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Thu 4th, Sep, 2014

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  laundry room makeover door abeachcottage.com

It’s so totally fine to be excited about a laundry door right?  Well, maybe not, but if you’ve followed my journey with this ratty old cottage then you’d know, to me, it’s exciting.  Scrub that it’s happy dance making.

The old door that was here was awful – you know how you live with something and you’re like whatever it’s a white door and then you go and upgrade it and get what you like and you think, stuff me that door was ******* hideous.

Along this journey with doing up a fixer upper old cottage (and in the next one if we ever get our finger out and buy the investment property) there are two things we have learnt and two things we did wrong – at the time when we were still renting and had shed the tears when we got the keys to here, we were wholly focused on ripping out the kitchen, bathrooms, stripping the floors and painting the walls…as well we should have done…but with hindsight I would have made changing the doors and planting the garden up there in the priority jobs for the first few weeks/months.  Especially the garden – it takes years for things to get established, especially when you are dealing with coastal air and sandy soil and I reckon a few quotes from a few gardeners/landscapers would have given us a wealth of information and getting things in and growing from the word go would have been a good thing.  You live and learn.

I also think this is so true about the doors…getting new interior doors makes a big difference to some homes…a few years ago (can’t actually remember fully when it was) we had the doors all removed and replaced with new ready painted doors – these would not be my choice of door if I were living in a 150 year old cottage, I would then have the sort of doors that I have leaning around this old place, you know, lovely old heavy vintage swoon-worthy doors…but in here it needed a fresh swoosh of nice new doors to make this place feel, well, nicer, really.

Those doors that were fitted did just that and the weird thing was too that not only did everything seem better, the heating and cooling, (mostly heating) improved…I don’t know if it’s what they are made of, if they are insulated, whether it’s because they stop the drafts, or because they are just generally warmer but since we had all the interior doors replaced, warming up this old cottage for the 3 months of Winter has been much easier.

beach cottage decor blog laundry room makeover beach decor blog abeachcottage.com

Anyhoo, so yes, the Instagram Door, I’m well pleased with this…I have had that screenshot of the door on my phone for a very long time and though this door is not exactly as that one was (the Instagram Door is a bit more barn-like and I don’t know what I mean but it’s more ‘English’) it’s good enough for me to be happy.  I’m pleased also that I plumped for a new one, I had looked at some old ones, but like the interior, I thin that would have looked weird on this house (70 years ish old).

We had to have all the architrave and old door fittings etc removed here, because to make the laundry room work better, with its two doors and two windows we wanted the door to open outwards to create more space inside.  This made the fitting much more expensive.  Like double.  I ummmed and ahhhed about this, I mean it’s a laundry room door right?   But what was the point of doing this room without the door opening the other way to provide more workable space?  So I went for it.

Though I have to say you don’t need to make it over, if you are living with a cr*pola of a laundry room, there is much much much to be said for spending an afternoon clearing out the clutter, getting down and dirty giving it a good clean and being ruthless with chucking things out that are in there that you don’t need…once I had done that my horrible laundry room wasn’t anywhere near as bad I have to say.  Even passable.

But the door, well it’s a hundred times better and I am now planning not only sitting in a laundry room smelling that clean laundry smell, at the same time as doing that I’ll be stroking a door.

Which is how I rumble baby.

Adios, I’m off to give the door a coat of primer…in my undies ;-)


laundry room makeover door abeachcottage.com

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18 Responses to “beach cottage laundry instagram door”

  1. Honeyaar says:

    Ooh very bery nice!!!
    Now I think we need to change all our doors too….
    …..and windows, bathroom, wardrobes, furniture, furnishing, rugs……

  2. Honeyaar says:

    Please Mme B.C, we just moved to our place and sooooo much to refine
    Any and all help / ideas/ suggestions/ advice / is gratefully received…
    Rugs too ;-)) x

  3. Neen says:

    Painting and stroking your laundry door…..sounds like you are in reno heaven !! Drips and all, enjoy. ;0 Neen

  4. alison says:

    It’s totally fine to be excited about a new laundry door. I’m currently very excited about my new bedroom wall colour. It is life changing, just like a new door. It’s good to tell someone who gets it. LOL.


  5. Dianne says:

    Lol priming in yer undies !! Eeek ! Lol
    Loving this door and going for same for my laundry / back door .
    Is the glass frosted Sarah ?
    Cant wait to see what colour you paint it

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Dianne

      I like to paint in my undies hahah

      No the glass is not frosted it’s clear but at the moment it has plastic on it so that you can paint the door and then rip it off to save having to mask it up :-)


  6. Selby says:

    Looks gorgeous & I’m imagining helps with the light in the laundry loads too:)

  7. Ooohh it’s very similar to our living room door…which I love too!! Happy painting…and mind those drips ;))

  8. Mel says:

    Humpf. I’m a tiny bit jealous. Not because of your door (not that it’s not fantastic…). But… you have a laundry room! Do you have an idea how I would love to have one? I’m doing our laundry washing in the bathroom! Drying outside (if the weather is good) or in the basement, ironing in the living room. So, just that you know, you are very lucky ;-).
    Hope you have a good weekend and can’t wait to see more pictures of your rented workspace! Bye, Mel

    • Sarah says:

      oh I am sorry to hear that – indeed yes I do know how lucky I am that’s why I want to sit in it lol

  9. Tricia Rose says:

    In your undies? It must be spring!

  10. Mandy Meza says:

    Just wanted to let you know marks and spencer now do free delivery to Australia ,

  11. Great tips! Thank you! Pretty good coincidence cos I’m trying to convince hubby to make a go of the garden right now even though we are right in the thick of major renovating! Argh!

    Our doors are all wonky…So fitting new doors to the old doorframes is a real test in patience and just plain ‘were these people crazy!’ but we are slowly…very slowly!…getting there. Argh.