Beach Cottage Laundry Room Update

Thu 11th, Sep, 2014

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Well, here we are Beach Cottage ladies, iPhone pis from the laundry room, we have a door, we have a fitted, primed and painted door now too.

As I said before, moving this door so it opened outwards instead of inwards was, once we got all the junk out and looked at the room, key to making it work.  But you know when you do something and think, really, will it really make that much difference?   Umm yup, it totally does.  Job well done.

The door came unpainted, so I got my handyman to paint it, oooops hold on a minute, don’t have handyman,  handyman is me, so yes I primed this door – good thing is the window panes come with a plastic protective coating on them which you just pull off when done….eeeeeaaaaasssy!  When I first looked at it, my heart sunk thinking of the masking up and the scraping off of the paint afterwards.  Hopefully there will be none of that.


When I first started planning this the door was going to be a darkish, charcoal-ish, Paris-ish grey, once it was primed though that went out the window (or door ha) and I am now thinking this will be either white or the same blue as the front door.   I just think the white looks better against the colour of the house, which is interesting because the colour of the house is changing soon along with a new roof.

So anyway, I went first coat of paint in white, the thinking being that if I don’t like it, it’s easy to paint over it with blue.

And there’s news on the laundry sink, well I finally found one, though it’s not strictly for a laundry.   I didn’t get time to snap it today, indeed it’s not even out of the box yet, more on that soon, there is a leeetle problem with it in that it means will probably have to get a new washing machine even though there is nothing wrong with the one we have, and I hate doing that, but if we do that (which I think we will, I’ll explain why when I show you the sink) then I am going to try and find a young family (or old family) that need a (large) washing machine and can’t afford one…there is NO WAY it’s going to landfill.

That’s it so far, this ‘small’ makeover is getting bigger by the minute…it started with de-crappifying and has not taken on a life of its own.

Rightio off I go to stroke a sink.



p.s. am teaching Barls how to DIY

p.p.s maybe will paint it grey


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10 Responses to “Beach Cottage Laundry Room Update”

  1. Alison says:

    Nice. Look fwd to the next instalment .


  2. Alexandra says:

    Soooo nice… Can`t wait to see it done ♥ Alexandra

  3. It is looking lovely Sarah! I hear you about the door with all the glass panes…our living room French doors had that too. The protective coating on the glass was such a blessing!
    Cant wait to see your sink too!
    Have a wonderful day Sarah!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  4. jaime says:

    I see Barls is hard at work doing quality control! Is he a hard taskmaster?

    As every other room in your cottage, the laundry room is going to look wonderful. You have a great eye and a wonderful knack of pulling things together.

  5. Debbie says:

    Door is looking great! I know you’ll choose the right color. Your Barls is like my orange kitty Tigger in that she has to be right in the middle of everything we’re doing and making sure everything is “kitty approved!”

  6. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah, glad to hear that the windows on the door are plastic coated, when I first looked I had visions of you spending hours taping and then scraping. Our cat otis is like Barls, always in the middle of everything when work is being done. We have started calling him the site work supervisor.

  7. merilyn says:

    barls! always on the job! sooo cute! lol m:)X

  8. beachhouse127 says:

    My husband says our pooch Charlie would be a bigger help if she could wear a small flat flashlight on her forehead, carry something out of the car, open/shut the door, turn the lights on and off, hand him a tool, pass the chips, or change the channel!

  9. Cath says:

    Just be careful. Now that the hinges are on the outside, it will be easy for ‘the bad guys’ to jimmy the piston thingee out and take your door off and get inside.

  10. DeAna says:

    LOVE a good laundry room makeover!!! Can’t wait to see more…