beach cottage real life treasure hunting

Tue 2nd, Sep, 2014

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Helloooo Beach Cottage ladies, it’s me, yes I am surrounded by piles of junk.


Yep this is the reality of trying to find vintage stuff and I have been looking out now for a vintage laundry tub for a while…it’s not looking like I am going to have much luck here…I have been to a few places now and kept my eye out online and not found a single thing…nothing that’s caught my eye at all.



I have pretty much decided that I am going to have to buy a new ‘old’ one which is a shame for two reasons, firstly I want to do my bit by saving something from landfill, secondly I love the idea of old stuff with a history in there (I already wrote last week I have this weird thing for laundries…some kind of warped nostalgia for it all, like I would like an easy chair in there, who does that, maybe I was a maid in another life, oh hang on I still am).


I’ve also spoken to a couple of other vintage treasure hunters who also love the thrill of old things with a bit of character and they, with their much more experience of Austalian vintage stuff than me, have told me what I am looking for is not only hard to find, but rare in this country.  Great.


Right now though, apart from laundry tubs, I would give myself an A+ for my thrifting adventures, I am loving it and it’s loving me, I have found so so sooooo much good stuff lately – yesterday I went out with my friend M, she loves treasure hunting as much as me and when we get a day where neither of us is working it’s like ‘hey what you up to?’ ‘wanna go thrifting and do coffee and lunch?  And yesterday I scored a lot!  Woot!


The cold hard truth of vintage treasure hunting tho is it ain’t all pretty white pictures, vintage french greys, nautical stripes, beaches and white shells…and I think that’s why I like it too…getting out there, getting down and dirty and finding stuff…yeah the thrill of the chase…and the real life…and the grumpy old ******** that you have to deal with while getting the stuff…the big burly, ugly and grouchy guys who stand (and laugh) and watch a couple of women struggling with things…and they fact that a LOT of the time they don’t understand me, because you know, the English I speak is different…and I have to speak  s l o w l y and c a l m l y  even when inside I am running on 250mph and doing the thrifter’s happy dance and so excited I might combust…

Love it…

So yeah this is what I do when I am not sitting in laundry rooms…and it’s why I need to hide things under my house…

…talking of laundry, needs must my friends…yet another load appeared from somewhere overnight…must get back to reality…



p.s. I did have some photos of me taken by M in the middle of a whole lot of this junk…problem was I was in my pyjama top (not straight from bed pyjama top, more like have shower, can’t find anything in vintage wardrobe but is a lovely ironed pile of pyjama tops on side so grab one of those)…let’s just say I won’t be putting pictures of myself in pyjama top and no make-up and my forty-four-is-the-new-thirty-four bod on zee internet.


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5 Responses to “beach cottage real life treasure hunting”

  1. Sue Mahaffie says:

    Ahh Sarah- you always bring a smile to my dial with your adventures and your posts!!! Glad that you scored- more for me to buy when you sell off your old finds under the house!!!
    What sort of laundry tub are you after- there’s a place up at Riverstone ( near where I work ) that I can have a look at if you like??
    Sue xx

  2. Deb says:

    LOL’d reading this!
    Bahaha, especially the bit about still being a maid! I relate so well! xxx

  3. alison says:

    You iron your pyjamas??!!!!

  4. I completely understand. I do the same thing, albeit in France. The number of times that men laugh as I drag something out of a field, warehouse, street, etc. could fill a book.
    But, like you, I giggle with glee as I load my new treasure in to my car.
    Thank you for reminding me that there are others who do the same!
    Have a good week,

  5. Claire says:

    Love this post Sarah. And caught a tiny glimpse of you in picture 5, lol! x