.   She loved it but apparently the collector box thingie was too small (too much emptying) and her husband believed that it was not sucky enough (think of that what you will).

hoover robot review abeachcottage.com

So I have been keeping an eye on these little thingies that scoot around your house doing domestic goddess duties while you make a cup of tea and read blogs, for a long time now.

I’ve read reviews, read terrible things (errrm poo-poos and these things are not, from what I have heard, what you want happening in your living room), learnt that they have changed peoples lives (really) and watched as they hit the Aussie mainstream market and more recently tumbled down in price.

When it came to D-Day for the purchase of this wondrous domestic goddess assistant (and at the same time the purchase of a steam mop) I finally plumped on the Navibot, for a few reasons.  Firstly, it’s had some good reviews for what I wanted (light daily vacuuming and light soiling to work alongside a deep once a week clean – oh god I am really talking about floor vacuuming on the internet, so help me), secondly I, even after all the looking and researching, wasn’t totally convinced one of these would be brilliant so didn’t want to invest in thousands and find it in the garage un-used after the honeymoon period and thirdly I just aesthetically quite like the look of this one.

So I brought it home in my hot little hands, thinking, at last will be super organised clean floored woman, took it out of the box plugged it in to charge and waited.

When it was ready I pressed play and off it went on its merry little way vacuuming my floors while I got on with other stuff…there was a small problem, I spent a lot of the afternoon trailing around after it just watching it and exclaiming ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ when it came to an obstacle, bumped into a wall and so on and so forth.

I also delighted in making little traps for my new friend – strewed talc on the floor to see how it went, that would be all sucked up – opened a feather cushion and bandied a few of those about the place, the whole lot was dealt with without a glitch and in the laundry room (which by the way has plateaued) it busily went about its business sucking up laundry powder that hadn’t made it to the machine.

I was, to put it bluntly, quite gob-smacked by how good this thing is, it even gets under the sofa and lounge chairs and coffee table (though it has a few scratches to show for that).

And since then it’s been on every single day at least twice, sometimes four times a day, I have already gotten into the habit of turning on when I am making the tea when I first get up, so off it goes starting work before I am even showered.  Gotta love that right?

I will say though, that I have never seen soooooooooooo much dust, hair and basically yucky stuff which is not pretty.  Am in fact slightly embarrassed, actually scrub that I am kinda mortified that there was (and still is like twice a day) so much crapola coming up off of my floors – I mean really?  Reeeeeaaaaalllly?  Where is this stuff coming from?  Can I really have been that slovenly before???  I even googled ‘excessive dust in first few weeks of robotic vacuum cleaner’.

So, the point of all this?  If you have been thinking of getting one of these for as long as I was, or if you are very busy and would love to lose one job out of your life, if you have money to chuck around on domestic goddess things, if you are human, if you are trying to find ways to keep up with the chores, and basically if you are anything in between any of these, just get one….run don’t walk to the store and treat yourself to one of these babies.

That is of course if you can deal with the fact that before you welcomed one of these into your life, you were, unknowingly sludgering around in gobfuls of secret yucky stuff.

Adios, if you see me out and about smiling you’ll know why – I will have a little Navvie at home, scuttling around, doing my work.


p.s. this is not a sponsored post & I bought the Navibot with my own hard earned cash and is not affiliated in any way to Samsung xx

hoover robot review abeachcottage.com





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16 Responses to “a beach cottage robotic vacuum cleaner review”

  1. Ok I need this in my life. Now!! Does it have a setting thingy to control where it can and can’t go? :)) xx

    • Sarah says:

      No it doesn’t have that setting but you can do a spot clean say for just the kitchen and it will go back and forth – I just shut the door if I don’t want it to go in a certain room :-)

  2. Neen says:

    Oh my ! I too would follow it around.
    How does it go with chair legs ? We have 6 chairs and 4 stools in our kitchen, does it get stuck? I am very tempted to buy one, especially for kitchen and bathroom daily ‘dust/hair’.
    Thanks Sarah, Neen ;)

    • Sarah says:

      No it doesn’t get stuck, it just either goes around or under them – there is a camera or sensor in there so it sees, sometimes it bumps into things but not too much.

      It’s soooooo good for the kitchen and bathroom daily bits – I put it on in our en-suite every morning and is so quick and easy. xxx

  3. katepickle says:

    Oh I have wanted one of these for ages too!
    Do they do ok on hard floors? And what happens if they hit a sock or something biggish?
    Oh I really want one… LOL

    • Sarah says:

      Yep, all of my house is wood floors, but it actually does fine on the rugs too.

      Something like a sock it will just push out of the way or go around, the only problem I have had is if there are any wires on the floor – in that case most of the time it just keeps away but a couple of times has got tangled up and in that case it just stops.

      you need one ;)

  4. Sue says:

    Anything to help us be domestic Godesses Sarah !!! Is yours a particular model ? Maybe I need to try again …
    Sue xx

  5. merilyn says:

    mmm sounds good sarah! so you can kick back and chillout hun;0 … robots who would have thought! … lol m:)X

  6. Hooray!! SO GLAD you posted about this, I’ve been thinking of getting one too. The dust in this place is unreal – hoping it settles down once renos are over. Poo and robots?! What!!

  7. Cathy says:

    This sounds lke a joke but, can you do the steam mop next?

  8. DeAna says:

    I have wanted one of these for sooooooooo loooooooong… May have to add it to my Christmas wish list. (may have to START a wish list!)

  9. Helena says:

    how often do you have to empty out the container? we have a labrador, so I’m pretty sure even an industrial strength model wouldn’t help us!

  10. Susan says:

    I have the Rumba and use it religiously. With a doberman and 3 chihuahuas, my wood floors ALWAYS have dog hair on them. Those little vacuum cleaners are hard workers and get places I’ve never been (evidently). I do have to empty it frequently but put it down to 4 dogs.